Memory Bears

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Memory Bears

Postby crafterwannabe » Sun Feb 21, 2016 7:22 pm

Date Posted: 18:45:45 02/25/15 Wed
Author: Nannyday (:))
Subject: Help with Teddy Bears Please

Hello ladies I am in need of help. My Granddaughter sent me od picture of a teddy bear made from an infant sleeper. The picture is so small I can't make it out. I have just finished searching Pinterest and cannot come up with one like it. She wants me to make her one. Is anyone familiar with this type of teddy bear ?

[> Re: Help with Teddy Bears Please -- SarahC, 19:09:57 02/25/15 Wed [1]

I think there are Memory Bears. Here are a couple sites with instructions.The third link is instructions for a pillow from a sleeper. ... -1525.html ... ds-sleeper

Hope these help!

[> Re: Help with Teddy Bears Please -- Nannyday, 11:17:28 02/26/15 Thu [1]

Thank you for your help. Hugs Judy

[> Re: Help with Teddy Bears Please -- bonniek, 18:32:51 02/28/15 Sat [1]

Hi Nannyday, how have you been!? This website shows all kinds of stuffed toys made from old sleepers, shirts and the like. Click on the tab that says more, then pictures of some bears.
and this person used a simplicity pattern to make a bear from loved ones clothing scraps. ... mory-bear/
I would suggest if this is what Granddaughter wants.... choose a pattern with as few pieces as possible to make assembly easier. I love the Carol's Zoo teddy bear pattern from McCall's. Only 2 main pieces!
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