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Various Bird poems, links, ideas, gifts

Postby Caboobie » Tue Aug 30, 2005 8:02 pm

Birdfeeder Tea Cup

Date Posted: 17:06:04 05/17/04 Mon
Author: CJ
Subject: Teacup birdfeeder...poem needed for red hat society

I'm so excited...I found red hat cups & saucers today! I hope they are as big a hit @ my June craft show as I'm expecting they will be. I'd like to revamp the usual poem for these special feeders. Please help! TIA...CJ


[> Re: Teacup birdfeeder...poem needed for red hat society -- CJ in PA, 19:13:27 05/26/04 Wed [1]

Here is their website...

You'll probably have to contact them from there asking about the cups. Thank you to all who've posted poems. I'm planning on using a variety of them. Hope this is a big hit; I'd hate to be stuck with all these cups & saucers. lol CJ

[> Re: Teacup birdfeeder...poem needed for red hat society -- jenjoy, 17:36:08 05/17/04 Mon [1]

gee...I guess I'm not familiar with the usual poem so I don't know where to start to revamp it. If you can post it I'd be glad to give it a shot...

[> Re: Teacup birdfeeder...poem needed for red hat society -- melinda, 17:50:03 05/17/04 Mon [1]

CJ, where did you find red hat cups and saucers? What a great idea for bird feeders. I am always looking for someting new for the ladies. Someone is already making tennis shoes, salt and pepper shakers, purses, Christmas ornaments. No one making recipe cards and not bird feeders.

[> Re: Teacup birdfeeder...poem needed for red hat society -- crafterwannabe, 18:45:52 05/17/04 Mon [1]

Jennifer, I'm sure CJ will see this and tell you what poem she's using. Meanwhile, you might want to check this projects page: ... ndex.shtml

[> Re: Teacup birdfeeder...poem needed for red hat society -- jenjoy, 23:33:26 05/17/04 Mon [1]

Thanks crafterwannabe I just now saw the cute poem by Shirley!!! I had already written this one before I saw the post...perhaps this might work for CJ's idea....

If we were birds not humans
We’d be a flock of fun
Feathers in our red hats
Impressing everyone!

We’d wear our purple boas
While chirping in the trees
Stockings on our long legs
As skinny as can be

We’d take turns eating bird seed
From a special cup
While our lacy garters
Held our stockings up

Red Hat Society members
A fine feathered flock of friends
We sure know how to live it up
The fun just never ends!
©Jennifer Byerly

[> Re: Teacup birdfeeder...poem needed for red hat society -- CJ, 06:46:39 05/18/04 Tue [1]

Jenjoy...thought I had the poem handy, but I was wrong. When I get home from work tonight, I'll post it for you.

Melinda...I found the cups @ a local craft store - Pat Catan's. They are in Ohio & PA. Only $2.00! I bought 3. Should I have bought more? lol

[> Re: Teacup birdfeeder...poem needed for red hat society -- CJ, 18:25:25 05/18/04 Tue [1] is the poem I've used in the past & was thinking about tweeking.

Your feathered friends could use a rest.
A dainty teacup would be the best.
A cup of water,
A plate of seed,
A tiny perch is all they need.
A pretty spot surrounded with flowers,
and you'll be entertained for hours and hours.
Author Unknown

[> Re: Teacup birdfeeder...poem needed for red hat society -- melinda, 19:48:08 05/18/04 Tue [1]

CJ, I would. Here in Florida the Red Hat ladies love anything red and purple. But they are looking for something different. Apparently the tennis shoes, Christmas ornaments, etc. are everywhere. No one around my area has made recipe cards or note cards and I have yet to see the cup/saucer bird feeders. Can you or did you post a picture of the cups/saucers? I personally think they will do very well. If it were me, I would buy more. And you could go to Wal-Mart and get a purple boa and put on it somewhere. I love the idea.

