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Links, ideas, poems for Bookmarks

Postby Caboobie » Mon Aug 29, 2005 8:39 pm

Poems for Secret Sister Bookmarks

Date Posted: 07:40:24 06/16/05 Thu
Author: Sassy
Subject: Poem needed for 'Secret Sister' bookmark

We have a secret sister group with the ladies ministry at our church and I try to send mine a little surprise every week or so. I have made bookmarks for her but thought it would add just that extra little bit if it had a poem to go along with it. Her name is Laurie. Could anyone please help me with a cute poem to send along with the bookmarks? Thank you so much! Hugs, Sassy

[> Re: Poem needed for 'Secret Sister' bookmark -- Doreen, 14:04:01 06/16/05 Thu [1]

Hi Sassy, hope you'll like these...

Here's a little marker
A place it helps you find
Though we are 'secret sisters'
Our friendship is entwined.
Doreen Scerri © 2005

These bookmarks are special
They mark a place for you
They are also a reminder:
'Secret sisters' we are so true!
Doreen Scerri © 2005

Ideas for bookmarks

Date Posted: 19:14:14 04/05/05 Tue
Author: MaryP
Subject: Bookmark suggestion please

Every year at Mother's Day I make bookmarks for my friends. This year my ideas are not working all that great. Any suggestions? Here is what I have so far: I bought some very nice tassels in different spring colors, and I thought they would be cute on some wide 1 1/2" ribbon that is stripped or dotted, but how to attach the tassels, what other kind of decorations would look good, and any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.


> Re: Bookmark suggestion please -- Patty, 00:28:24 04/06/05 Wed [1]

Do the tassels have hanging loops? If they do, maybe you could put in some small, metal grommets or eyelets (like the holes at the top of shower curtains) in the top of the wide ribbon and then loop the tassel hanging loops through it. I would fold the top of the ribbon down about 1/4" twice before putting in the grommet through all thicknesses, so the frayed edge of the ribbon is on the inside of the fold.
Hope this makes sense!

[> Re: Bookmark suggestion please -- Nancy, 17:20:43 04/06/05 Wed [1]

I just ripped out an idea of bookmarks out of Better Home
and Gardens, February issue.
They printed on the computer some sayings, on translucent vellum. The Font the size that would fit on a bookmark.
They cut these and a printed cardstock the size of a book mark. The vellum was placed on top of the cardstock. They punched a hole on the top, which is where I think you could attach your tassles.
These were very cute, of course they were for Valentine's Day, but would be wonderful for any day.
Hope this helped you.

[> Re: Bookmark suggestion please -- MaryP, 00:24:44 04/07/05 Thu [1]

Thanks for more suggestions. I will keep trying different ideas to come up with what will work best. I really want to use ribbon instead of paper. But then I can't print anything on it. I could sew or glue something to decorate the ribbon. I was thinking of something cute at the top. I don't scrapbook, but they might have some good decorative things to attach that would dress it up a bit. Any more ideas?

[> Re: Bookmark suggestion please -- Estelle in New Mexico, 00:41:40 04/07/05 Thu [1]

Hi Mary:

Any chance you can get some wallpaper sample books? Go ask at your Home Depot or those places that sell wallpaper, they usually give them away.

The wallpaper will make some beautiful bookmarks, you can glue the coordinating colors back-to-back and just punch a hole at top (with a grommet or without). The wallpapers are usually so beautiful!!

[> Re: Bookmark suggestion please -- PattyWV, 06:06:18 04/07/05 Thu [1]

I saw some bookmarks that were a little different. Sorry I don't have a picture. They had made the bookmarks a bit longer than usual, but they were done as a horizontal bookmark. Maybe a 10 inch length and about 1 1/2 - 2 inch width. It was printed with a little poem about marking your page and line. That's due to the fact that it was made to fold in half. There was a magnet strip on the inside of each section. It closes together wherever you put it and does a great job at marking both your page and line.

[> Re: Bookmark suggestion please -- bonniek, 11:51:53 04/08/05 Fri [1]

Maybe you could stamp on the ribbon, you'd have to try it out to make sure it wouldn't bleed on the ribbon or come off on the book either. Or maybe you could practice on the ribbon with a heat embossing tool. That would make a very pretty look if it works.

