Plastic Canvas Keychains + Tip Converting 10-Ct PC to 7

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Plastic Canvas Keychains + Tip Converting 10-Ct PC to 7

Postby angela » Sun Aug 22, 2010 4:43 pm

Date Posted: 14:58:35 08/04/10 Wed
Author: Joann
Subject: OT: Help Needed for Plastic Canvas "Please"

Girls I need help:
Does anyone know how to convert 10 count plastic canvas to 7 count plastic canvas? I'm trying to figure out this Keychain Pattern (link below.)
I only have the 7 count plastic canvas and need to know how many holes wide across & down.
Any and all help would be appreciated.......Hugs~ Joann

Re: OT: Help Needed for Plastic Canvas "Please" -- Norma, 16:52:47 08/04/10 Wed [1]

Joann, when going from 10 count just use the same pattern & work the same amount of holes. It will be bigger than the 10 count was because the 10 counts in actually meaning 10 holes per inch while the 7 count is only 7 holes per inch and that is why it is called 10 or 7 count.I have made things before using 7 count when the pattern was supposed to be 10 count.Norma

Re: OT: Help Needed for Plastic Canvas "Please" -- Joann, 17:04:03 08/04/10 Wed [1]

Thank you so much for that information. I kept looking at the Pattern and just wasn't sure and I didn't want to cut it wrong. Now, I'll give it a try.
I really appreciate you quick reply..Hugs~ Joann

Re: OT: Help Needed for Plastic Canvas "Please" -- snuffles, 20:14:20 08/04/10 Wed [1]

Norma, you are a wealth of information. Tell me is there a secret to converting cross stitch patterns to plastic canvas..Does the same hold true.

JoAnn or anyone doe you know of any other key chain patterns especially fall and winter ones?

Re: OT: Help Needed for Plastic Canvas "Please" -- Joann, 22:51:27 08/04/10 Wed [1]

I just spent about an hour on Google looking for more key chain patterns. I haven't found any fall or winter ones yet. I did however come across these key chain patterns and thought I would send for you to see. I'll keep on looking and if I do come upon the ones you are looking for I'll be sure to post for you.
Hugs~ Joann

Re: OT: Help Needed for Plastic Canvas "Please" -- Norma, 23:24:04 08/04/10 Wed [1]

I have taken cross stich patterns and put them onto 7 count before. I have also seen things that are not a pattern at all. For instance I had a grand and also my sister loved frogs so I found a pattern of a big green frog in a coloring book and all I had to do was lay the 7 count p c over the frog and trace it with a magic marker. Got my outline and played the features, etc. by ear. Both loved them and in fact my sister got two one for work for her mouse and one for her mouse at home. You can convert anything to plastic canvas if you try it. Norma

Re: OT: Help Needed for Plastic Canvas "Please" -- Norma, 23:28:38 08/04/10 Wed [1]

I just thought of something..... unless you want to make a X on your piece you make with the cross stich pattern just put the one stroke and not a full X so it looks true to form for a p c project. Unless you want to put a whole X on it. nr
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Postby crafterwannabe » Fri Jan 28, 2011 5:02 am

Date Posted: 13:14:09 01/09/11 Sun
Author: Sherron
Subject: Plastic Canvas Key Chain ... -keys.html
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