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Links, ideas, poems for magnets

Postby Caboobie » Mon Aug 29, 2005 9:27 pm

Links ideas poems for magnetic bookmark

link to site for magnetic bookmark (pg. 4)

[> Re: ♥ ISO Site for Printable MAGNETIC bookmarks ♥ -- CJ in PA, 21:24:35 08/19/05 Fri [1]

I've been in the process of making some of these. I posted a thread awhile back asking what kind of magnets to use. I can't find really thin ones. Can anyone help? CJ

[> Re: ♥ ISO Site for Printable MAGNETIC bookmarks ♥ -- Donnaj, 22:52:50 08/19/05 Fri [1]

I use the buisness card magnets (buy at office supply store)and they work for me, I've also used free ones with advertizing on them that stores give out or come in junk mail ( walgreens has them a lot), another way to get some free is go to
and request a samples you will not only get a booklet FULL of thin magnet sheets you can cut up but you also get a really cute tin that looks like a refrigerator... all this FREE
of course most the booklet has printing on it but so what thats the side you glue to the bookmark anyway
You would have enough in the sample booklet to do probably all the bookmarks you would ever want to make

[> Re: ♥ ISO Site for Printable MAGNETIC bookmarks ♥ -- shirttails, 23:14:14 08/19/05 Fri [1]

I understand using the magnets, but what does the magnet attract to on this bookmark? Will someone please explain? The autumn bookmarks are really neat, are there other ones that can be found somewhere for other holidays? Curious mind wants to add this to the round-to-it pile.

[> Re: ♥ ISO Site for Printable MAGNETIC bookmarks ♥ -- crafterwannabe, 23:30:34 08/19/05 Fri [1]

CJ - Wal-Mart has thin magnet sheets in their craft department - not sure of the price since I was thinking it might be too thin for what I wanted so I passed. Tried some business card magnets but they were too thick. I was surprised the other day when I went in Dollar Tree and found thin magnet sheets there - I think they are about the same thickness as I saw at Wal-Mart. Bought those and it was just right (I was doing another project).

[> Re: ♥ ISO Site for Printable MAGNETIC bookmarks ♥ -- PattyWV, 13:08:16 08/20/05 Sat [1]

The magnet attaches to another magnet. Picture this...fold in half a regular bookmark.On the inside glue a flat magnet to each bottom section. When you're done reading you can either place it along the top with the page you stopped on between the magnets,or on the side marking both the page and the line you stopped on. I hope this helped.

[> Re: ♥ ISO Site for Printable MAGNETIC bookmarks ♥ -- shirttails, 13:46:32 08/20/05 Sat [1]

Thanks. I was confused as to adding magnets and having them repel each other instead of attract.

[> Re: ♥ ISO Site for Printable MAGNETIC bookmarks ♥ -- DonnaJ, 15:33:33 08/20/05 Sat [1]

When attaching the magnets you just have to make sure that the magnets are turned so they will stick together before you glue them down, if you dont turn one upside down they wont stick

[> Re: ♥ ISO Site for Printable MAGNETIC bookmarks ♥ -- Doreen G, 22:21:21 08/20/05 Sat [1]

I wonder if this is the website you remembered for magnetic bookmarks. It not only has a number of nice magnetic bookmarks but several other great printables and templates as well.

Doreen G

[> Re: ♥ ISO Site for Printable MAGNETIC bookmarks ♥ -- bonniek, 17:55:32 08/21/05 Sun [1]

Not that it matters too much for the bookmarks, but did you know if you wash the magnets with advertising on them the printing washes off!! I tossed some in the sink with my dishes one evening and hey they're plain!

[> Re: ♥ ISO Site for Printable MAGNETIC bookmarks ♥ -- crafterwannabe, 18:17:22 08/21/05 Sun [1]

DonnaJ - I'm glad you gave us your tip. And, Bonnie, that's great news! I have a bunch so I'm going to try it too. Thanks to you both

Gingerbread man, heart. recipe bookmark

Date Posted: 16:02:03 08/09/04 Mon
Author: Lori Jean
Subject: Calling All Poets! Need Poem Please...............

Okay all you poets out there....I need a short poem/saying for a gingerbread man/heart recipe bookmark. It's magnetic and holds your place in the book. Thank you sooo much!
Lori Jean :^)


[> Re: Calling All Poets! Need Poem Please...........- kelliwv, 16:06:38 08/09/04 Mon [1]

A magnetic personality
Is but one of my better traits;
I'm just as cute as I can be
And I'll also mark your place!
© Kelli Williams

[> Re: Calling All Poets! Need Poem Please..... -- Caboobie, 16:23:45 08/09/04 Mon [1]

I'm a gingerbread man
To help keep your place
And each time you see me
I'll bring a smile to your face
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

My heart I send to you dear
Please keep it in your book
And you will know I love you
Each time you take a look
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

Gingerbread man
So tasty and sweet
From the top of his head
To the soles of his feet
But this one is different
You can't eat him, it's true
But he will not mind
Keeping your page for you
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

[> Re: Calling All Poets! Need Poem Please..... -- Lori Jean, 16:48:31 08/09/04 Mon [1]

Oh my gosh....all those poems are so cute! Kellie and Yvonne, I just don't know where you pull all those great poems from! I would LOVE to have talent like you gals!
Thank you so very much!
(((HUGS))) Lori Jean :^)

[> Re: Calling All Poets! Need Poem Please.........-- ShirleyT, 22:14:16 08/10/04 Tue [1]

Those are adorable! Here's one that popped up from the little rhyme. lol

When you stop reading
I'll run as fast as I can
to mark your place because
I'm the gingerbread man!

[> Re: Calling All Poets! Need Poem Please........ -- Lori Jean, 22:52:21 08/10/04 Tue [1]

Good one, Shirley! Too cute!
Hugs, Lori Jean :^)

Domino pins and tile magnets

Date Posted: 22:13:13 02/10/04 Tue
Author: Renee M.
Subject:'ve made me so happy! Instructions for domino pin and tile magnet

WOW! I just checked my email and there was a message from Shirley saying there was a "buzz" on the board! Thanks for the compliments. You have made me glow! You may be very surprised when you hear how easy both crafts are!

DOMINO PIN; I soak my dominos in a qt. size jar filled with bleach for 24 hours to remove the shiny coating. I like to use staz-on ink to stamp my dominos because it's very permanent and dries fast. This domino was stamped with red staz-on. First with a script stamp which I wiped a little bit to smear it and then with the heart border stamp. When that dried I coated the sides with the same ink and then sprayed the domino with Krylon glossy spray. I used E600 to glue the pin back on. There is a variety of different ways to work with dominoes. I also use sharpies to color an image. Lumiere paints make a beautiful background and then you can stamp a black image over it and you're done.

TILE: The tile was done the very same way. Except I do not soak the tile in bleach. I use a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol to clean the surface. I used stazon ink to stamp the images and then finished it with the glossy sealer and glued the magnet on. I have never had trouble with the magnets staying on however someone once suggested to me to use caulking on the tile rather than hot glue. I buy the tiles at home depot or Menards and NOTHING goes to waste! There are small squares nestled in between the hexagon shapes and those become push pins, mosaic pieces, magnets and if they're white, I make them into snowmen pins. I'll hvae to get a picture of those on the board. Sometimes, there is mesh backing on tile (there are 24? tiles on each square and I pull them apart). The mesh backing can be embossed and used as a background on a card, journal, whatever...