[> Re: Teacup birdfeeder...poem needed for red hat society -- jenjoy, 00:30:51 05/19/04 Wed [1]

CJ...jeepers (peepers) I'm not exactly sure what you're looking for. If you'd like to use the same poem but tweak it to you want it to fit like it is addressing Red Hat Society members? Or like the birds are the members? Or...? Give me a direction and I'd be glad to give it another try. If you want the same basic poem then I think you could just change a little something like:

Some feathered friends like to stand out from the rest
So a Red Hat Society Tea-Cup would be the best
If they find they'd like to feed
Upon a plate of delicious seed
And a bit of water to freshen up
Served inside a fancy cup!
(reworded by: Jennifer Byerly)

(if you do use the 2nd poem...please be sure to give the original author credit - I do not know who it is...)

I am sure that some of the other poets could come up with something if this doesn't work or I can't. But, I like the idea of my first poem (posted above) with the teacup because I envision a more humorous approach...but that's just me...I'm always looking for a good laugh...hehehehehahahahahahgafaaaaaaaaaaa.

[> Re: Teacup birdfeeder...poem needed for red hat society -- jenjoy, 00:38:07 05/19/04 Wed [1]

a tiny little revamp on poem #1...just for my fun satisfaction...I changed the line that said "stockings on our long legs" to "stockings on our BIRD legs...." hehe...I like the image that puts in my mind better.

If we were birds not humans
We’d be a flock of fun
Feathers in our red hats
Impressing everyone!

We’d wear our purple boas
While chirping in the trees
Stockings on our bird legs
As skinny as can be

We’d take turns eating bird seed
From a special cup
While our lacy garters
Held our stockings up

Red Hat Society members
A fine feathered flock of friends
We sure know how to live it up
The fun just never ends!
©Jennifer Byerly

[> Re: Teacup birdfeeder...poem needed for red hat society -- CJ in PA, 20:03:01 05/22/04 Sat [1]

I love all of the poems, especially mentioning the bird legs. I think the shorter the better because I don't want to make the card too large. It'll take away from the tea cup (I think). The idea about using a purple boa is great,.except how can we make it waterproof for when it rains? Gotta think about that one.

Here is the website for Pat Catans..

You'll have to contact them & ask about the cups/saucers. Unfortunately, I didn't find a picture of them. CJ
Date Posted: 10:23:48 03/28/13 Thu
Author: Sassie
Subject: Tea Cup Bird Feeder Poem Request

I'm making some teacup bird feeders and will be using the poem found in the archives. However, I'm making one for my sister using a cup and saucer we found in my mother's home after she passed away. There's not much I can tell you about the set (I personally think it's ugly but not my sister). Can someone come up with a sentimental poem ?

[> Re: Tea Cup Bird Feeder Poem Request -- SueZQ, 10:55:52 03/28/13 Thu [1]

Can you use this?

Hungry birds coming to feed.
Seeking the nourishment that they need.
Mom's cup and saucer makes a feeder grand.
Like serving the birds out of her hand.
©SueZQ 2013

[> Re: Tea Cup Bird Feeder Poem Request -- Sassie, 11:41:40 03/28/13 Thu [1]

Oh that's cute SueZQ ! thank you very much.

[> Re: Tea Cup Bird Feeder Poem Request -- SueZQ, 17:56:44 03/28/13 Thu [1]

You're welcome. Happy Easter.

[> Re: Tea Cup Bird Feeder Poem Request -- kakeladee, 17:15:17 04/04/13 Thu [1]

I have seen the tea cup feeders on top of I think pvc and poked in the ground . Is that what you make?
SueZQ that is a very nice poem.

[> [> Re: Tea Cup Bird Feeder Poem Request -- SueZQ, 22:56:28 04/04/13 Thu [1]

Thank you for the compliment.

[> Re: Tea Cup Bird Feeder Poem Request -- Caboobie, 10:09:27 04/05/13 Fri [1]

It's just an ugly cup and saucer
I remember saying to my sis
Do we keep it or get rid of it
What are we going to do with this
Then a thought came to us
We'd recycle it, see what we've done
Now it's a neat birdfeeder
And a reminder of our Mom.
© 2013 Yvonne Lowther

[> Re: Tea Cup Bird Feeder Poem Request -- Shirley Spradlibg, 19:27:09 04/08/13 Mon [1]

Sorry I don't have a poem--but could you tell us a little about HOW you make the bird feeders ??
They sound really cute Thanks

[> Re: Tea Cup Bird Feeder Poem Request -- Caboobie, 06:23:40 04/09/13 Tue [1]

If you type 'Teacup birdfeeder instructions' into your search bar it brings up lots of sites and also has pic by pic instructions on some of them.

