Plastic Canvas Dishwasher Sign

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Plastic Canvas Dishwasher Sign

Postby Alma » Fri Aug 12, 2011 12:16 am

Date Posted: 18:08:06 07/19/11 Tue
Author: skippy
Subject: ISO:plastic canvas dishwasher sign

Looking for a simple free pattern for a plastic canvas dishwasher sign.


[> Re: ISO:plastic canvas dishwasher sign -- SueZQ, 00:00:42 07/20/11 Wed [1]

Skippy, If you can copy a pattern from a clear photo, scroll down the list on the left to "dishwasher" and there is a cute one here:
Note: Pattern must be purchased.

[> Re: ISO:plastic canvas dishwasher sign -- skippy, 09:02:08 07/20/11 Wed [1]

Thank you, that is really cute and should be easy to copy.
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