I sell many of these each year and I love them because I can mass produce and they're an inexpensive craft.

I believe I covered it all! Sorry I didn't see the posts before now. If you have any more questions I'll be happy to help.
Renee M.


Re:'ve made me so happy! Instructions for domino pin and tile magnet -- ShirleyT, 20:55:42 02/12/04 Thu [1]

They are on the Valentine Swap page quite a ways down. Really cute! Thanks for the directions too Renee. ... ndex.shtml

[> Re: great stamped domino pictures here and patterns -- Renee, 23:13:42 02/15/04 Sun [1]

Thanks, Anne. I'm familiar with Frances Naeve's art but I've never seen that site. It was very interesting and the tutorials were some of the easiest I've read. I'm wondering about the gel medium for transfers. Have you ever done that?

Date Posted: 08:08:13 12/11/03 Thu
Author: Connie H
Subject: Dominos

I have seen a lot of projects using dominos that I would love to try. The craft books say they are using a faux ivory and was wondering if any of you can tell me where I can find them. TIA Connie H.


[> Re: Dominos -- GrammySheila, 10:58:26 12/11/03 Thu [1]

I got a Faux Ivory set at the Dollar Store. Then I ordered some from ABC Distributing...but they are oversized and wooden.

I have also seen them at Wally World.

[> Re: Dominos -- flo, 11:22:07 12/11/03 Thu [1]

Any store that sells dominoes or games should have the faux ivory sets - they are pretty common game pieces. I bought mine at Target.

[> Re: Dominos -- me, 08:58:55 12/14/03 Sun [1]

There are domino projects under Altered Art on the MSN site.

> Re: Dominos -- flo, 11:13:58 12/14/03 Sun [1]

Dominoes are a hot surface in rubber stamping using embossing powders. Dominoes make great jewelry items and keychains. They have also become a nice ornament surface for us decorative painters. They can be stamped, painted, decoupaged, and more!

Here are some sites to view some really cool dominoe projects: ... pid=d00127

Date Posted: 22:57:33 03/13/04 Sat
Author: Eileen
Subject: Domino Pins

My version of the domino pins. Too many to resize and post here...go to : ... 4287451085

Use herronme and 001010 to log in IF asked.....They are in my album
click on a pic to enlarge

[> Re: Domino Pins -- jkathlleen, 01:06:57 03/14/04 Sun [1]

Eileen did you use real dominos? Those are so neat, I never tire of seeing you wonderful things. You sure get your money out of that Xyron. I love mine too. But I make so much stuff and then don't know what to do with it. Do you sell at shows? Thanks so much for always sharing your creations. Hugs, JKathleen

[> Re: Domino Pins -- Eileen, 09:54:34 03/14/04 Sun [1]

Yep, real plastic dominoes. Got them at ToysRUs in a tin.

I do not do shows. I make up something and then give most away. Once in awhile I sell a few. I have so much fun making them. And I would not trade my Xyron for anything.....

[> Re: Domino Pins -- Crafty43, 09:57:03 03/14/04 Sun [1]

Wow!! Very nice. Would you share your instructions? They are so beautiful! I don't have an Xyron machine, could I make them without one? My birthday is this week, DH has been asking me what I would like to have. I guess my questions are, would I use one much and what should I look for? Thanks and Happy Crafting!

[> Re: Domino Pins -- ROBBIE, 11:26:34 03/14/04 Sun [1]

I have never used Xyron, can you use it for photos? or what could you please explain it to me thanks

[> Re: Domino Pins -- ShirleyT, 12:44:20 03/14/04 Sun [1]

Beautiful! I love my Xyron too though I'm not as prolific with it as Eileen! You just run your paper or whatever, even fabric between the rollers and it laminates the top and bottom. You can also get different cartridges so that you can make it sticky on bottom for stickers or laminate it straight to magnet and all sorts of neat things you can do!

[> Re: Domino Pins -- Eileen, 13:41:54 03/14/04 Sun [1]

The Domino's are plastic, came in a tin. They are called double 6's. I have not played dominoes since I was a kid so have no idea what that means. 28 in the tin for $4.99 at Toys R Us. I wanted to try the black ones at the dollar store but they had none.

For the colored ones I just rubbed them on a stamp pad , hit them with a hairdryer and wiped off the excess..... stamp pads were at least 10 years old leftover from my stamping days. Just regular stamp pad ink.

The edges have colored car striping tape on them. So much easier than painting.....

The dots go on the back. a pin covers them......thats part of the can see they were recycled dominoes.

Hope this helps.

[> Re: Domino Pins -- Crafty43, 13:48:31 03/14/04 Sun [1]

Wow! Sounds like I might be able to handle it. So pretty and seems to be fairly easy. I hesitate to say the easy word, I haven't tried it yet. Thanks for sharing and Happy Crafting!

[> Re: Domino Pins -- Addie, 14:16:04 03/14/04 Sun [1]

Hi, I'm new here and love this site. You are all so nice here. I wanted to let you know how lovely all your things are. [I sneaked a peek at your albums] Where do you get your clipart or do you use stickers? I love your little pot-ladies and your pins. I work with 2 nursing homes and a veterans home and would like to make some of your ideas up for the holidays [Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Memorial Day,etc.] Our seniors look forward to receiving little presents and I think they might enjoy some of your ideas.
Again, thanks for sharing your work and thanks to all for this really nice and friendly site.

Re: Domino Pins -- Eileen
Addie, I have no need for stickers as I make my own from graphics. I have a Xyron laminator. It laminates the top and puts adhesive on the back of anything I print from the computer. I use it for everything.....well almost everything....

I use a lot of hugware and really neat....
tons of choices...

And I have cutecolors and jerseygirl and Janes graphics too....Printmaster has a few good ones....lots of places to get them free on the net. Go to and type in free graphics, or Easter graphics or boggles the mind what's available....

[> Re: Domino Pins -- Addie, 23:34:36 03/14/04 Sun [1]

Thank you Eileen, for the information on the graphics. I am eager to look into some of the sites you named. I went to look for some of the little pots that are used for the pot ladies and found a dozen of them tucked away in a drawer. I also found 14 4inch flower pots someone gave me last year that I had cleaned and stacked in the basement. I think I could make them up as chicks and the nursing home could use them as centerpieces for Easter. We could give them as prizes for bingo and they could sit on the windowsills or better yet I could convert them into windchimes for the patio and sunroom. Gosh, you have my head spinning with ideas! Could you tell me which Xyron machine you have? I could use my 40% coupon at Michael's or ask DH for one for my birthday. Thanks again and hope I'm not too big a pain!

[> Re: Domino Pins -- Renee, 18:34:57 03/15/04 Mon [1]

Very nice Eileen!!

About the domino backs, it's fun to give them as birthday gifts with the number of dots on the back the same as their age! I agree with Eileen...knowing they're a domino is half the fun! Renee M.

