Londonlee's PC/Ribbon Butterfly-Instructions/Pictures + More

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Londonlee's PC/Ribbon Butterfly-Instructions/Pictures + More

Postby angela » Sun Feb 06, 2011 9:52 pm

Date Posted: 12:23:54 01/09/11 Sun
Author: skippy
Subject: looking for plastic canvas patterns

I am looking for anything to make with plastic canvas and 1/8 inch ribbon.

I have been making the cross Bible markers (which I also add a pin back to) and the angels.

Need more small projects to work on while hubby is taking his chemo.

Thanks for any ideas.

Re: looking for plastic canvas patterns -- * Crafty Sue *, 12:55:18 01/09/11 Sun [1]

Here is a link with some free patterns: ... s-patterns.

Re: looking for plastic canvas patterns -- skippy, 13:03:26 01/09/11 Sun [1]

thanks for the link, lots of nice ideas, but didn't see much that I could exchange ribbon for the yarn.

Re: looking for plastic canvas patterns -- Sherron, 14:00:26 01/09/11 Sun [1]

Here are some projects ... inbow.html ... 5616712790

Re: looking for plastic canvas patterns -- skippy, 14:11:39 01/09/11 Sun [1]

thanks Sherron, love the snowflake, maybe I can play with it and make it look like a flower for a hair clamp.

Re: looking for plastic canvas patterns -- crafterwannabe, 14:11:01 01/09/11 Sun [1]

Sorry, I've never done many plastic canvas projects but I don't recall having seen projects other than the angels and crosses finished with the ribbon. I hope other PC crafters can come to your rescue but in the meantime, it might be worth looking through some of the posts on the Plastic Canvas Archive Board. Caution, though, it's been literally years since I've gone through the board and deleted dead links (although I just got rid of a few) so I'm sure you'll find some. What you will find, though, are links to sites that have a lot of plastic canvas projects and perhaps you could find a ribbon and PC project on one of those sites. Good Luck!

While I know you're looking for something other than the angels, I wanted to be sure you hadn't missed JudyWV's version of a patriotic ribbon angel. I really like how she finished it off with the tiny pearls. This post shows her picture and shares details.

Re: looking for plastic canvas patterns -- skippy, 14:15:03 01/09/11 Sun [1]

I did see the patriotic angel and really love the tiny beads and star for accents. I will check the archives tonight when I have more time.
Thanks for the help.

Re: looking for plastic canvas patterns -- Londonlee, 14:12:55 01/09/11 Sun [1]

Skippy there is a pattern for butterflies made with 1/8 inch ribbon and pc in the archives. It was very popular 7 or 8 years ago. If you can't find it contact me directly.

Re: looking for plastic canvas patterns -- skippy, 14:19:02 01/09/11 Sun [1]

tried to do a quick search but there was nothing found, will try again later.
Thanks for the tip.

Re: looking for plastic canvas patterns -- Becky Simpson (PC butterfly), 18:12:01 01/09/11 Sun [1]

Could you also share your pc butterfly pattern with me? TIA

Re: looking for plastic canvas patterns -- * Crafty Sue *, 14:41:53 01/09/11 Sun [1]

I also found these bookmarks made with plastic canvas and one of them is trimmed with ribbon :

Re: looking for plastic canvas patterns -- crafterwannabe, 21:32:04 01/09/11 Sun [1]

Oh my, Lee, did you just hear me thump my forehead? How could your beautiful PC/ribbon butterfly have slipped my mind? I'd blame it on a brain cramp but I think old age would be a more accurate call. AND, get this - I look at one every day since it's still in my kitchen. I have searched twice in the archives and do not see a post about your butterfly with a picture or instructions. If you don't have a picture to post, I can take a picture of the one you so graciously sent me and post it here. I'll always remember the legend you shared too -- "A prayer whispered to a butterfly is carried directly to God's ear." Carolyn

Re: looking for plastic canvas patterns -- skippy, 12:44:46 01/11/11 Tue [1]

how big is the butterfly? I was looking for one about the size of the cross bible markers.