Link: Humming bird pictures

Date Posted: 21:55:42 06/10/04 Thu
Author: Diane
Subject: The Hummingbird...

I found this to be very interesting. Hope you do too.

The Hummingbird...
This is really neat, the photos are beautiful...a must see This is truly amazing! Be sure to click on NEXT PAGE at the bottom of each page ... there are five pages in all. Adults and
children will find this very interesting. Enjoy!!! This lady found a hummingbird nest and got pictures all the way from the egg to leaving the nest. Took 24 days from birth to flight. ... gBirdNest/


[> Re: The Hummingbird... -- Sue from Texas, 22:15:32 06/10/04 Thu [1]

Oh, that was so neat. I felt like I was right there.
I make sure I have food out all the time for the
little angels. I love them and they were even
eating yesterday in the pouring down rain. It's
a miracle what they do each year. I love sites like
this. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

I can't seem to hook up to the link in order to see the hummingbirds. Do I just type it in as you have it printed, or do I need to do something different? Thanks in advance!

[> Re: The Hummingbird... -- Stacy, 06:43:05 06/11/04 Fri [1]

That was awsome to see.... thanks for sharing that with us....

[> Re: The Hummingbird... -- Diane, 07:23:32 06/11/04 Fri [1]

Just do a copy and paste of the site address. I just did it to see if it worked, went right through. It was a link that I could just click in the e-mail that I received. Don't know how to do that here. Sorry. Diane

[> Re: The Hummingbird... -- Mother Hen - Dorothy, 08:14:55 06/11/04 Fri [1]

Thank You,
I love Humming Birds. In fact one is feeding at my feeder just now.

[> Re: The Hummingbird... -- Lori Jean, 08:49:26 06/11/04 Fri [1]

Thanks for posting was just adorable!

Lori Jean :^)

[> Re: The Hummingbird... -- Melody, 10:48:18 06/11/04 Fri [1]

Thanks for the help, doing it that way it went through fine! The pictures were wonderful, I have always wondered about their little nests. Thanks again!!!!!

Birds and Birdhouse

Date Posted: 21:04:42 03/17/04 Wed
Author: Sue
Subject: Question? Birds and Birdhouses

This is kind of funny question, but I'll ask it anyway. I found some old wood birdhouses at a barn sale. Before I paint and decorate them, I need to know, Will birds still use them. I have alot of wrens and other birds so I want them to use them. Thanks from the birds and me. Does anyone have birds in their decorated bird houses?


[> Re: Question? Birds and Birdhouses -- Lisa, 08:13:02 03/18/04 Thu [1]

Sue, I have a lot of painted bird houses and they all get full of birds. Different birds like their houses built differently, but they'll end up having some kind of birds in them. Good luck on all that painting! Lisa

[> Re: Question? Birds and Birdhouses -- Celina, 11:24:43 03/18/04 Thu [1]

I agree with Lisa. I have some painted ones and the birds still go into them. Some people say they don't like painted houses, but I've never had a problem, and depending on the size of the hole entrance will determine what bird will occupy the house. If your curious here's a site that specifies which size hole for which bird!

Have fun.

[> Re: Question? Birds and Birdhouses -- flo, 11:40:32 03/18/04 Thu [1]

I also like to build and paint birdhouses. As a decorative painter sometimes I like to go wild with some fun bright designs but those pieces are usually for indoor decor only.

When painting birdhouses for actual use outdoors it is best to stay with muted colors that blend with the environment around them.

Feel free to use colors but keep them soft and subtle. People like bright colors in their yards but for a bird it can attract predators. Sometimes it's best to leave the wood as it is depending on the kind of bird you want to attract.

