Door Draft Dodger

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Door Draft Dodger

Postby crafterwannabe » Fri Jan 16, 2009 2:09 am

Date Posted: 22:35:57 01/05/09 Mon
Author: Sherron
Subject: Door Draft Dodger ... 068949613/


[> Re: Door Draft Dodger -- Londonlee, 23:23:11 01/05/09 Mon [1]

TFS - I saw a TV add for these a couple of days ago and they wanted $19.95 plus S/H for 2 of these. Think how many you could make for $20.00 worth of materials.

[> Re: Door Draft Dodger -- Huskerfan, 14:22:17 01/06/09 Tue [1]

I have also seen this on tv and they used them for windows also. I could use one sorta. Thanks

[> Re: Door Draft Dodger -- garnet, 14:37:02 01/06/09 Tue [1]

Looks like it's just a sleeve with stitching to hold a tube on either side of the door. Pvc pipe could be stuffed with insulating material and slipped in.

Recycle some old clothing for the sleeve.

Or select an appropriate fabric in the home dec flat folds at Joann - about $6 a yard (or 50% on sale). A yard of 54" fabric would make about 3 or 4. conservatively $1 a piece for fabric. How much does pvc pipe cost? And some insulating material? So how many could you make for $20?

[> Re: Door Draft Dodger -- LeeW, 15:16:43 01/06/09 Tue [1]

I think they are using the 1 inch "copper pipe insulation foam" because not only is it insulated, but would be flexable and wouldn't damage anything if it got caught on something. It's a neat pattern.

[> Re: Door Draft Dodger -- Ree, 15:49:50 01/06/09 Tue [1]

I live in a very old farmhouse with lots of drafty door jams.Thank you for posting this link!

[> Re: Door Draft Dodger -- Carol P, 16:05:13 01/06/09 Tue [1]

Have been thinking about making one of these to copy the ones on TV. Mine would have to slide over carpet so I'm considering using a slippery fabric. Was glad to hear about the pipe insulation idea. Thanks.
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Re: Door Draft Dodger

Postby crafterwannabe » Thu Jul 13, 2017 3:47 am

20 Different Draft Dodger Ideas

Date Posted: 01:30:55 01/08/16 Fri
Author: Sherron
Subject: 20 DIY Draft Stoppers

[> Re: 20 DIY Draft Stoppers -- Londonlee, 07:44:25 01/08/16 Fri [1]

Great draft stopper ideas. I added a twist to mine. I have steel doors so to keep the stopper in place I glued magnets from the dollar store to the back and the stopper moves with the door - no need to reposition it all the time.
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