Poem for Grandmother crochet bookmark

Date Posted: 18:16:42 12/20/04 Mon
Author: Marciaot
Subject: Poem for Bookmark with Grandmother's Crochet Trim

I found some neat bookmarks at Bed, Bath and Beyond with a "locket" dangling from the bookmark. I plan to place a piece of crocheted trim made by my grandmother (passed away in 1972) inside the bookmarks. I will be sharing these with 18 family members.

Any quick ideas for a poem or something special to go with these bookmarks? Thanks


[> Re: Poem for Bookmark with Grandmother's Crochet Trim -- jacksmum, 18:26:12 12/20/04 Mon [1]

Hi Marciaot
I had responded to your request before but it was now on page three of the archives so you might not have seen it. I hope this helps. Sue

A little bit of Grandma
still surrounds us all
so here's a special reminder
even though it's only small.
Inside the bookmark locket
is something Grandma made
and it will always be with you
whenever a page is saved.
And the bookmark is a token
of a very special bond
that family ties bind us
in life and then beyond.
© Sue Pitchfork 2004~

Link, Poem for Beaded cross bookmark

Note: Link to beaded cross deleted since it was no longer a valid link.

God bless you when you’re reading
God bless you when you’re not
God bless the one that uses
This marker to hold their spot!
© Jennifer Byerly

Link to Bead and ribbon bookmark

Link: Ladybug bookmark

Date Posted: 23:47:31 01/15/04 Thu
Author: Judy K
Subject: instructions on the ladybug bookmark

I saw a ladybug bookmark from the summer swaps. It looks like woven ribbon but I'm not sure how the ribbon was worked. I think its adorable and would love to make some for the ladies in my club (we're the Ladybugs). If anyone can help, I would appreciate it. and also, any other ladybug ideas.


[> Re: instructions on the ladybug bookmark -- Myrtle, 17:50:00 01/18/04 Sun [1]

Please try and in the search put in Ribbon Slip-Knot Braid. Hope this works for you, in Jesus Love Myrtle

[> Re: instructions on the ladybug bookmark -- Judy K, 22:48:19 01/18/04 Sun [1]

thanks for the information. I will give it a try. Thankfully, Shirley told me where to find the picture of the ladybug bookmark that everyone is asking to see. It is so cute. Check the 2nd Hobby Lobby link above to find the instructions for the ribbon slip-knot braid. ... ndex.shtml

Link: Illusion Bookmark

Mine were the "Illusion Braid". Here are the directions (I slightly modified, opted not to put on a backing and have laminated instead of a sleeve.) Enjoy. Denise M ... 61,00.html

Poem, link: Bookmark for Son in the army

Date Posted: 11:09:18 06/07/04 Mon
Author: marcia
Subject: Bookmark for my son off to the army

The last few weeks have been horrible! We've had the move made in Hades itself, with the devil leading the way. On top of that my oldest son (22) left on Wednesday to go to the army. It's what he wanted to do and I'm very proud of him for his decision. I could live with it a whole lot better if he hadn't chosen Special Forces though.

After he left my youngest son (15) and I just couldn't find anything to occupy ourselves. When I'm upset I turn to the kitchen or crafts. Nothing in the kitchen seemed to be the right thing to cook/bake, so I turned to crafts. I had just sent in my bookmarks for the swap and I guess they were still on my mind. I made bookmarks to keep Matthew in our family/friends prayers. At the top of each one I put one of the paper clip angels done with yellow ribbon. I'm not much of a poet, but here's the verse I came up with:

Let this little angel
Remind you my friend.
Matthew's off to the army
His country to defend.

Mark your page
Each night as you read.
Then say a prayer for him
In his hour of need.

Pray for his safety,
Soundness and health,
Pray God will surround him
With great comfort and wealth.