[> Re: Domino Pins -- Eileen, 20:33:16 03/15/04 Mon [1]

Addie, I have a Xyron 850. Michaels near me does not stock that one would have to get a 900. I don't know anything about them.

If you have a vendors liscense you can get them half off at wildeideas.... go for a 850.....

[> Re: Domino Pins -- fauxma, 00:27:07 03/16/04 Tue [1]

sorry to jump on the bandwagon lagging so far behind the crowd... as always it's nice to see your new creations... thanks for taking the time to share with us all...

did you get a chance to look at any of the links that lilpeach sent to you yet?

[> Re: Domino Pins -- Judy R, 02:05:50 03/16/04 Tue [1]

Just a couple of questions, could you decoupage them if you don't have a xyron? How expensive is the xyron to use, refills etc.? Just curious, I love the pins.

Date Posted: 20:16:37 03/17/04 Wed
Author: Eileen
Subject: New Domino Pins ... 4287412933

lots of them....take a look....

Use herronme amd 001010 to log in if asked


[> Re: New Domino Pins -- Mary, 14:48:34 03/18/04 Thu [1]

What is the HugWare you used on "Prim," one on the bottom right. It looks like a rainbow, but I can't exactly tell what the other image is? These are beautiful!

[> Re: New Domino Pins -- Marie L =), 17:31:58 03/18/04 Thu [1]

Those are really sweet. I love your sides, the look very nice, very well finished!

[> Re: New Domino Pins -- crafterwannabe, 18:35:43 03/18/04 Thu [1]

Love this project too - always love your projects! Is the laminate just on the top surface? No going over the edges? I'm thinking it must be that way or your tape wouldn't look so smooth on the sides.

Date Posted: 15:47:14 03/24/04 Wed
Author: Eileen
Subject: New dominoes....woo hoo....

These were made with sitckers I found at a scrapbook store in Orlando and a sheet of purple and white paper I got there.

The edges on the dominoes with a pattern are from one of the sticker sheets I got....pretty cool. Take a peek.....

Use herronme and 001010 if prompted to log in ... 4287351659

[> Re: New dominoes....woo hoo.... -- Lisa, 11:20:23 03/25/04 Thu [1]

Eileen, Those are tooooooo cute. I have a question you still use them as regular dominoes to play with, or they just for conversation pieces? Also, do you have a store where you can get them for a reasonable price? And do you sell them as a set at a show? If so, what do you get for them? (I'm full of questions today, aren't I?) Thanks for your help, Lisa

[> Re: New dominoes....woo hoo.... -- Eileen, 11:44:24 03/25/04 Thu [1]

I get them for $3.99 at K Mart. they are called double 6's. But I found a tin for $7.50 that has double the amount so you would save a little if you were gonna make a bunch. They come 28 in a tin.

I have over 50 made and have not sold done.....have sent a bunch to a sick friend and another friend. Am hoping to get $2 each or 2 for $3. what do you think?

They will be pins and magnets......but you could play with them I suppose.

Hope this helps.....Eileen

[> Re: New dominoes....woo hoo.... -- Lisa, 12:33:20 03/25/04 Thu [1]

Thanks, Eileen. I was clueless.......again! HA! They would make adorable pins or magnets. I think at least $2 a piece would be a good price on them. Thanks for the info, Lisa

[> Re: New dominoes....woo hoo.... -- Mary S, 15:54:15 03/24/04 Wed [1]

Wow Eileen! They are lovely. Can't wait to see more

[> Re: New dominoes....woo hoo.... -- Sam's Gramm, 16:24:19 03/24/04 Wed [1]

Aren't you clever! I love these easy ideas you come up with. Do you put anything over the sticker, spray with anything?

[> Re: New dominoes....woo hoo.... -- Eileen, 19:20:32 03/24/04 Wed [1]

Sam's Gram,
I do not seal them. The ones I use puter graphics on I laminate, all the ones you see today are stickers. I leave them like they are......

Date Posted: 23:06:30 03/21/04 Sun
Author: Renee
Subject: dominoes and Easter egg dye

Just some FYI for those of you who are enjoying playing with's fun to soak them in Easter egg dye for as long as you want until you get the desired color. I bleach my dominoes over night to remove the glossy surface and then dye them. I also dye them in tea and coffee. Have fun! Renee


[> Re: dominoes and Easter egg dye -- Eileen, 10:52:30 03/23/04 Tue [1]

I am just using rubber stamp pads. wipe on wipe off...what are you making with your dominoes????? Got pics???? I put laminated graphics on my dominoes with no trouble. They stick.... I also use car striping tape around the edges..... I would be interested in a domino swap.....

[> Re: dominoes and Easter egg dye -- CrazeeMoi, 23:34:14 03/21/04 Sun [1]

thanks........ are you talking about wooden or plastic ones?

[> Re: dominoes and Easter egg dye -- Renee, 22:35:43 03/27/04 Sat [1] lost me Eileen. What do you mean what am I using for heads? If it's the photo transfer you're talking about it would slide right onto the domino like a photograph. Does that make sense? Although I like the idea of making a full body with the domino. I have seen that done.

I'm still in the dark ages without a digital camera. Sorry no pics. I have seen cats done with a laminated cat head a pipe cleaner tail. Very cute and made into pins.

What do I do with them. Magnets, pins, key chains, mosaics, collage. I've seen them made into earrings....these are the mini dominos. Play with chekits, rummikub tiles...Necklaces are very fun and easy to make.
Dominos are very easy to drill through.

Sorry, I don't get to the board on a regular basis. I'm a very busy mom ...sometimes I feel lucky to get on the computer at all!!! If you do a search for domino art you will be amazed how much you find. There is a domino art group at yahoo. The sharpie queen in on there and she does amazing things with Sharpies when she colors her images.

Anyway, hope this made sense. I'll try to check back tomorrow. Renee

[> Re: dominoes and Easter egg dye -- Eileen, 22:50:43 03/27/04 Sat [1]

I must be losing it....I was sure you were making a domino person....arms and legs and a head..... I have the arms, legs figured out , its the head that is stumping me. I did a google search on domino pins and there are a lot.

I have been using ink and laminated graphics on mine. Am sure they are not as neat as yours.... You have directions for a photo transfer? Can you share ???

[> Re: dominoes and Easter egg dye -- Renee, 23:07:32 03/28/04 Sun [1]

OH Eileen! I may have said I wanted to try the domino person and just don't remember! I still have hopes to. If you go to there is a victorian domino person. You can just use the clipart like you use for your beautiful yoyo pins. The arms and legs can be wired into the domino. Just remember you are only limited to your imagination!!!

All your work that you show on this board is neat and well done. You have a very nice style. I will get you the directions to the photo transfer. Be patient with me!

[> Re: dominoes and Easter egg dye -- Connie H, 10:36:17 03/22/04 Mon [1]

Hey thanks Renee, I would have never thought of using Easter egg dyes or tea for dominos. Have you ever tried putting rub on decals on dominos. Just wondering if you have to prepare the surface first? Thanks. Connie H

[> [> Re: dominoes and Easter egg dye -- rmha, 08:22:30 03/23/04 Tue [1]

I have used the rub-on decals and they work great! Can't see the edges at all Ü

[> Re: dominoes and Easter egg dye -- Renee, 23:10:11 03/22/04 Mon [1]

No, I've never done the rub on decals. I use acrylic paints, ink, rubber stamps, chalk, etc....anything I think I can use! I just fill a quart size jar with dominoes and pour bleach into it to cover them. I wouldn't think you'd need to prep them before using rub on decals. I have seen tissue paper transfers which are really nice. I would like to try that using a photograph of one of my kids or a vintage photo....So many things to little time.

