Various Fish and Amphibian poems, ideas, links etc

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Various Fish and Amphibian poems, ideas, links etc

Postby Caboobie » Tue Aug 30, 2005 8:06 pm


Date Posted: 23:31:43 06/18/04 Fri
Author: Addy
Subject: Poem, Please!

I bought some cute glass fish as a thank you gift for my new officers that I will be installing. I would like a poem to go with them. My thoughts about the fish were that sometimes in life we all have to swim upstream. That exact phrase is not set in stone. I hope someone can help me.
Thanks for any help you can give me.

[> Re: Poem, Please! -- Caboobie, 04:27:03 06/19/04 Sat [1]

You didn't say what your occupation is so I just wrote this in general hope it's ok

Life isn't always peaceful
Sometimes we want to scream
The waters round us ripple
And we have to swim up stream
So next time that you feel like
Life is giving you pure hell
Just look at this little fishy
For he proves things can turn out well
He never seems to worry
About what life holds in store
He never minds the weather
Or what's happening on the shore
He always seems to manage
To enjoy each daily swim
So take a lesson from this fishy
And don't let the buggers win
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

[> Re: Poem, Please! -- jenjoy, 13:41:09 06/19/04 Sat [1]

loved your poem Yvonne!

[> Re: Poem, Please! -- lou, 18:24:50 06/19/04 Sat [1]

fishy,fishy in a brook
swimming upstream to take a look
not much fun and a tiny bit cruel
learned it's better in the office pool
© 2004 lou buffkin

[> Re: Poem, Please! -- Addy, 14:51:48 06/22/04 Tue [1]

Thank you Caboobie and Lou you both did a wonderful job. I can use both of them for different things. I was beginning to think no one was going to answer. I couldn't find it for awhile. Jenjoy helped me out on another message I had. A big thanks to her too

Date Posted: 17:09:09 09/08/04 Wed
Author: Addy
Subject: Poem please

Need another poem from you talented ladies. I need a short poem about fish swimming against the current and relating it to our struggles in life and how when we get past the rough waters how good it can be. I'm trying to write this fast because we are leaving for a few hours and I wanted to give your ladies some time to write. Hope this makes sense.
Blessings to you all.


[> Re: Poem please -- ShirleyT, 15:05:47 09/11/04 Sat [1]

I love all of the poems! Isn't it wonderful how our poets all can come up with different little twists and ideas about the same thing? Here's another one.

Swimming Upstream
by ©2004

The little fish knew that going downstream
would never be the place to fulfill his dream,
so he bucked the tides and headed upstream.
As the other fish sneered he picked up steam.

He swam steadfast until he came to waters calm
where he could swim and live a life without qualm.
Now when a big storm brewing began to approach
he was safe far away when it decided to encroach.

But the little fishes weren't and they began to scatter
as the torrents from the rain sent their home a'splatter!
They thought of the one who from his goals didn't stray
and soon all of those little fishes were heading his way!

Don't blend into a stream just because it's going that way.
Sometimes you have to swim upstream... buck the crowd.
Do what you think is right and the others will soon follow
wondering what took them so long and... you stand proud!

[> Re: Poem please -- jenjoy, 20:34:48 09/11/04 Sat [1]

great poem Shirley!!!

[> Re: Poem please -- Addy, 07:48:08 09/09/04 Thu [1]

A big THANK YOU to all you great poets. You truly have a wonderful gift. Thanks for sharing. Katieangelamber is right about it capturing the sentiment. Hugs & Prayers.

[> Re: Poem please -- jenjoy, 17:28:27 09/08/04 Wed [1]

Ooooh...I liked writing this one...whatcha doing for the fishes?

Swimming up stream in the current
Of the river of life is tough
We wonder if we’ll ever make it
When the rapids seem angry and rough
But the efforts are well worth our time
When the journey is one day at end
When we find our rewards in the stillness
On which the waters of life so depend
© 2004 Jennifer Byerly

[> Re: Poem please -- katieangelamber, 18:33:31 09/08/04 Wed [1]

Beautiful poems. They both capture the sentiment exactly.

[> Re: Poem please -- jacksmum, 21:43:24 09/08/04 Wed [1]

Great poems Jennifer And Yvonne. LOL love the bit about not letting the buggers win!
I had a try too:

With the struggles in life
you feel you're swimming upstream
you seem to get nowhere
repeating places you've been.

But just keep on trying
don't give in to the tide
you're never truly alone
God is always by your side.

Calmer waters ahead
you need faith and trust
and like this little fishy
just shake off the dust.

And soon your be sailing
in seas calm & clear
all things do pass
you have nothing to fear.
~Sue Pitchfork~

[> Re: Poem please -- kelli, 22:28:27 09/08/04 Wed [1]

Great poems, ladies! Here's mine:

Fishy, fishy in the stream,
How you toil so!
Swimming opposite the way
The other fishies go!
Like you, I've had my battles
And I've fought to not give in,
Knowing if I persevered
Eventually I'd win!
One thing that I can tell you,
A thing you can't forget,
The struggle that you're going through
You never will regret.
Regardless of how spent you are
You know you can't ignore it,
For when the trials are conquered
You're a better person for it!
©2004 Kelli Williams

Goldfish in a bag and Vinyl Goldfish

Date Posted: 03:01:53 09/17/04 Fri
Author: need your help!!!
Subject: where do u buy little vinyl goldfish?

does anyone know where to buy the little vinyl goldfish? I am thinking of making the



Re: where do u buy little vinyl goldfish? -- Jo, 05:26:01 09/17/04 Fri [1]

I buy mine at oriental trading.