Pray for his return home
To family and friends.
Pray for his courage and honour
© 2004 Marcia

They turned out really cute and a lot of people have asked for one, which made me feel really good.....the more praying for Matthew the better I like it. Please keep my son in your prayers as well. There are times when I'm not sure what I'd do without the outlet here on voy forums to occupy my mind.

Thanks to everyone. Marcia

[> Re: Bookmark for my son off to the army -- KrafteeKaren, 14:16:45 06/07/04 Mon [1]

Marcia...our oldest son has been in the Air Force since January of last year, he graduated from Basic training finally in July after he broke his foot and had to come home for a 30 day sick leave. Right now he is in New Mexico finishing up the last little bit of training. He is in Special Operations in the rescue part, where they will fly in to rescue troops or will re-fuel aircraft, etc. After he completes his training then he will go to Arizona, which will be his permanent station. After all the processing in Arizona then he will head to Afghanistan for 180 days, then back to the states for 30 days and back over.
At anytime you need to talk going through this, please don't hesitate to email me, I would be glad to give you what support you need during this time.

Link, idea: Poem Paperclip bookmark

Date Posted: 12:46:54 06/08/04 Tue
Author: Elaine
Subject: new to me paperclip bookmark

I received a Current catalogue the other day. In it is a bookmark made from a jumbo gold (or brass?) colored paperclip. At the top of the paperclip is a butterfly. Looks like its metal. Now, I have never seen these before and quickly thought of this as a craft project. I've already got my paperclips. Now I am going to be on the lookout for "trinkets" (probably plastic or cloth type) to glue to the clip. Just wanted to share in hopes this is a new idea for some of you. Have a good day! Elaine


[> Re: new to me paperclip bookmark -- Carla Robbins, 23:47:23 06/12/04 Sat [1]

I was just wondering, but would a button, the fancy buttons with the back holes, I think its called a shank, I mean wouldn't one of the buttons work on the clip to make bookmarks? I may just have to try this. Thanks for the picture. Carla

[> Re: new to me paperclip bookmark -- jenjoy, 21:38:18 06/08/04 Tue [1]

How cute! Where did you get your giant paper clips? Are they metal or plastic? Thanks for sharing! Jennifer

[> Re: new to me paperclip bookmark -- Elaine, 07:35:10 06/09/04 Wed [1]

Hi Jen,
The paperclips that I got are the regular large metal 2 inch clips. I got them at Staples. (100 to a pkg. for $2.29) I had no intention on getting them until I saw them while looking for something else and then I remembered about the bookmarks so I figured while I was there... (I only have 500 million projects already lined up for me to do - what's one more added to the list?) Elaine :0)

> Re: new to me paperclip bookmark -- Elizabeth, 22:26:04 06/10/04 Thu [1]

Link butterfly paperclips at Currents ... redQuery=1

Poem: Paperclip Bookmark

Date Posted: 13:53:35 07/25/04 Sun
Author: Crafty43
Subject: Need a poem for Paperclip bookmarks

Need a poem for some paperclip bookmarks I made. Some have a happy face button and others have a pink rose button. Checked the archive and found the post about making them, but found no poem. Thanks and Happy Crafting!


I'm a simple bookmark
and I'll hold your place.
When you come back
look for my smiling face!

This little rose
will save you woes
by marking the spot
that you forgot!


Date Posted: 16:48:19 07/24/04 Sat
Author: TLC
Subject: bookmark poem needed

Some time back someone posted a poem for a bookmark made with a butter knife. Does anyone remember it or have it? I would like to make some to sell. Thanks

[> Re: bookmark poem needed -- TLC, 19:59:51 07/24/04 Sat [1]

I FOUND IT! It was in the wrong file. It was back on 8/10/03 that I printed it. No wonder I couldn't find it.
It was written by Emily. She said she bought a butter knife at a craft mall that was made into a bookmark. They drilled a hole on the bottom of the handle, which will be the top of the bookmark. They flattened it and stringed beads. I found some cute butter knives that already have the holes in them so hopefully I can make some.

Twinrme/ Charlene responded with the following.