[> Re: dominoes and Easter egg dye -- Eileen, 15:25:04 03/27/04 Sat [1]

Renee, What are you using for heads????? Eileen

Date Posted: 17:55:20 04/14/04 Wed
Author: sara
Subject: " Domino effect" assistance please

I saw the pins made from dominos last week but can't find it at the moment. I would really like to try these but need some instructions again.
thanks for the help


[> Re: " Domino effect" assistance please -- Karen, 20:16:39 04/14/04 Wed [1]

If you go to Go to jewellery section and you will find directions to do the domino pin there.

[> Re: " Domino effect" assistance please -- Kitty, 20:34:04 04/14/04 Wed [1]

Go to , scroll down to new shows then jewerly making. When it list the shows go down to view all episodes, then fun and games.

Date Posted: 17:34:41 04/25/04 Sun
Author: Eileen
Subject: Dominoes...think I have lost my mind....

Ever have a project that you knew would be awesome if you could only iron out one tiny detail???? I made up the "doll" over a month ago and knew it just needed the right head.

I have agonized over every hugware graphic with a head, jersygirl, snickerdoodles, janes, cute colors and printed them out and hated them all.....

These are the least offensive. Now I can pick up my mess and go on with life.....Jeesch....... Feel free to laugh, I am.......

Oh ,I thought of a wooden head but have no more energy to even attempt it.....Heading off to get a big piece of chocolate and calm my nerves.....

Use herronme and 001010 if asked to log in..... Eileen ... 4287054679


[> Re: Donimoes...think I have lost my mind.... -- jhm, 23:03:12 04/25/04 Sun [1]

how did you get the head to stay on? these are sooo cute. thanks for sharing with us all.

[> Re: Donimoes...think I have lost my mind.... -- Eileen, 23:25:03 04/25/04 Sun [1]

JHM, Okay here is the deal. I will share the directions BUT only if you gals promise to post pics of yours. Deal?????

These are thinner dominoes. Got them at Target....Tan tin
$3.99 for 28 and they have a larger size too. Size is
2 X 1 /16 X 1/4"

Heads are done the exact same way I do all my pins and magnets. Laminate a graphic onto a placemat (KMart, 99cents , vynal placemat, tan and white plaid) After I put the graphic on the placemat and cut it out I traced around it and cut another one out of a piece of placemat to make it a tad thicker. Used E6000 to glue the 2 pieces together and put wax paper on them and a few heavy books and let them sit overnight. I hot glued the head to the top of the domino.

You need 4 brass "eye hooks" for each one (2 for arms, 2 for legs) I bought the smallest size they had at the hardware store. They were 5cents each.

Drill holes for the arms and legs with a 1/16" drill bit. Hubby did them in the drill press and clamped the domino down.

I used gold wire wrapped arounda skewer for the arms

I used a head pin and 2 beads for the legs.

And thats it.....I will not sell them. Just wanted to actually finish some so I could say I did it......I have never had a project give me so much usually able to figure out something pretty quickly. Must have 10 hours alone looking for and cutting out graphics that did not go at all with the domino, wasted ink, and frustration.....I am not a quitter....LOL


Date Posted: 22:37:31 11/18/04 Thu
Author: Elizabeth
Subject: ? about putting pictures and verse on tiles

I am trying to make some magnets from small tiles and have some questions. Seems like I read to use the clear printable window cling type medium, which I thought I had, but can't find. Could I print on regular paper and glue the picture on the tile, then cover with clear nail polish type sealer? Could I use wide clear tape and tape the graphic to the tile?
Thanks for your time


Re: ? about putting pictures and verse on tiles -- CrazyMe-Ma, 23:30:05 11/19/04 Fri [1]


Waterslip decals are easy to use & the ones from The CraftyPC are nice. I have tried several different brands & none of them match up to the ones from The CraftyPC.

Email me with your questions & I can fill you in on how to use them. I have used them on tons of projects.


[> Re: ? about putting pictures and verse on tiles -- Connie H, 23:31:44 11/19/04 Fri [1]

Elizabeth, I just print my graphics on a full sheet of labels ---stick em to the tiles and spray a few coats of clear paint that I get a Wally world. I have heard that others use Triple Thick also. Good Luck!
connie H

? about putting pictures and verse on tiles -- jenjoy, 00:01:32 11/19/04 Fri [1]

why not use mod podge?

Re: ? about putting pictures and verse on tiles -- Elizabeth, 21:49:07 11/19/04 Fri [1]

I found the site that had the tile magnet,


directions say to use waterslip decals. Hate to sound dumb, but I have never heard of these, if you know what waterslip decals are, can you fill me in? Thanks

Flower magnets

Date Posted: 17:36:01 04/04/04 Sun
Author: dell
Subject: magnetic flower face magnets??

Does anybody have a pattern for them. They were on the summer swap.. They were so cute. See I like to make the women at my work and my friens gifts .So, I can make stuff like that because I usually have to make about 20 items, it's according what it is.. They like magnets, pins and the candy and poem stuff.


[> Re: magenetic flowerface magnets?? -- Tina, 16:31:25 04/05/04 Mon [1]

They were made with the flower loom that they sell at Joanns and Walmart (cost about $3.00) Just follow the instructions and wrap yarn all the away around the smaller pokes 3 times. Finish off the way the instructions tell you how. Glue on eyes and pearl nose and magnet. I also used to make the larger flower face. Just make the larger flower with the large and small circles together like the instructions say. Finish off with eyes nose and magnet. I put the large ones in a set of 4. Also dazzle yarn works the best for these flowers.
Regular yarn kinks too much.

[> Re: magenetic flowerface magnets?? -- Dell, 18:53:07 04/05/04 Mon [1]

Thank you!Are you sure I can do it?I hope so because they are so pretty.My friends would love them..Is there a poem to go with them?

[> Re: magenetic flowerface magnets?? -- Ann, 20:31:16 04/06/04 Tue [1]

where is the pic?

[> Re: magenetic flowerface magnets?? -- crafterwannabe, 00:02:20 04/07/04 Wed [1]

Ann - Pictures of Tina's magnets are with the summer swap pics. To find various Craft Sayings links, go to the bottom of the page on the main site. On the right, you'll see a box called "Links". If you click there, you'll find all the many places Shirley makes available for us. Here's the swap page url: ... ndex.shtml

Poem: Fly swatter magnet

Date Posted: 11:38:43 08/09/04 Mon
Author: Dell
Subject: need poem for a fly swatter magnet

Just a short and sweet one.Thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!


[> Re: need poem for a fly swatter magnet -- kelliwv, 11:45:50 08/09/04 Mon [1]

I am here to rid you of
Those teeny, tiny flies!
They may not be too scared of me
'Cause I am just their size,
But when they land nearby to see
If I am what they thought,
You can use the real thing
To give them a big SWAT!
©2004 Kelli Williams

[> Re: need poem for a fly swatter magnet -- jenjoy, 12:18:00 08/09/04 Mon [1]

lol! That's so cute kelli!!!! Hi Dell, here's my attempt...

