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LINK: Crochet Scrubbie Instructions

Postby PattyWV » Thu Nov 02, 2006 4:08 am

Date Posted: 21:19:32 10/23/06 Mon
Author: smiley granny aka Mary
Subject: ? about scrubbies

Someone mentioned that they sold the scrubbies at a craft show. My friend & I are wanting to make these for Christmas gifts, but we are having a disagreement as to what they are made of. I say tulle, she says net. Which one of us is right. and how do we do these. I knit she c.
Any help would be great
TIA Mary


Re: ? about scrubbies -- Jaunice Kitchens, 23:23:56 10/23/06 Mon [1] ... ubbers.php

Re: ? about scrubbies -- POOKIE, 00:18:06 10/24/06 Tue [1]

Granny, I use the nylon net and I think most people do. The tulle is toooooo soft and won't scrub or last as well as the net. I do one side net and the other side cotton. So you have a washie side and a scrubby side. They work great and last a long time.
The site Jaunice listed above has the pattern I use on there.
Have fun and enjoy. They work up really fast whether you use all net or part cotton.


Re: ? about scrubbies -- Huskerfan, 12:01:49 10/24/06 Tue [1]

I am also afraid to say your friend is right. The tulle is just to soft. I have made bunches of these and gave them away last Christmas to the people I sew for and also my relatives. I made my mom one years ago and she was still using it but told her it was time for a new one. They are so easy.

Re: ? about scrubbies -- Shirttails, 18:55:00 10/24/06 Tue [1]

You use regular nylon netting and An I hook. I make them all the time...sell them by the 100s for $1.50 each. Netting is .52 yard. I use coupons at JoAnns or Hancock Fabrics to get other colors cheaper. I usually buy 6 yards at a time and cut it longways. I hold the netting together with clip hairpins. :)

Re: ? about scrubbies -- Mary Ann, 20:56:16 10/24/06 Tue [1]

Shirttails, could you share what pattern you use? I need small items I can make all year and donate to an animal shelter for fall craft shows. Thanks, Mary Ann

Re: ? about scrubbies -- Shirttails, 10:26:19 10/25/06 Wed [1]

I chain 4..make a circle....double crochet 12 in the circle...join....2 double crochet in each double crochet. end. Make two of these...single crochet the two together, just before getting to the end, stuff with a small amount of netting...

Hope I explained my way. I actually do not know how to crochet and make anything else. :)

Re: ? about scrubbies -- Huskerfan, 12:18:29 10/25/06 Wed [1]

I also make the one shirtails makes and it is so easy. Here is the site where you get it and it is the one called Round Scrubbie ... ubbers.php

I cut my strip and tie them together and make into a ball like you would if it was yarn. Its a scrubbie and you can not hardly even tell where the knot is when you are done crocheting and it is easier to keep the netting in one place.

Re: ? about scrubbies -- Mary Ann, 12:53:30 10/25/06 Wed [1]

Thanks for the link and the suggestions. There are so many patterns, but it's always the tried and true that work!!!
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Postby crafterwannabe » Thu Jul 24, 2008 10:07 pm

Crochet Tulle Scrubbie

Date Posted: 07:35:04 07/09/08 Wed
Author: Sherron
Subject: Tulle Kitchen Scrubbie Tutorial ... rubby.html
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Postby crafterwannabe » Sat Sep 19, 2009 2:43 pm

Nylon Net Scrubbies

Date Posted: 20:24:56 09/01/09 Tue
Author: Shirttails
Subject: ISO Nylon Net Scrubbie Pattern

I'm looking for a crocheted nylon net scrubbie pattern. It would be for doing dishes. I have one that is double crocheted, but I'd like the one that is single crochet and you double the stitches to get the certain size then decrease to start the other side. The scrubbie is made all in one with no stitching two pieces together. I have tried google but get the double crochet single sides and then you piece them together.

Hope I described it correctly. I want an all in one and can't find a site that has it but I have seen it somewhere. Now where is it??? :) Hoping someone out there in computerland knows where I can get it.

[> Re: ISO Nylon Net Scrubbie Pattern -- wendy, 21:39:21 09/01/09 Tue [1]

how big do you want the circle to be before you start to decrease? maybe I can figure something out for you.

[> Re: ISO Nylon Net Scrubbie Pattern -- Shirttails, 22:33:16 09/01/09 Tue [1]

I'd like the circle to be 3 or 3 1/2 inches and then decrease to make the "puff". I remember the pattern I found said something like...2 sc, 1 sc, 2sc...but don't know the exact way. I didn't know how to decrease and just found a video to show me that so now I know how but for the life of me I can't find the pattern.

I tried the site you sent me but I click on the scrubbie thing and nothing happens.

[> Re: ISO Nylon Net Scrubbie Pattern -- M♥ther Hen <><, 23:34:57 09/01/09 Tue [1]

2 Here >>>> More on this site > I know you can find wha you need !

To make scrubbies:
Cut net into 3 inch strips. Tie ends together to make 8 yard X 3 inch strips. Using size N crochet hook or larger, start with loop in end and chain 3. Join with slip stitch.
Row 1
Make two singles in each of the three chains
(six singles).
row 2
Continue around again with two singles in each single of first row (12 singles).
Row 3
Make one single in each of the twelve singles of row 2. It will start to cup up around edge.
Row 3
Now make one single in every other single until it has closed up again. Tie off and tuck ends.
This will make two thicknesses to the scrubbie.
That's all there is to it. It takes about 15 - 20 minutes.

Short pattern
dc Scrubbie- 2 pieces

Nylon Pot Scrubber-Here it is!
size K crochet hook
Nylon netting comes in a bolt as does fabric. Purchase 3 yards of net. Netting is then cut into about 1 and 1/4 inch strips. Tie strips together to make ball.
To make the scrubbies: Chain 4 and join together / chain 2 and double crochet into circle (16 double crochet) join together / chain 2 and then double crochet twice into each slot (between previous dc) you will then have 32 dc / join together and knot, tucking in all excess ends.
I use smaller hook to do this.
Make two like this and then single crochet them together, knot and tuck in excess nylon. Voila, you're done. Very simple and easy to make.
It takes me about 15 minutes to make one.
Another variety to use -Some take one nylon net and then make another out of the cotton yarn and use one side for dishes and other for scrubby. Can use variegated yarns for this. They do come out nice.

[> Re: ISO Nylon Net Scrubbie Pattern -- Terrie, 09:16:48 09/02/09 Wed [1]

just a tip..........I bought a roll of netting in the wedding section of Michaels for cheap on sale to make mine - no tying knots LOL
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Re: LINK: Crochet Scrubbie Instructions

Postby crafterwannabe » Fri Mar 27, 2015 1:50 am

Tulle Dish Scrubber Instructions

Date Posted: 11:23:26 09/28/14 Sun
Author: Carmelita
Subject: Tulle crochet dish scrubbers instuctions

I know there are some gals here that make these already but I saw this on FB this morning and thought I would post. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the tutorial. ... cialFabric
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