Sewing a Baked Potato Bag for Microwave + Poem

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Postby crafterwannabe » Sat Sep 17, 2011 3:15 am

Other Uses for Potato Bags

Date Posted: 19:30:29 07/31/11 Sun
Author: cathy in az...
Subject: OT:Potato Bags??

does anyone use one of aunt sent me one and i bake potatoes in it but what else can you use them for? does anyone have other ideas...???

[> Re: OT:Potato Bags?? -- Reta, 19:47:13 07/31/11 Sun [1]

I cook sweet potatoes in mine around 8 minutes for two. I also do sweet corn. Remove husks and wrap in wet paper towel. 7 minutes for two ears.

[> Re: OT:Potato Bags?? -- carolyn neff, 20:40:09 07/31/11 Sun [1]

they are great to warm tortillas,any left over food like meats hamberger covered with saran wrap. perfect for rolls or cinn. rolls. just about anything . I've worn out several of them because i use them so much.
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Re: Sewing a Baked Potato Bag for Microwave + Poem

Postby crafterwannabe » Mon Feb 20, 2012 7:38 pm

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Re: Sewing a Baked Potato Bag for Microwave + Poem

Postby crafterwannabe » Tue Sep 18, 2012 11:37 pm

Potato Bags

Date Posted: 10:44:15 07/28/12 Sat
Author: skippy
Subject: Potato bag question

I found a pattern for the potato bags. It looks fairly easy....
I haven't seen any of these at the shows in my area so I thought I would give them a try. Does anyone have any tips on making these in quantities?

[> Re: Potato bag question -- LuluTX, 16:10:20 07/28/12 Sat [1] ... 16.html?64

Check the postings by Grandma Bonnie at the above site. She has made and sold thousands and she is very generous in sharing her instructions and hints. Great lady.

[> Re: Potato bag question -- grandma bonnie, 17:50:32 07/28/12 Sat [1]

awww, thanks Lulu... The potato bags continue to sell for me... Skippy, contact me if you have any questions for me...

[> [> Re: Potato bag question -- skippy, 23:57:50 07/28/12 Sat [1]

Thank you. I will check out the link from Lulu and get back with you if I have any questions.
Tanks to Lulu also.
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Re: Sewing a Baked Potato Bag for Microwave + Poem

Postby crafterwannabe » Thu Sep 11, 2014 6:33 pm

Another Potato Bag Tutorial & Discussion on Style and Safety

Date Posted: 03:12:42 01/21/14 Tue
Author: Sherron
Subject: Tater Baker Bag ... baker-bag/

[> Re: Tater Baker Bag -- Grandma Bonnie, 09:39:18 01/21/14 Tue [1]

hahaha - Instructions are great! However the potatoes cook by the microwave - NOT steam... I just made a bunch (over 100) to bring my inventory up to par - even found some Duck Dynasty fabric! The as seen on tv has actually helped my sales as I tell everyone to look at the reviews... They come back and buy mine instead...

[> Re: Tater Baker Bag -- LuluTX, 13:00:24 01/21/14 Tue [1]

Grandma Bonnie, what batting should be used? All natural? Thanks.

[> Re: Tater Baker Bag -- LuluTX, 13:05:35 01/21/14 Tue [1]

Oops! I re-read the article and saw the batting info.

[> Re: Tater Baker Bag -- Grandma Bonnie, 16:04:54 01/21/14 Tue [1]

As long as the batting is 100% cotton, it'll be good - warm and natural went crazy because of the potato bag frenzy and charges way too much... I get my batting from Joann's Fabrics - 100% cotton...

[> Re: Tater Baker Bag -- garnet, 08:23:05 01/22/14 Wed [1]

I made a bag without a flap and use it all the time.

[> Re: Tater Baker Bag -- Grandma Bonnie, 10:13:21 01/22/14 Wed [1]

No flap here either. When I put 5 ears of corn in my bag, I couldn't close the flap so I eliminated it - works just fine> :)

[> Re: Tater Baker Bag -- Blazer(Darlene P.), 10:45:03 01/22/14 Wed [1]

Grandma Bonnie,
I have never made the bags, would like to do a few for gifts but I have had a concern of a Fire Hazard ? Do
you recommend 100 % cotton fabric also?
Thank You,
Blazer(Darlene P.)

[> Re: Tater Baker Bag -- Jody Blonde, 11:50:47 01/22/14 Wed [1]

Grandma Bonnie, If you don't mind me asking, what do you charge for your 'tater bags'? I've been thinking about making some for this years shows. (I've not seen any where I'm located and think it would be a terrific seller.) Thanks for info and happy crafting.

[> Re: Tater Baker Bag -- grandma Bonnie, 15:33:00 01/22/14 Wed [1]

I use cotton in the batting but have used 65/35 cotton/polyester for the fabric with no problems and realized I was using polyester thread to sew them... The only problem was when they had a dirty microwave, a dirty bag with food spilled on it and also when the microwave didn't have a turntable... I have used my bags for years and wash them regularly with regular clothes. No problems and I probably use mine at least 10 times a week. I keep saying I will raise the price of the potato bags to $10 but still sell them for $9 right now - I also add the Buy 5 - get one free... I get lots of multiple sales that way...