I may be kinda small
So please don't scoff
I'm here to warn the flies
© 2004 Jennifer Byerly

[> Re: need poem for a fly swatter magnet -- Jean, 19:38:06 08/09/04 Mon [1]

Try this!
For the little things in life that bug you.

[> Re: need poem for a fly swatter magnet -- Dell, 19:40:09 08/09/04 Mon [1]

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[> [> Re: need poem for a fly swatter magnet -- Raggedy Pants, 21:27:55 08/09/04 Mon [1]

If Noah had been wise,
He would have swatted those 2 flies

[> Re: need poem for a fly swatter magnet -- ShirleyT, 22:23:57 08/10/04 Tue [1]

Love the poems and the little sayings! lol Fay sent a picture of hers a while back and I made the page below.

Those tiny pesky little flies
require a tiny little swatter,
so that when you swat them
there's not too big a splatter!
by ... y_swatter/

Link picture poem for Marble magnets

Date Posted: 13:39:05 02/28/04 Sat
Author: joanne(UK)
Subject: marble magnets

i was going to put a picture of these and the instructions onto the instruction board but i was having an ultra dense moment and couldn't work out how to do it. so, i made some of the marble magnets which were posted on the msn board, under hilights and also the mom/dad section. my picture of them is in my msn album here:- ... snw?Page=1
and the instructions are here :-

they were so easy to do, I thought I must be doing it wrong, lol.


[> Re: marble magnets -- jhm, 20:34:17 02/29/04 Sun [1]

can't get the instructions to come up. it says there is a fatal error. anybody having that problem. the pic came up fine. any help will be appreciated.

[> Re: marble magnets -- joanne(UK), 04:32:43 03/01/04 Mon [1]

i got that too last night when i went to print out the instructions but it worked just now, if you still can't get there here are some more ... gnets.html

Date Posted: 11:30:07 07/10/04 Sat
Author: friend
Subject: Make glass marble magnets/ Picture too!

This link tells you how to make this quick & easy craft:

Glue to Use When Making Flat Marble Magnets

Date Posted: 08:55:17 06/07/05 Tue
Author: Julie
Subject: making magnets from flat floral rocks

Can someone tell me what glue is used to glue picture or sayings to the back of the clear flat floral rocks to make magnets. I need a good one so that magnets dont pull the paper off the glass.

[> Re: making magnets from flat floral rocks -- Lori, 08:57:06 06/07/05 Tue [1]

I used E6000. So far so good.

[> Re: making magnets from flat floral rocks -- Brandy, 09:38:44 06/07/05 Tue [1]

I have made a few of these. I too used E6000 and I had no problem. Hugs, Brandy

Ideas, Poem: Alphabet letters magnet

Date Posted: 06:06:52 07/29/04 Thu
Author: Fay in Australia
Subject: Use for cute coloured alphabet letters please?

It is possible to buy here now, cute wooden letters, each in the shape of a letter of the alphabet. Each is brightly painted & has the head of a teddy bear.
I am thinking that although these would make a cute magnet as they are, they may be saleable with some sort of poem. It would be great to do each with a name poem, but with so many different popular names, I could do lots & still not have the right one for a customer. I would be grateful for any suggestions please, Thank you. Fay


[> Re: Use for cute coloured alphabet letters please? -- jazbo, 10:15:51 07/29/04 Thu [1]

The letters sound so cute, Fay. How about using your poem idea, but just use one of the letters as the beginning letter of each name?

Wasn't there a l-o-n-g thread on poems for children's names? maybe you could use some of those.

Sounds like a fun project. Best of luck.

[> Re: Use for cute coloured alphabet letters please? -- Caboobie, 10:20:36 07/29/04 Thu [1]

Like Jazbo said, how about using some of the name poems. You could print out the more popular names on card and leave a space for the letter, then when they ask for a certain one, attach the letter with a bit of double sided tape or a sticky pad. That way you won't have to make up any you don't need.

Re: Use for cute coloured alphabet letters please? -- Fay in Australia, 17:47:30 07/29/04 Thu [1]

Thank you for your replies jazbo & caboobie.Yes I think it would be good to use one letter, perhaps attached in such a way that it could be a removable magnet.
Sorry it is a bit early in the morning here. Did you mean to print out a name poem eg. Andrew & wait & see is someone wanted it & then add the A wooden letter?
Or is there a way that I can make a multi purpose poem please?

[> Re: Use for cute coloured alphabet letters please? -- Caboobie, 19:24:33 07/29/04 Thu [1]

Yes that was my thought. but it's 00.26 here so I'm a little tired now, I'll try to think up a general poem using the letters tomorrow, unless one of the others beat me to it. lol.

[> Re: Use for cute coloured alphabet letters please? -- Fay in Australia, 05:40:00 07/30/04 Fri [1]

Thank you for the above. I will be grateful for any further suggestions.
The letters are cute, but for some reason every letter is there except a D.

"So your name starts with A
that really is a good thing
Adorable, Amazing, Astounding
such Aspiration you bring.
Let this little letter
remind you every day
that you are Awesome
and an Asset in every way."

[> Re: Use for cute coloured alphabet letters please? -- Caboobie, 19:29:41 07/30/04 Fri [1]

I like that Fay, now you are going to get us started on the alphabet lol

[> Re: Use for cute coloured alphabet letters please? -- jacksmum, 19:45:20 07/30/04 Fri [1]

LOL That was the idea. I did A - C for Fay using the dictionary.

[> Re: Use for cute coloured alphabet letters please? -- Caboobie, 21:12:01 07/30/04 Fri [1]

So your name starts with a D
Well that's not so bad
There's lots of nice things
That are nice and not sad
Like delightful and daring
Darling and demure
Yes 'D' is so special
Both prudent and pure
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

E stands for exciting
Ever charming and elite
Especially precious
Ever loving and neat
So if you should find
That you have this to bear
Remember it's special
As you'll always be there
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

[> Re: Use for cute coloured alphabet letters please? -- jacksmum, 02:21:01 07/31/04 Sat [1]

So your name starts with G
that really is a good thing
Great, Gracious, Generous
such Gladness you bring.
Let this little letter
remind you every day
that you are Glorious
and so Good in every way.
© 2004 Sue Pitchork

I love this Poem by Yvonne:

F stands for fortunes
That will surely come your way
A special wish granted
Or some plans that you lay
Remember to thank
The good Lord up above
If He provides all the things
That you have dreamed of
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

Could use it for every letter by changing the 1st line.
G stands for Goodness
H stands for Happiness
I stands for Inspiration
J stands for Joy
K stands for Kindness
L stands for Love
M stands for Merriment
N stands for Niceness
O stands for O
P stands for Plenty
Q stands for Q
R stands for Riches
S stands for Sunshine
T stands for Terrific
U stands for Unbeatable
V stands for Victories
W stands for Winnings
X stands for X-trodinary
Y stands for
Z stands for

[> Re: Use for cute coloured alphabet letters please? -- Caboobie, 04:18:10 07/31/04 Sat [1]

Thank you Sue,

Now all we need is O, Q, Y and Z, but nothing comes to mind.....yet.