Take a close look at this bookmark,
Why it is a butter knife!
Take it along to the park,
It's had a change of life.
Once was old, but now it is new,
You have something quite unique,
Don't let your books get overdue,
What you own now is very chic!!!!
~ author unknown~

Link, Beaded bookmark

Date Posted: 01:54:46 07/13/04 Tue
Author: Charlene
Subject: Beaded Bookmarks to make ... ref=SC1938


> Re: Beaded Bookmarks to make -- miel, 17:59:10 07/13/04 Tue [1]

Why is it when I went to the site there was no picture yet when I copied it and pasted into word there was a picture, on the original page there was an advertising. Often I won’t keep an idea because there's no picture to go by if I hadn't received the picture I would left it alone. Murielle

[> Re: Beaded Bookmarks to make -- Charlene, 20:26:49 07/13/04 Tue [1]

The picture for this neat craft idea is below their site's advertising. Just scroll down till you see the book and the bookmarks. HTH

[> Re: Beaded Bookmarks to make -- miel, 20:37:14 07/13/04 Tue [1]

My brother in-law told me to hold down the Ctrl key and it worked, we both have XP and it plays tricks on us. Thank you Miel

Link: Online Bookmark Manager

Date Posted: 18:41:20 07/01/04 Thu
Author: T
Subject: Interesting Site

Poem: Bookmark, bead and thong

Date Posted: 13:07:34 11/30/03 Sun
Author: Luci
Subject: Book Thong Poem

Does anyone have a poem to go along with a beaded book thong. I'd like to give a poem to go along with the book mark. Thanks for any help!


Re: Book Thong Poem -- -Cougar1, 19:40:47 11/30/03 Sun [1]

These are the ones I've saved:
Book Thong poems

When you need to mark a book,
And go along your way,
This lovely little book thong,
Will hold your spot all day.
Just read until you've finished,
And what do you suppose,
Open up that book real wide,
And in the crack it goes!
~author unknown~

I'm not very big
And I'm not very fat
But if you position me right
I'll save the page that you're at
© 2003 Yvonne Lowther

this one came with the ribbon and bead book thong instructions:

I'm an educational G-string
Used solely for a book,
Please don't try to wear me,
You'd get a funny look
These strings help pages open,
the crotch upon the spine,
And so I'm really hoping
you find this gift divine!
~author unknown~

What is a book thong?
Take a look.
A fashion accessory
For your favorite book.

Not for your foot -
That would be silly!
Not for the body -
Way too chilly!!

Just slip over the pages,
Along the spine.
You will find your place
Every time.
~author unknown~

This little thong
will mark your spot,
in your book
not your butt.
Much more comfy
yes indeed
than the ones that cut you,
-Flamingo in AZ

Poem: Bookmark and drink

Date Posted: 17:09:19 09/17/04 Fri
Author: Lorraine
Subject: Poem Needed Please

Hi Ladies,

I make books for a Christian Ministry and besides including
a bookmark, I would like to include a packet with hot chocolate, hot cider or Latte.

I need a poem that would be generic enough so I could put any hot beverage item inside.
Maybe something about having a hot brew while reading your book.
Thanks so much, I appreciate you all and God bless! Lorraine


I'm giving you this bookmark
Do you know why, just think
It's so you won't lose the page you're at
When you go to make this drink
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

A bookmark and a drink for you
A special, simple gift
To keep your place and quench your thirst
And give your heart a lift
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

God gave us books for knowledge
But they can't quench a thirst
So if you want to make a drink
Then use this bookmark first
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

Here's a tasty little gift
Sent just from me to you
So if you get thirsty while reading
You can enjoy this cup of brew!
katieangelamber © 2004

To make your reading more pleasant
Here are a couple of gifts for you
A bookmark to keep your place
And a cup of delicious brew!
katieangelamber © 2004

A book is sure to help you
Quench your need for knowledge first,
Then enjoy this soothing drink
That's sure to quench your thirst.
©2004 Kelli Williams

Something warm to sip
While you relax and read,
A mark to keep your place,
And you've everything you need!
©2004 Kelli Williams
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Postby crafterwannabe » Fri Oct 07, 2005 11:32 pm

Bookmark Poems

Date Posted: 14:45:57 09/25/05 Sun
Author: Chris
Subject: Beaded Book Marks

I received a message that our local thrift shop was looking for crafters to put some home made items. I was thinking of making some beaded book marks. Can someone help me with a poem to attach.. I was thinking something along the lines of curling up with a good book.. or something. I just can't get it started. Does anyone make these or other types of jewelry? Any ideas on how they are selling?