The other things that will determine what kind of bird you attract is the size of the opening to the house itself, the style of house, and of course your yard environment. So if you want to attract specific birds to your yard these are things to keep in mind. There are different size openings to attract different birds and some birds prefer a certain type of dwelling. i.e. Smaller birds will not move into a house with an opening that's too large for them because it would allow larger predators to get in. And some birds like a shallow house where others like them deep with the nesting area sitting a distance down from the entry. And some birds just won’t dwell in the same territory as some other birds.
The following pages will give you all of the info you need on what kinds of houses/nesting boxes attract certain birds, the size openings needed for those dwellings, the food to use to attract certain birds to your yard, and lots more. And the site has plenty of other great birding links that I think you'll find helpful.

Here's 2 poems:

This sweet little teacup
Holds quite a lot of seed
It will feed all your feathered friends
That I can guarantee
© katieangelamber

A cute Teacup Birdfeeder
Of birdseed it holds quite a bit
When the birds come to feed
They even have a place to sit
© katieangelamber

The Duck

Date Posted: 14:37:45 07/30/04 Fri
Author: Calico
Subject: POEM; The Duck

The Duck
by Jackson Fisher 9 years old

A duck sits in my basement
For a reason unknown to me,
But typing is getting very hard,
B cause h took this k y.

H sits v ry sil ntly,
H mak s no sound at all,
I scr am "G t out, g t out I say"
H runs into th wall.

I start to f l sorry for him,
That duck who at my k y,
I say, "You com ov r h r ,
And you can liv with m !

So now that duck is my p t,
I k p him just for show,
That duck and I ar sup r fri nds,
And now I call him Jo .


[> Re: POEM; The Duck -- katieangelamber, 14:51:19 07/30/04 Fri [1]

Great poem. So cute. I loved it. katieangelamber

[> Re: POEM; The Duck -- jenjoy, 18:47:18 07/30/04 Fri [1]

AHHHHHHH GEEE WHIZ!!! That was absolutely wonderful!!!! Jackson Fisher, 9 years old, you have a promising future ahead of you!!!! Very impressive!!!

[> Re: POEM; The Duck -- NOHbrat, 20:59:44 07/30/04 Fri [1]

What an adorable poem!!! Very clever!

Dawn Sparks

[> Re: POEM; The Duck -- Caboobie, 21:17:43 07/30/04 Fri [1]

I agree, keep on writing this was good
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Postby Caboobie » Mon Nov 07, 2005 1:05 am

Link to cute penquins

Date Posted: 12:28:49 11/02/05 Wed
Author: DonnaJ
Subject: Two-Cute Penguins

I loved the face on this one
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Postby Caboobie » Sun Feb 26, 2006 3:39 pm

Bird Symbolism

Date Posted: 23:21:39 02/18/06 Sat
Author: jacksmum
Subject: Bird symbolism

We had the different meanings of colored roses and I thought some of you might be interesting in the meaning of certain birds.

Sue :)

Bird Symbolism

Blackbird: Omens and mysticism, color of fear and promise

Bluebird: Happiness and fulfillment, color of north or east

Blue jay: teaches you the ability to develop great talent through the proper use of power and tenacity.

Bobwhite Quail: Brings the ability to be mindful of danger and know when to go to safety and not to hesitate in times of crises

Canary: Healing power of sound, heightened sensitivity

Cardinal: brings colour to your life and reminds you that all you do is important, you are someone who brightens others lives

Catbird: Communication potential, new lessons or opportunities

Chickadee: Sacred number is seven, seeker of truth and knowledge

Crow: Intelligence, watchfulness, magical, past-life connections

Ducks: Teaches us to respect and revel in all that life has to offer from the water to the earth to the sky Maternal, graceful and comforting, protective

Eagle: Capable of reaching zenith, great perception, bridging worlds

Finch: New experiences and encounters, wide range summer solstice

Goldfinch: Increase opportunities to experience a variety of activities- you are awakening to your nature spirit

Golden Eagle: messenger to the great spirit, having the knowledge to create bridges

Goose: Story telling, fertility and fidelity, symbol of eight and infinity

Great Horned Owl: Brings the power to see into the darkness, including things that are trying to be hidden