[> Re: Use for cute coloured alphabet letters please? -- msjunejoy, 14:38:06 07/31/04 Sat [1]

Yvonne, and Faye, Here are the missing letters. If this is OK with Yvonne, as they would be replacing the first two lines in her poem. If you want to use them Yvonne, they are yours.
O means you're an Optimist
Favorable things will come your way

Q means you are a Quick Thinker
Great things will come your way

Y is for a special Yearning
Fortunes will surely come your way

Z is for the Zillion
Wishes that will come your way

[> Re: Use for cute coloured alphabet letters please? -- Caboobie, 18:03:01 07/31/04 Sat [1]

Hey ladies, go for it, I'm just happy to help

[> Re: Use for cute coloured alphabet letters please? -- Fay in Australia, 17:46:36 07/31/04 Sat [1]

Thank you ladies.
It seems there is no challenge too great for the "family" on this forum.
I am very grateful for the help I get every time I need it

Birdhouse magnet

Date Posted: 10:42:39 05/13/04 Thu
Author: Dell
Subject: poem needed for a birdhouse magnet

Just a little short poem for a birdhouse magnet.Thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[> Re: poem needed for a birdhouse magnet -- louc, 11:25:01 05/13/04 Thu [1]

I love my little hi-level home
It is so cute and neat
Please come for a visit
You don't even have to wipe your feet!
© Lou

[> Re: poem needed for a birdhouse magnet -- Dell, 12:41:43 05/13/04 Thu [1]

Thank you so much. It's very sweet!!

Poems, l Teapot magnets

Date Posted: 19:51:37 05/13/04 Thu
Author: valerie_nyr4
Subject: Teapot magnet poem request...*SMILE*

Hello everyone,
I have plaster of paris teapots/magnets...I have this poem

When the world is all at odds,
And the mind is all at sea
Then cease the useless tedium
And brew a cup of tea
There is magic in its’ fragrance,
There is solace in its’ taste,
And the laden moments vanish
Somehow into space.
And the world becomes a lovely thing!
There’s beauty as you’ll see;
All because you briefly stopped
To brew a cup of tea.
author unknown

and I have all the short thank you poems for the teabags/friendship
Would love to have something different for the teapots..
sort of a friendship..thank you...brewing a pot of tea...warmth and kindness of your friendship...for all the things you've done...friends come and go...thank you for being my friend...sometimes we are far apart but together in our hearts..hope this is enough to get creative juices about a 6-8 line poem?...plesseeeeeeeee...*SMILE*
have a happy


[> Re: Teapot magnet poem request...*SMILE* -- jenjoy, 01:21:23 05/14/04 Fri [1]

Oh well for goodness sakes...I can't seem to get anything out that is over 4 lines for a here are a bunch of 4 lined poems...I don't know if you can use these or not but it is all my brain would allow to come out tonight....sorry.

Whether near or far apart
Your friendship brews within my heart
Soothing angst deep in my soul
It fills my cup to overflow!
© 2004 Jennifer Byerly

Each time I brew a cup of tea
I always think of you
Because your special friendship always
Warms me through and through
© 2004 Jennifer Byerly

There's nothing like the goodness
Inside a pot of tea
Except the way you've always been
A special friend to me
© 2004 Jennifer Byerly

Nothing warms me better
Then some good old fashioned tea
Accept the way you've always been
A special friend to me!
© 2004 Jennifer Byerly

[> Re: Teapot magnet poem request...*SMILE* -- jacksmum, 04:58:29 05/14/04 Fri [1]

There’s a place in my heart
that’s safe and comforting,
I keep it for special things
and friends that dwell within.
And like a little teapot
the friendship brews and warms
pouring out to overflow
and quieten inner storms.
©~Sue Pitchfork~

Your friendship reminds me
Of tea brewing in a pot
Full of warmth and comfort
The best mate that I’ve got.
©~Sue Pitchfork~

Some friends come and go
but others they stay strong,
together through hot water
when times seem bad and wrong.
And this little magnet
reminds me friend of you,
and all the times you stand by me
No matter what I do.
©~Sue Pitchfork~

[> Re: Teapot magnet poem request...*SMILE* -- valerie_nyr4, 07:51:21 05/14/04 Fri [1]

Wow you guys are great!...I just got up...7:48 am Friday...slept through the alarm... I will use all of the them...I also put teabags in a craft bag with poems...also sewed "teabag pouches" with wired ribbon...(blue-checked with daisies) These make great friendship gifts and fit nicely in a card... Thanks soooo much for your creativity... getting up a 3:50am tomorrow it will be early to bed tonight...

[> Re: Teapot magnet poem request...*SMILE* -- DeniseM, 23:57:27 05/14/04 Fri [1]

I got this in an e-mail a while back. It is not my writing and I don't have an author for it. It may be a bit too long, but just too beautiful not to share.


I've never made a fortune
and it's probably too late now.
But I don't worry about that much,
I'm happy anyhow.

And as I go along life's way,
I'm reaping better than I sowed.
I'm drinking from my saucer,
'Cause my cup has overflowed.

Haven't got a lot of riches,
and sometimes the going's tough.
But I've got loving ones around me,
and that makes me rich enough.

I thank God for his blessings,
and the mercies He's bestowed.
I'm drinking from my saucer,
'cause my cup has overflowed.

O, Remember times when things went wrong,
My faith wore somewhat thin.
But all at once the dark clouds broke,
and sun peeped through again.

So Lord, help me not to gripe
about the tough rows that I've hoed.
I'm drinking from my saucer,
'Cause my cup has overflowed.

If God gives me strength and courage,
When the way grows steep and rough.
I'll not ask for other blessings,
I'm already blessed enough.

And may I never be too busy,
to help others bear their loads.
Then I'll keep drinking from my saucer,
'Cause my cup has overflowed
~author unknown~

Poem: Butterfly and dragonfly magnets

Date Posted: 01:38:34 06/14/03 Sat
Author: Emily
Subject: Need a poem for dragonfly & butterfly magnets

Need a poem for a dragonfly and butterfly magnets that I made... doesn't need to be about a magnets but something about dragonflies and/or butterflies... You guys are awesome!