[> Re: Beaded Book Marks -- Caboobie, 11:54:03 09/30/05 Fri [1]

Chris, your post wasn't being ignored, honest. It's like Carolyn said we (the poets) tend to pick up on the posts that actually say 'poem wanted for...' before looking at the other posts. I only looked at this because I thought you were wanting to show us some or a site to look at.


Don't turn the corner of the page
It makes the book look a disgrace
It's nicer to keep it fresh and new
By using this bookmark to keep your place
© 2005 Yvonne Lowther

When you feel the need come on
To curl up with a book, you see
Make sure you have your bookmark in hand
To mark your place before you leave
© 2005 Yvonne Lowther

A book is something special
So it needs some special beads
To keep the place you're up to
Make sure you mark it before you leave
© 2005 Yvonne Lowther

Curl up in a corner
Read your book at your own sweet pace
Then when you want to finish
Use this bookmark to keep your place
© 2005 Yvonne Lowther

BTW - what's a thrift shop? Is it a shop that sells secondhand goods for charities?

[> Re: Beaded Book Marks Thanks! -- Chris, 12:20:14 10/02/05 Sun [1]

Hi ladies and thanks so much for your suggestions and posts!

We live near an army base and our thrift shop is really an outlet for us to get rid of our "too small" clothes, household items when we move around (we are in Germany so our voltage on appliances are different.. when someone comes from the states its a good idea to shop their first for some good deals on appliances = ) ) couches, linens etc. The profits are put back into the local community here in Germany as well as the military community by way of scholarships etc.

The shop is looking for some crafty items for their place and so far, I've seen some wood crafts (with USA theme or Germany American theme), bath salts, wine charm markers (the lady that did these did a wonderful job but I think we all have a few sets now!) I was looking for something different, maybe something that could be a "smallish" gift for no problems in shipping. I made a really nice 'book thong or marker" and my friend loved it and gave me the suggestion. I use seed beeds and then alot of dangle charms and lampwork beads. I'll try and post a picture when I'm finished.
Thanks again
[> Re: A few things I've made lately -- Sandra TN, 23:33:35 10/23/05 Sun [1]

Crafty Cindy, the poem reads:

Just place me between your pages
Of your favorite book you see.
I will keep your place for you,
Til you come back to read.
Author Unknown
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Postby crafterwannabe » Sun Nov 06, 2005 6:39 pm

Teddy Bear Bookmark Poem

Date Posted: 23:00:16 10/30/05 Sun
Author: tellak
Subject: does anyone have a poem for a bookmark

I am needing a poem to go with a bookmark, for grandaughters, named kim, laura,jenn,kari. the bookmark has a bear on it. I think a poem with a item makes it more personal. thanks for any help.

[> Re: does anyone have a poem for a bookmark -- jacksmum, 23:17:29 10/30/05 Sun [1]

Hi Tellak
Hope this helps

A teddy to cuddle
with secrets to share
to guard your page
and always be there.
With paws on your book
it's a guarantee
the place you are up to
is where he will be.
© Sue Pitchfork 2005~

[> [> Re: does anyone have a poem for a bookmark -- tellak, 23:25:15 10/30/05 Sun [1]

you are awsome, that is just perfect, and wow, you are quick,I thank you sooo much

[> Re: does anyone have a poem for a bookmark -- jenjoy, 02:20:30 10/31/05 Mon [1]

Too cute!!!!!!!

[> Re: does anyone have a poem for a bookmark -- jacksmum, 02:38:20 10/31/05 Mon [1]

Thank you Kay and Jen
lol Jenjoy I am trying so hard to get organised and save things you'll be proud of me.
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Postby crafterwannabe » Sun Dec 18, 2005 4:44 am

Poems for Goddess or Angel Bookmark

Date Posted: 10:07:57 12/07/05 Wed
Author: Mary Southern
Subject: can someone write a short poem to go with this bookmark?