Re: where do u buy little vinyl goldfish? -- Sunny, 18:16:48 09/17/04 Fri [1]

I have bought them at Toys r Us and at the dollar store... do you have those stores down there?

Links/Suggestions for Problem - Goldfish Soap in a Bag

Date Posted: 16:50:32 08/06/05 Sat
Author: Jan E
Subject: Help with goldfish soap in a bag

I made up some of the goldfish soap in the bag. I was wondering why some of the soap stayed clear and some got real cloudy that you can not even see the fish? Can some one please help me? Thanks in advance. Jan E

[> Re: Help with goldfish soap in a bag -- Lori Jean, 02:12:51 08/07/05 Sun [1]

Jan, Was it the same brand name of soap? Did you heat it for the same amount of time, before pouring?
Lori Jean :^)

[> Re: Help with goldfish soap in a bag -- Jill_NC, 07:25:03 08/07/05 Sun [1]

Hi. Sometimes overheating the soap base can make it cloudy upon cooling. Also some fragrance oils can make a clear base cloudy too. Did you use two different bases? Whenever I tried to make these I'd end up with "dead fish floating in a bag" soap

[> Re: Help with goldfish soap in a bag -- Jan E, 09:39:07 08/08/05 Mon [1]

I melted the whole square at one time and just kept pouring the liquid soap in the bags. Should I only melt small amounts at a time? Thanks to all for your help. Jan E

[> Re: Help with goldfish soap in a bag -- Ann W, 20:33:29 08/08/05 Mon [1]

I haven't made any but I read somewhere that if you lift or move the object you are embedding then it can cloud the mixture.

You could try and pour a little soap into the bag, add the fish, let soap set slightly and then pour the rest of the soap on top....

For more instructions- ... #fishinbag
Ann W

[> Re: Help with goldfish soap in a bag -- Jan E, 22:22:26 08/08/05 Mon [1]

Thanks Ann. I did move the fish in the bags that got cloudy. I will try your way. Jan E

[> Re: Help with goldfish soap in a bag -- Ann W, 01:22:36 08/09/05 Tue [1]

Let us know how you go Jan E..Hope they work out for you this time....Would love to see a pic of your fininished fish!!!

Happy crafting
Ann W



Date Posted: 21:14:22 06/17/03 Tue
Author: Chancey
Subject: F.R.O.G

I got this from my craftypal Candy..I thought it was cute thought I would share..My sisterlaws b-day is in July and she is into her faith ...i thought I would get a glass frog and put it in a box with the saying with it..or maybe a sign with a frog ..hmmmmmmm ...if I knew how to make a frog ..i would ....any idea's??


I was told a story about a lady in the hospital who was near death when an area Chaplain came to visit her. This Chaplain was a very young female with long blond hair. She listened to the lady who was ill and left
her a small gift for comfort. It was a tiny ceramic frog. The next day one of the people from the lady's church came to visit. The lady told her friend about the beautiful young Chaplain who had come to visit her. The friend was so impressed with the way the lady had improved and felt the need to talk to the young Chaplain. In her search to find the young gal, she was repeatedly reassured that the chaplains are never very young and that there was never a gal that fit the description given.

Upon returning to the lady in the hospital, a visiting nurse entered the room and noticed the ceramic frog. The nurse made the comment "I see you have a guardian angel with you." As she held the little frog. We asked why she made the comment and we were informed that the frog stood for:

(F) Fully
(R) Rely
(O) On
(G) God

To The World You Might Be One Person;
But To One Person You Might Be the World.


[> Re: F.R.O.G -- ~BETTY~, 00:14:01 06/20/03 Fri [1]

I have made magnets with this F.R.O.G. saying on them...I buy the magnetic sheets that you can print on with your printer...and put a clip art pic. of a frog on it along with the saying F.R.O.G. = "Fully Rely On God"...I then cut them out and whenever I need to send a Get Well card to someone I enclose one with the card.


[> Re: F.R.O.G -- kritterno1, 21:26:55 06/17/03 Tue [1]

Have you heard of


Both are pretty good.

[> Re: F.R.O.G -- jazbo, 23:49:47 06/17/03 Tue [1]

Here's a couple more:
F - Father
A - and
M - Mother
I - I
L - love
Y - you

F - Fantastic
A - Adventure
I - in
T - trusting
H - Him

P.U.S.H. - Pray Until Something Happens

ASAP - Always Say a Prayer

[> Re: F.R.O.G -- kriteerno1, 00:07:45 06/18/03 Wed [1]

Here's some more:





Those I thought up.

[> Re: F.R.O.G -- Judy R, 01:44:26 06/18/03 Wed [1]

T.G.I.F. Thank God I'm Forgiven

[> Re: F.R.O.G -- fauxma, 03:48:39 06/18/03 Wed [1]



[> Re: F.R.O.G -- julie, 11:57:45 06/18/03 Wed [1]

Leap of Faith Frog ... ndex.shtml
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