[> Re: Need a poem for dragonfly & butterfly magnets -- jacksmum, 01:58:46 06/15/03 Sun [1]

How wonderful it would be
to fly wild and free,
to live in the wilderness
so happy and carefree.
If I could stretch my wings
If could take up flight,
I’d travel far in daydreams
And sleep well every night.
© Sue Pitchfork 2003~

[> Re: Need a poem for dragonfly & butterfly magnets -- gingersnap, 08:29:46 06/14/03 Sat [1]

A butterfly will
flit and fly,
And, look so
beautiful in the
This butterfly
will sit in place,
And, put a smile
upon your face...
~ Author unknown~

Have you seen a
dragonfly fly?
He will look you
in the eye..
Then take off with
such haste....
As he has, no time
to waste...
~author unknown~

Ideas: Postcard magnet

Date Posted: 12:31:43 07/15/03 Tue
Author: Karen (a lurker who just found this site)
Subject: Need help making magnets

Hello ladies. I just found this site and I wanted to tell you all how much I have enjoyed looking around. I have a question that someone might be able to help me with. My family just returned from a vacation to South Dakota. I told my co-worker that I would bring her home a magnet from there (she collects magnets). But of course I forgot to get one. I did however buy tons of post cards. Is there anyway that I can turn a post card into a magnet and still have it look nice? Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give me. Karen


[> Re: Need help making magnets -- elly, 12:58:31 07/15/03 Tue [1]

I found some clear magnet picture frames at my dollar store.
I can put any picture in it and it is removable so it can be changed when ever I want.Just an idea for you. lol

[> Re: Need help making magnets -- ruthie, 15:28:48 07/15/03 Tue [1]

If you have a Michael's store, they have a sheet of magnet for 9.99. They usually have a 40% off coupon every week in the newspaper so it is really a bargain. My daughter makes magnets and loves doing it. They have two types of magnet sheets. You have to get the once that has a sticky paper that you can peel off. Works best. read the box well. The other one comes in a box but you hasve to glue stuff to it, messy.

[> Re: Need help making magnets -- fauxma, 16:04:16 07/15/03 Tue [1]

if the piece is small enough you can "faux" (HOHO) laminate them with clear packing tape ( a tip from our buddy lilpeach who is currently awol on the beaches of Crete).....

there's heat n bond

lottsa possibilities .... go for it... clear stuff in Canada is MacTac(tm)..... just the sticky back stuff......

have fun...... sure to be a big hit...... keep us posted..... AND A BIG WELCOME....... glad you found Shirley's site..... hang on tight.... it's fast movin

[> Re: Need help making magnets -- ShirleyT, 22:01:51 07/15/03 Tue [1]

Hi Karen and Welcome, You'll find lots of Karens here... seems to be a popular crafter name! lol I know three of them join in our craft swaps regularly.

Those are great ideas for laminating onto sheet magnet. I think you could also cut away some of the background depending on what is in the picture, to give it more character and even trace it some with dimensional paint.

Good Luck,

[> Re: Need help making magnets -- Dorothy, 23:17:07 07/15/03 Tue [1]

Hi Karen!

I too have been lurking, but I have another idea for you so I thought I would share. You could use a large (1" or more) flat glass marble, cut a portion of the postcard to fit, glue it in place with a clear adhesive, then glue on a strong magnet.


[> Re: Need help making magnets -- kritterno1, 23:46:48 07/15/03 Tue [1]

You could also laminate with clear contact paper. I do that a lot sometimes

Poem: Flower Magnet made out of nylon

I once was worn on a pair of legs
And made them look shiny
They went from the toes
All the way up the hiney
When worn out there is no need
To toss them to the floor
Now they have another use
For flowers hung on the fridge door
© lou buffkin

Poem: Heart magnet
Date Posted: 11:19:37 06/28/04 Mon
Author: Dell
Subject: poem needed for heart magnet

Need a short poem for a heart magnet. I'm making them country looking,not for Valentine. Not these ones. I will probably be adjusting them for then. It's a pretty easy cut out in plastic canvas. I'm going to do something to the front, maybe ribbons and flowers. I got a couple of ideas going around in my old age brain. It's going to hit over 90 again today. It's been so hot here.


[> Re: poem needed for heart magnet -- linne, 17:58:33 06/28/04 Mon [1]

We need a little more info as to--what the heart is for or the sentiment it is that you want to convey.

[> Re: poem needed for heart magnet -- Dell, 18:19:00 06/28/04 Mon [1]

Just a short one .Nothing fancy or about love. Just a country magnet to put on you fridge.

[> Re: poem needed for heart magnet -- lou, 23:41:23 06/28/04 Mon [1]

Heart Magnet

Any season of the year
Hearts are always in style
When they're decorated pretty
They easily bring a smile
© lou buffkin

[> Re: poem needed for heart magnet -- jenjoy, 01:50:45 06/29/04 Tue [1]

good job lou!'s a few more for a variety...

A magnet to remind you
To eat a healthy snack
An apple over ice cream
May avoid a heart attack
© Jennifer Byerly

A magnet to remind you
To eat a healthy snack
Remember to eat heart smart
So put that ice cream back!
© Jennifer Byerly

[> Re: poem needed for heart magnet -- Dell, 09:01:10 06/29/04 Tue [1]

Thanks ladies.I know I'll be using these. have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!

Leaf magnet poem

Date Posted: 11:18:47 07/21/04 Wed
Author: Dell
Subject: need leaves magnet poem

Just a short little one. Thanks.JenJoy my son said to tell you thanks a lot for the prayers. Just another hot day in Charleston,S.C.


[> Re: need leaves magnet poem -- jenjoy, 12:32:51 07/21/04 Wed [1]
Please tell your son "you're welcome! and I'm glad he is home safe and sound!" I hope he caught up on his sleep!! lol!!! Here's a couple of poems...

Normally you’ll find me
Hanging on a tree
But since I am a magnet
On a fridge is where I'll be
© Jennifer Byerly

This diet magnet helper
When you take it home
Will serve as a reminder
To “leaf” that food alone!
© Jennifer Byerly

[> Re: need leaves magnet poem -- Dell, 12:49:49 07/21/04 Wed [1]
My son said thanks. I knew you would cheer me up before work. Thanks so much.
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Postby crafterwannabe » Wed Oct 19, 2005 1:56 am

Idea & Poem: Cookie Magnet

Date Posted: 12:27:58 10/12/05 Wed
Author: Harley Ryder aka ShawnA
Subject: Need Poem and craft idea to share

I am looking for a poem to go with this craft I just thought of for our seniors to make, using a cookie cutter on thin cork, we will trace and cut out, and than apply a magnet and I would like to put a small scroll poem with it, and also I am going to look for mini rolling pins etc to attach, and voila my mind just created a craft simple and cost effective, you can also apply rik rak and any other embellishments..

Re: Need Poem and craft idea to share -- Judy R, 02:54:23 10/13/05 Thu [1]

Oriental trading has some cute little rolling pin ornaments. I make the cinamon spice ornament kits, and attach a rolling pin to the bag. They are really cute. Judy R

Re: Need Poem and craft idea to share -- Doreen, 11:08:51 10/13/05 Thu [1]

Hi ShawnA, hope this helps you in your project which I think is a great idea...

Rolling out dough is hard work
But these shapes are easy to make
Lovely cookie magnets to look at
Though they're not good to eat or bake!
Doreen Scerri © 2005

[> Re: Poem needed and craft idea to share -- jenjoy, 23:23:39 10/12/05 Wed [1]

Harley, can you use any of these?

Here’s a special gift for you
I hope you find it handy
For holding notes upon your fridge
Or whatever you find dandy!
© 2005 Jennifer Byerly

When you place this magnet
In it's special place
May it bring a giant smile
To your happy face!
(C) 2005 Jennifer Byerly

This magnet should remind you
You’re thought of every day
I’m always sending kisses
And happy thoughts your way way!
© 2005 Jennifer Byerly

God bless this little magnet
And the home where it resides
May the love of Jesus
Be known by those inside!
© 2004 Jennifer Byerly

God bless this little magnet
And the home where it resides
May it be a happy place
Where love and joy abide!
© 2004 Jennifer Byerly
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Postby crafterwannabe » Fri Mar 24, 2006 12:39 am

Embroidery Thread Dog Magnet

Date Posted: 18:39:14 03/16/06 Thu
Author: shilo
Subject: Something different & tooooooo cute for all dog lovers...