[> Re: can someone write a short poem to go with this bookmark? -- Caboobie, 12:43:59 12/10/05 Sat [1]

What are you wanting. It looks like a ballerina to me, then again it could be a dagger or a flower depends on how you look.

If you let me know what you have in mind or who it's for, I'll try to come up with something for you

[> [> Re: can someone write a short poem to go with this bookmark? -- sue, 14:27:15 12/10/05 Sat [1]

it is a goddess

[> Re: can someone write a short poem to go with this bookmark? -- Caboobie, 14:34:01 12/10/05 Sat [1]

Thanks Sue,

This little bookmark Goddess
Has a special job to do
She's here to keep your book safe
And save your page for you
© 2005 Yvonne Lowther

[> Re: can someone write a short poem to go with this bookmark? -- jacksmum, 19:33:40 12/10/05 Sat [1]

Nice one Yvonne.
I seem to be missing a lot of requests as I've just noticed this one now.
Mary here's one more poem for you.
Sue :)

Books are heaven sent
to help open your mind
so please don't fold edges
use a bookmark and be kind.
And this little Goddess
will save the spot for you
a reminder that you're loved
and important too.
© Sue Pitchfork 2005~

[> Re: can someone write a short poem to go with this bookmark? -- Mary Southern, 16:31:57 12/13/05 Tue [1]

Thank you for the poems. I found this pattern on the internet but for some reason I thought it was an angel. But I have a pattern for an angel I will use and change goddess to angel. I appreciate your help. Someone gave me a big box of felt scraps and I am trying to make things with the felt.
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Postby crafterwannabe » Wed Jan 04, 2006 8:32 pm

Poem: Clover Bookmark

Date Posted: 09:13:06 12/29/05 Thu
Author: Dell
Subject: Poem needed for crochet clover bookmark

I'm making crochet St.Patricks clover bookmarks and I would love a poem to go with them. Thanks so much!!!

[> Re: Poem needed for crochet clover bookmark -- poet but didn't know it, 16:58:49 12/29/05 Thu [1]

This lucky little bookmark
Will mark your place for you
So you don't lose your place
When your reading time is through!

12/29/05 Thu [1]

That's great!!! I would love for you to sign your name. Thanks so much!!!!!
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Postby crafterwannabe » Tue Jan 31, 2006 4:11 am

Horse Bookmarks

Date Posted: 21:37:39 01/24/06 Tue
Author: Cathy in MT
Subject: Needed: Horse bookmarks

I am in need of 3 different horse bookmarks to give to 3 girls I work with in an after school program who are horse lovers. All 3 LOVE to read books so thought this would be a nice enclosure with their birthday cards in early February. No poem needed just a saying about reading and a horse graphic would be super! Thanks in advance, Cathy

Re: Needed: Horse bookmarks -- PattyWV, 22:09:04 01/24/06 Tue [1]

Only ones I saw here were for Christmas,but there are Valentine cards.
Still a web site worth checking if you're a horse lover. ... kmarks.jpg ... okmark.jpg
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Postby Caboobie » Thu Mar 02, 2006 1:44 pm

Angel Bookmark poems

This angel will watch you
with a smile on her face
and while you're reading
she will save your place.
She loves being with you
as you read happily
This angel brings you joy
to your heart from me.
© Sue Pitchfork 2006~

This little angel bookmark
I have made with love
And sent it to you
With blessings from above
So as you finish reading
Or if the doorbell rings
She will happily save your place
With her soft angelic wings.
Doreen Scerri © 2006

This angel will watch you
with a smile on her face
and while you're reading
she will save your place.
She's sent on a mission
may God be your guide
when you're lost in a book
she'll stay by your side.
© Sue Pitchfork
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Postby Caboobie » Mon Mar 20, 2006 11:05 pm

Bookmark "tails"

Date Posted: 11:41:53 03/08/06 Wed
Author: Laurel
Subject: Bookmark "tails"

I am making some machine embroidered shamrock bookmarks. I need suggestions for what to use for tails on them. I am thinking just using some narrow green ribbon. Any other suggestion appreciated. TIA Laurel

[> Re: Bookmark "tails" -- chris, 11:57:08 03/08/06 Wed [1]

How about some beads?