Grosbeak: Heals old wounds, family values, past loves significance

Hawk (Red-tailed): carries message from the creator, you should listen to what it is saying

Hawks: Primal life force, fulfillment, spring and fall equinoxes

Kestrel Falcon: The ability to be quick minded, graceful and agile

Kingfisher: Halcyon days, peace and prosperity, linked to north, blue

Loon: Realizing dreams, haunting and eerie song, imagination

Love Bird: By sharing love, you can bring brightness and colour into others lives

Magpie: Occult knowledge, doorway to new realms. wily and willful

Meadowlark: Cheerfulness, sublimation, inner journey, linked to moon

Merlin Hawk: brings message that your visionary powers are awakening

Mourning Dove: The ability to mourn the past, but look forward to the future, able to bring new things into your life

Nuthatch: Applying wisdom to natural world, grounding, ethereal

Oriole: Positive energy, reconnecting with inner sunshine, nature spirits

Owl: Silent wisdom and nocturnal vision, healing powers, magical

Peacock: Wisdom and vision, ostentatious, protective and powerful

Pelican: Self-sacrificing, non-competitive, buoyant, rising above trials

Pigeon: Love and security of home, fertility, archetypal energies

Raven: Shapeshifting, messenger or omen, blending human and animal

Robin: New growth, territorial, color link to throat center

Ruff Grouse: Brings a natural rhythm into your life and tells you to give time and space to your creator

Snowy Owl: Brings into your life the wisdom to unlock the true secrets of nature

Starling: Sociable, communicating diversity, forceful

Stork: Related to humanity, connected to emotions, water, birth process

Swan: Sensitive, emotional, dreamer and mystic, longevity

Swift: Feminine and psychic energies, speed and agility

Turkey: Spiritual connection to Earth Mother, shared blessings

Vulture: Purification, never-ending vigilance, guardian of mysteries

White Tail Hawk: Brings message to take advantage of the opportunity entering into your life

Woodpecker: Weather prophet, drumbeats into other dimension

Information from:
Bird meanings


[> Re: Bird symbolism -- Dutchie, 23:51:05 02/18/06 Sat [1]

Thanks, that was so interesting. I love birds and I know this info will somehow find its way into my crafting.
You are a Tweetheart....and I obviously am overtired, lol.
Thanks again,

[> Re: Bird symbolism -- jacksmum, 00:03:36 02/19/06 Sun [1]

LOL Glad you found it interesting
Sue :)

[> Re: Bird symbolism -- Judy R, 01:35:12 02/19/06 Sun [1]

I have a family of Orioles that come to my back yard every spring, and I knew they brought me inner sunshine, now I know they are supposed to. lol

[> Re: Bird symbolism -- jazbo, 08:16:48 02/19/06 Sun [1]

That was very interesting. In the spring, the birds are so loud, they actually wake you up. we have so many: blue birds, cardinals, meadowlarks, falcons, eagles, chickadees, cat birds, blue jays, woodpeckers, egrets, herons, crows, buzzards, owls, finches, robins, starlings, hawks, cranes, mallards, Canadian geese, etc. My faves are the blue birds & the cardinals. The info you posted was definitely a keeper. (((hugs)))

[> Re: Bird symbolism -- LeeW, 10:00:30 02/19/06 Sun [1]

I am a bird fanatic!!!!!! I have feeders, and birdbaths, and anything to attract them to my yard. Hummingbirds and Orioles are my favs, but my fearless chickadees are right up there also! I love this site Sue! Thank you so much for sharing. Hope some took part in the Great backyard bird count this weekend!

[> Re: Bird symbolism -- -Cougar1, 12:16:47 02/19/06 Sun [1]

Jazbo, I have all those around here, too, but I also have an Indigo Bunting...prettiest all over blue bird I've seen. The female is a soft brown all over. When I lived in a neighboring town I had a pair come to my bird feeder all the time and when I asked the conservation man what it was, that is what he said it is called and thought I lived near the woods. I said I lived 2 blocks from the square in town and he was really surprised. Guess they don't always live where the conservation people think they should LOL. ~Tricia
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