A dog magnet made out of DMC thread. A must see.... ... magnet.htm

[> Re: Something different & tooooooo cute for all dog lovers... -- Susie, 22:24:35 03/16/06 Thu [1]

Cute!!!It looks pretty easy to make kinda craft!

[> Re: Something different & tooooooo cute for all dog lovers... -- Terri, 00:02:17 03/17/06 Fri [1]

I tried going there and was told it is no longer a valid address

[> Re: Something different & tooooooo cute for all dog lovers... -- Retschoolmarm, 00:40:34 03/17/06 Fri [1]

How cute! The Tenth Life doesn't adopt out dogs but I will make some for them to sell to help out the cats. Linda aka Retschoolmarm

[> Re: Something different & tooooooo cute for all dog lovers... -- Jutta, 03:46:06 03/17/06 Fri [1]

Terri, go to and then projects, it will be on the far right column towards the bottom. It's the cute dog magnet, there are a lot of other cute projects there too.

[> Re: Something different & tooooooo cute for all dog lovers... -- Huskerfan, 13:37:38 03/17/06 Fri [1]

I am a dog lover but don't have one right now. Still think I might try and make that. It is so cute.

[> Re: Something different & tooooooo cute for all dog lovers... -- Pamela, 13:59:58 03/17/06 Fri [1]

Cute, will have to turn my sister to it. she works at at vets. and she likes crafts.

[> Re: Something different & tooooooo cute for all dog lovers... -- Calico, 14:15:28 03/17/06 Fri [1]

I sent the craft idea to my SIL who has a dog that looks similar to that. It is a cute idea.

[> Re: Something different & tooooooo cute for all dog lovers... -- Lisa, 14:24:03 03/17/06 Fri [1]

OOOOOOOOOOO! He looks like my little Zach! I have DMC floss. Will have to try this craft. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Lisa

Note: This is also archived on the dog & cat ideas thread.
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Postby crafterwannabe » Tue Apr 11, 2006 6:41 pm

Note Holder Magnets by Julie
(Moving this post from Picture Gallery to Magnet thread. 4/06)

Date Posted: 07:39:05 04/14/05 Thu
Author: Michelle
Subject: craft that was on her the other day

The other day someone had the two picture one was of a butterfly and one had a ladybug. I was trying to tell them how cute and the board would not let me post. I wanted to know about that and what you use them for. They would be cute for the after school kids I watch to make.

[> Re: craft that was on her the other day -- julie, 07:57:05 04/14/05 Thu [1]
It was me !

Foamie/YoYo Angel Note Holder

Foamie/YoYo Butterfly Note Holder ... erfly2.jpg

[> [> Re: craft that was on her the other day -- Michelle, 06:46:26 04/15/05 Fri [1]

This are so cute what are they made out of and used for?

[> Re: craft that was on her the other day -- julie, 07:11:14 04/15/05 Fri [1]

The butterfly is craft foam the wings and halo for the angel is from the butterfly.They are glued on to a wooden spoon.The yoyo is glued on a mini clothes pin. There`s a magnet on the back .They make a cute note holder.The foamies were in a bag called Bug Love at Hobbylobby.I searched 34 pages of ebay yesterday looking for more !!! lol...
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Postby crafterwannabe » Wed Oct 18, 2006 11:49 am

Air Freshener Magnet

Date Posted: 19:20:44 10/07/06 Sat
Author: rosemary
Subject: Air Freshener Magnet

I went to a craft show in Smithville NJ today and I saw a Air Freshener Magnet. It was a 3X5 graphic with a magnet on the back and some how it was made to smell Does anyone know how to make there. The man would only tell me that they a candle company. The name on the package is Sniff-it.

Re: Air Freshener Magnet -- birdhousebonnie, 19:34:59 10/07/06 Sat [1]

Is this what you are describing?

Re: Air Freshener Magnet -- rosemary, 22:26:59 10/07/06 Sat [1]

Yes that is it would anyone know how to make them. Rosemary

Re: Air Freshener Magnet -- jazbo, 06:45:45 10/08/06 Sun [1]

Don't know if this would work or not, but it might be worth a shot. Cut your basic shape from fun foam. Add a graphic, or not. Then add a couple of drops of essential oil on the back, after gluing on the magnet. Would the oil soak through & stain the graphic? Don't know.

Or print off your graphic on heavy paper & try that.

Re: Air Freshener Magnet -- rosemary (Happy), 07:35:12 10/08/06 Sun [1]

I took the one I bought and open the package up. Inside was a cardboard soak with candle oil. So simple it could be made with a seed package template and them put the cardboard in that.
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Postby crafterwannabe » Wed Oct 18, 2006 11:50 am

Magnet for Grandparents

Date Posted: 08:11:30 10/08/06 Sun
Author: shilo
Subject: Make a cute grandparents magnet

This is cute.....
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Postby crafterwannabe » Mon Nov 20, 2006 4:25 pm

Welcome Mini Screen Door Magnet

Date Posted: 08:09:51 11/12/06 Sun
Author: shilo
Subject: Welcom mini screen door magnet ... categoryid
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Postby crafterwannabe » Fri Jun 29, 2007 11:49 pm

Magnetic Bookmarks

Date Posted: 21:14:45 06/16/07 Sat
Author: shilo
Subject: Make some magnetic bookmarkers
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Postby crafterwannabe » Sat Jun 30, 2007 12:25 am

Cookie Cutter Flower Magnet

Date Posted: 09:29:24 06/17/07 Sun
Author: shilo
Subject: Make a cookie cutter flower magnet

Cookie Cutter Flower Magnet

A recipe of Cornstarch Dough
Cornstarch for dusting
Rolling pin
Cookie cutter
Magnets (not strips)
White glue
Acrylic paint, colors of your choice or food coloring
Zipper type plastic bags

Sprinkle cornstarch on waxed paper covered surface. Place the cornstarch dough and roll to approximately 1/8" thickness. Using the cookie cutter dipped in loose cornstarch cut out the shapes of the flower and place them on a rack to air dry at least overnight.

Note: If the humidity is high it may take longer than overnight to dry thoroughly.

If you did not add food coloring as you made the dough paint the flowers now and allow them to dry. Glue a magnet to the back and they are ready to give as a gift or use yourself.

Cornstarch Dough

This dough is similar to the bread dough but easier for children to manage and work with and it dries a bright white making a very good surface for painting. The amounts are not exact so you may need to add more glue or cornstarch to achieve the consistency of a rolled cookie dough.

In the zipper type bag place 2 tablespoons of cornstarch and one tablespoon of a medium thick white craft glue. Zip the bag expressing most of the air and knead through the bag until the cornstarch has all been incorporated and it forms a ball. It is during the kneading portion that you may need to add a little more cornstarch or glue depending on how sticky your dough is. Knead until smooth. May take approximately 5 minutes
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