Re: looking for plastic canvas patterns -- Londonlee, 20:58:01 01/10/11 Mon [1]

Hi Carolyn,
Sorry about your head... it was a couple of years ago. Would you be a dear and post a picture of the butterfly. I don't have a scanner and my digital is not working properly.
Thanks so much.

Re: looking for plastic canvas patterns -- candylady, 16:56:04 01/11/11 Tue [1]

O I would love to see the butterfly also I don't recall ever seeing it before. the angels I have made

Re: looking for plastic canvas patterns -- crafterwannabe, 17:22:30 01/11/11 Tue [1]

Sorry I've been so long in checking back. Here is Londonlee's beautiful PC Ribbon Butterfly. Mine is a magnet. It's 3-1/2" wide at the very widest point near the top by about 3" long (perhaps a bit longer counting the ribbon antenna). Colors didn't exactly show up "true" - it's a lovely salmon color with light pink. I'm including a couple of links where I also scanned both the front and back - thought perhaps it would show more detail. Hopefully Londonlee can elaborate with instructions and how many squares wide and long PC is.

Picture - Londonlee's PC/Ribbon Butterfly ... 0_1336.jpg

Scanned Butterfly - Front ... PCBfly.jpg

Scanned Butterfly - Back ... lyBack.jpg

Re: looking for plastic canvas patterns -- skippy, 18:02:21 01/11/11 Tue [1]

thank you so much, just got an email from her a few minutes ago and she is going to stick one in the mail to me so I can see it a little better, but this pictures helps me a lot. I was afraid it was going to be too large and didn't want her to waste her time sending it. But this is perfect.
Thanks to you and Lee
yall are sweethearts

Re: looking for plastic canvas patterns -- Joann, 22:13:46 01/11/11 Tue [1]

Do you by chance have (just) the cut out of the plastic canvas pattern (without the ribbon showing) - that we would be able to count the holes to cut the pattern?

That's the cutest Butterfly and I would like to make to put on the refrigerator for "Spring Time."

I've got plenty of plastic canvas just waiting to be used.

Thanking you in advance......Hugs ~ Joann

Re: looking for plastic canvas patterns -- Londonlee, 23:06:07 01/11/11 Tue [1]

Thanks Carolyn for posting the photo of the butterfly. You did a beautiful job, it is wonderfully clear.

I am in the process of try to get a 'bare' template ready to post so that the holes can be counted. It may take a while as it has to be a co-operative effort. A little patience, please.

Meantime because Skippy has an urgent timeline I will be in contact with her right away.

Re: looking for plastic canvas patterns -- crafterwannabe, 15:30:41 01/19/11 Wed [1]

Today I received from Londonlee a photocopy of her PC Butterfly pattern. I have scanned it and you'll find it below. Hopefully this will enable everyone to cut their own butterfly patterns. Lee used 7-count plastic canvas for her butterfly. Thanks so much, Lee, for sharing your pattern! I see lots of butterflies in everyone's future.

Londonlee's PC Butterfly Pattern ... attern.jpg

Re: looking for plastic canvas patterns -- Joann, 16:14:51 01/19/11 Wed [1]

Hi Crafterwannabe,
Thank you so much for posting the PC Butterfly Pattern and for Lee sharing the pattern.

I see a lot of Butterflies in the making! Anything that can bring a little "Spring" into these "Wintertime Doldrums!"
Thanks Again - Hugs ~ Joann

Re: looking for plastic canvas patterns -- Londonlee, 22:55:42 01/19/11 Wed [1]

Thanks Carolyn for posting the photos of the butterfly and now the pattern. I can't take credit for it. The original pattern was posted here years ago. I believe that Yvonne Lowther may have been the first to post it.
I've made them in a rainbow of shades, using them as both magnets and pins. They really add a little colour to a plain table cloth, I have an oval table and mostly oblong cloths that I swag corners using the butterfly pins to hold the corners up.(((HUGS)))Lee
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