Crochet Cover for Gratitude Stones

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Crochet Cover for Gratitude Stones

Postby crafterwannabe » Wed Apr 23, 2014 7:02 pm

Crochet a Cover for a Gratitude Stone + Poem

Date Posted: 16:46:05 12/16/13 Mon
Author: SueZQ
Subject: gratitude stones

I think we all need one of these whether they are crocheted or just a small stone to carry with you. ... tones.html

[> Re: gratitude stones -- Grumpygran, 22:27:40 12/16/13 Mon [1]

These look great. Would anyone have a poem suitable to go with one as I reckon they would sell well at the markets I do. Thanks

[> [> Re: gratitude stones -- Frankie ma, 12:26:58 12/17/13 Tue [1]

Would love a poem to go with these. Making them for friends going through a lot of stressful things. They would wonder what I was giving them without an explanation. Tia!!

[> Re: gratitude stones -- jazz, 15:43:59 12/17/13 Tue [1]

That is a cute idea. I think I would put a glass pebble in the pouch instead of poly-pellets. But that is just me.

Here's my feeble attempt at a poem. Feel free to tweak away.

It's difficult to be positive, when things are going bad.
You want to be happy, when all you feel is sad.

Put this gratitude stone in your pocket or purse,
when you want to be grateful, but fear the worst -
It will help overcome feelings of worry or doubt;
'Cause rain clouds always disappear when the sun comes out.
©Jazbo - 17.12.2013

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