[> Re: Bookmark "tails" -- crafterwannabe, 20:08:40 03/08/06 Wed [1]

I have used ribbon, yarn and even fun fur or boa yarn (sometimes yarn and fun fur) on bookmarks. With embroidered bookmarks (I bet they are pretty!), I'm thinking the narrow satin ribbon would look best.

[> Re: Bookmark "tails" -- Kaydee, 23:37:11 03/08/06 Wed [1]

Laurel the green ribbon sounds nice with maybe a few beads attached at the end and tie a knot to hold them on. Or maybe you could put at the end of the ribbon a charm, a nice shamrock maybe.

[> Re: Bookmark "tails" -- Laurel, 23:49:04 03/08/06 Wed [1]

I'll try to post a picture tomorrow when my son can help.

[> Re: Bookmark "tails" -- DonnaJ, 10:34:19 03/09/06 Thu [1]

velvet ribbon would look nice
or lace
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Postby crafterwannabe » Wed Mar 29, 2006 11:12 pm

Poem: Embroidered Patriotic Bookmark for Military Member

Date Posted: 09:10:22 03/21/06 Tue
Author: friend in need
Subject: Poem and tag needed

I am in need of a tag and poem for a bookmark for a friend in the military stationed overseas. It is red, white, and blue, FSL, and has a yellow ribbon on it and the word thanks.(I made it on a embroidery machine) I would like the poem to let him know that we appreciate all that they do for us. I know that they get to feeling down and want this to be a little "pick me up". But then you all are so good at saying what we mean that I really don't need to say what I want. I think you all are mind readers.
TIA a friend in need

[> Re: Poem and tag needed -- Doreen, 09:55:31 03/21/06 Tue [1]

Dear friend in need, here's a poem from me...

This bookmark is special
'cause it was made for you
It serves many purposes
Comes with a message too.
In every stitch is a thank you
Hope it brings a smile to your face,
While you're reading your favourite book
It will certainly mark your place.
And if it's a "pick me up"
That you feel you need today
Just hold onto this little token
And feel our love all the way.
Doreen Scerri © 2006

I can't do the tag right now but will check in later ...

[> Re: Poem and tag needed -- lou, 15:19:17 03/21/06 Tue [1]

what a neat poem
It covers it all

[> Re: Poem and tag needed -- Doreen, 16:17:38 03/21/06 Tue [1]

Oh, thank you Lou

[> Re: Poem and tag needed -- jacksmum, 22:10:11 03/21/06 Tue [1]

Love the poem and tag
Fabulous work Doreen
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Postby crafterwannabe » Thu May 18, 2006 3:16 am

Link: Clip Mitten Bookmark

Date Posted: 14:54:06 05/10/06 Wed
Author: Dell
Subject: Cute mitten bookmark clip!

Re: Cute mitten bookmark clip! -- Huskerfan, 15:43:12 05/10/06 Wed [1]

Am saving this one too.
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Postby crafterwannabe » Thu May 18, 2006 3:22 am

Printable Christian Bookmarks

Date Posted: 15:11:38 05/10/06 Wed
Author: Dell
Subject: Printable Christian bookmarks!
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Postby crafterwannabe » Mon May 29, 2006 6:13 pm

Poems: Tin Filled with Corner Bookmarks

Date Posted: 23:35:35 05/17/06 Wed
Author: Annie
Subject: Poem for Corner Bookmarks

I am doing an altered mint tin...full of little corner bookmarks for an avid reader. May I ask for a short little poem to go on a tag for this token gift?
Thanks, Annie

[> Re: Poem for Corner Bookmarks -- fauxma, 00:59:49 05/18/06 Thu [1]

what an awesome idea Annie... I'm not a poet.. but thought I'd duck in and take a peek... I'm sure the word wizards will come up with something awesome for your gift...