[> Re: Tater Baker Bag -- SueZQ, 01:15:42 01/23/14 Thu [1]

I will apologize in advance for the length of this post, but I hope that you will read it all the way to the end before you dismiss it entirely. I think that there is something that should be considered before you decide that the "all cotton" rule is something that you can hedge on. Who are you making the potato bags for? If you are making them only for yourself and only to be used within your household, and you are willing to take a chance in your own home, that is one thing. If you are planning on making them to sell to someone else, you must consider that they may not follow all of the instructions exactly as they should, and in this case you have to eliminate as many of the controlled variables as you possibly can. You have no control over how they are used once you sell them. No matter how many warnings you put on the tag, you could still be held liable if that thing catches fire and someone gets hurt because you used materials that you knew might melt or could combust easily. People today are looking for someone to blame for their actions when things go wrong, and you will just be setting yourself up for trouble if you cut corners on this one. If you have done everything you can to eliminate the risks, you might have a defense, if you haven't, you could be in more trouble than you think. For most of us that craft for ourselves, for gifts or do craft shows and sell hundreds of an item over a few years, it would only take one lawsuit to ruin us financially, win or lose, and it is not worth the risk. Before you ask, "Who the heck does she think she is telling us what we should and should not do?", let me explain. I had a friend that made decorative glass pieces. They were not for children and were obviously intended for adults. One of her customers had a toddler that pulled a doily off of a table in his own home causing him to be hit in the face by one of her glass bowls as it fell off of the table. He required two stitches and got a black eye, but was luckily not injured any worse. The parents, someone she knew, later sued my friend for medical costs and damages for pain and anguish. Ultimately, the suit was dismissed, but not after she had to spend nearly $2500.00 to defend herself, and she was in no way liable for what happened. Silly? Yes, but that is the way people are today, and we must protect ourselves as much as we possibly can. One final bit of unrequested repeat advice: Do NOT use polyester batting under any circumstances for these bags or anything else that will be exposed to high heat. It will melt. If you doubt what we are saying, touch a piece of it with your hot iron and be prepared to clean up a big mess. Thank you for hearing me out.

[> Re: Tater Baker Bag -- Grandma Bonnie, 09:18:20 01/23/14 Thu [1]

So glad you responded Sue... I feel like a broken record sometimes with the cotton only mantra, but your thoughts have made me realize that I must be diligent with it. So many times, I have heard "oh I can make that..." I will interrupt them and plead with them to please use the 100% cotton batting. polyester will MELT AND BURN! I am having people bring their burnt bags to me accusing me of selling them. They aren't mine and I can prove it! They are the pre-quilted fabrics or they are the thick polyester batting and they are obviously not made by me... I hate being negative to people but you have made me realize that safety comes first! Thank you

[> [> Re: Tater Baker Bag -- SueZQ, 16:21:31 01/23/14 Thu [1]

Thank you for your support. I was really afraid that I had overstepped my bounds and people might be angry with me. If I did, I am sorry, that wasn't my intent.

[> Re: Tater Baker Bag -- Nannykaren, 22:49:23 03/10/14 Mon [1]

I only have one question....when the baby pulled the glass bowl off the table onto him/herself, why would the person who made the bowl be responsible? Lots of children pull something off a table or shelf onto themselves and the manufacturer doesn't get sued.

If I was an attorney, I wouldn't even take a case like that to court.

Not trying to start anything, I am just curious.

[> Re: Tater Baker Bag -- SueZQ, 23:52:12 03/10/14 Mon [1]

I agree it is absurd, and that was the point that I was trying to make. People will try to hold you liable for their accidents even if you aren't responsible, and if they can find a lawyer that will work with them, you can still get caught up in a lawsuit, legitimate or not. It might eventually be thrown out of court, but in the meantime, you would still have legal costs. I have friends that are attorneys and they would never bother with such a case either, but there are those attorneys that only take on these "nuisance" cases in the hopes that the person's insurance company or the "little guy" himself will settle to try and avoid a court case and the costs that go with it. Every year Wal-Mart, Home Depot, boat companies and the major auto manufacturers are hit with lawsuits because either someone fell in their store, or the purchaser of one of their products was an idiot in the way he used them. Most are thrown out summarily, but many of them are settled and the people get fat checks because the legal departments of these big companies do not want to spend the time or manpower to pursue these nuisance cases thru the courts and it is cheaper to settle than go thru what could be years of legal maneuvering.

[> Re: Tater Baker Bag -- Grandma Bonnie, 09:34:34 03/11/14 Tue [1]

I agree with Sue. There are so many people who are looking for the quick money - I put a disclaimer on the bottom of my instructions and mention it to new customers too. I used to make a larger size bag to accommodate the 12" tortilla but found out people were using it in smaller microwaves and the turntable was impaired. I quit making that size. I now tell people to buy Wal-Mart's tortilla warmer made out of fabric for $3.97 - much cheaper than mine... BTW - I finally raised my prices to $10 and no one has complained at all...
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Re: Sewing a Baked Potato Bag for Microwave + Poem

Postby crafterwannabe » Wed Jul 15, 2015 2:53 am

[> Re: potato bags -- Grandma Bonnie, 19:55:31 10/29/14 Wed [1]

Here's a tag I include with mine...
This bag allows you to cook a potato in your microwave in minutes. Here's why it is different! The microwave cooks the potato so fast, it doesn't have time to release the moisture inside the potato (ever wonder why the potato is always wrinkled? ...excess water...) The batting inside the bag leaches the moisture away from the potato to make it dry inside and the skin is tender. It forces you to use extra butter or sour cream... I make them large enough to easily cook six potatoes at one time, but small enough to turn easily on the turntable. Simply microwave as usual, flipping the bag over halfway into the cooking. I also use these bags to cook corn on the cob, heat tortillas, re-heat rolls and so much more... Even artichokes!
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