Sitting pretty on the corner of the book
Reminding you that you really should look
And as you read the very next chapter
Your friends love is with you forever
© Annie

wellllllllll it needs some fine tuning... but it's a start....
Annie in Canada

[> Re: Poem for Corner Bookmarks -- jacksmum, 01:32:09 05/18/06 Thu [1]

Hello Annie & Annie
HUGS to you both.
Nice try fauxma :)

A tin full of bookmarks
for corners you see
they will save your spot
whereever that may be.
So if you lose one
it won't matter at all
if you look inside this tin
you'll see it's really full!
© Sue Pitchfork 2006~

[> Re: Poem for Corner Bookmarks -- fauxma, 01:42:36 05/18/06 Thu [1]

thanks Sue.... I tried... lol...Annie in Canada

[> Re: Poem for Corner Bookmarks -- jacksmum, 01:47:24 05/18/06 Thu [1]

LOL Yes well you always have been quite trying!
((Grin, Duck and run))
Sue :)

[> Re: Poem for Corner Bookmarks -- kelli, 07:03:39 05/18/06 Thu [1]

Great poems ladies! : ) Here is mine:

I'll sit upon the corner,
Pretty as can be,
And when you want to read again
I'll be quite plain to see!

Even if you need to mark
Two pages, three or four,
Just look inside this little tin
And you'll find plenty more!
©2006 Kelli Williams

[> Re: Poem for Corner Bookmarks -- Annie, 08:46:17 05/18/06 Thu [1]

Thank you ladies :-) Three poems...a special treat within itself....I love them all...yours too Annie! You ladies crack me up - LOL!!!! See, now I can make this gift for more than one person and use them all!!!!
Thanks to all of you!
Annie in GA

[> [> Re: Poem for Corner Bookmarks -- michelle jadaa, 09:42:49 05/18/06 Thu [1]

how do you make corner bookmarks?i'm sick of mine falling out LOL

[> Re: Poem for Corner Bookmarks -- Annie, 10:31:29 05/18/06 Thu [1]

This is the template I found...I don't remember where..sorry! I just print on some pretty paper, cut and paste.
Thanks, Annie
Archiver's Note: Annie deleted the template from her Photobucket album so the link was dead.

[> [> Re: Poem for Corner Bookmarks -- MICHELLE JADAA, 12:54:44 05/18/06 Thu [1]


[> Re: Poem for Corner Bookmarks -- fauxma, 15:19:47 05/18/06 Thu [1]

don't forget to get FREE wallpaper books... they are a wealth of pretty co-ordinating patterns... hehehe Annie in Canada

[> Re: Poem for Corner Bookmarks -- Annie, 15:49:19 05/18/06 Thu [1]

Thanks, Annie! That's a great idea...I am going to check for some tomorrow.
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Postby crafterwannabe » Mon Jul 17, 2006 11:20 pm

Poems: Crocheted Dress Corner Bookmark

Date Posted: 19:29:13 07/09/06 Sun
Author: jazbo
Subject: Poem for crochet dress corner bookmark - needs tweaking

Those crochet dress bookmarks are so adorable! I thought I would try my hand at writing a poem. Feel free to tweak away.

If you love to read,
I have just what you need!
A cute little dress,
as a corner bookmark
So you can find your place
- even in the dark!
© Jazbo 0706

Re: Poem for crochet dress corner bookmark - needs tweaking -- jacksmum, 20:35:09 07/09/06 Sun [1]

Hiya Jazbo
No tweaking needed your poem is perfect just as it is.

To slip on your pages
and mark the spot
here's a little dress
your place won't be forgot.
And the other books
will turn green you see
as the belle of the bookcase
is read by me.
© Sue Pitchfork 2006~

Note: This post is also archived with the picture of Wilma's crocheted dress corner bookmark on the Crochet Board. ... 3795#23795
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Postby crafterwannabe » Thu Jan 25, 2007 10:36 pm

Make a Pressed Flower Bookmark

Date Posted: 07:16:19 01/12/07 Fri
Author: shilo
Subject: Make a pressed flower bookmarker
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