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Various Insect and Bug ideas, poems, links etc

Postby Caboobie » Tue Aug 30, 2005 8:13 pm

Lady bug

Date Posted: 08:58:35 05/06/04 Thu
Author: Nancy K
Subject: Ladybug craft made from a tuna can

Take a look. Here's where you will find a picture and directions. ... adybpl.htm


Paper Butterfly

Date Posted: 21:34:53 03/17/04 Wed
Author: Sue
Subject: Crafterwannabe & Butterflies

It sounds so beautiful I want to make them. I thought wallpaper would be stiff and work too. Could you please post a new one when you find the butterfly that your
describing because it sounds like there's so many. Thanks, Sue


[> Re: Crafterwannabe & Butterflies -- Tamra, 21:58:27 03/17/04 Wed [1]

crafterwannabe, I found the patterns, I will try and scan them tomorrow so you can have them. The square ones are pleated on the diagonal and the other part looks like an upside down heart with long narrow triangles on the sides and rounded of at the points. then you pleat them from the centre of the humps to the rounded of the tip. Hope this makes sense. LOL Hugs, Tamra

[> [> Re: Crafterwannabe & Butterflies -- Tamra, 23:10:30 03/19/04 Fri [1]

Here are the patterns that I have. you can get them here ... ?Page=Last

(Link no longer works)

The large one uses a 7 1/2" square and the wing one is 10 1/4" from the tips at the widest point.

The medium one uses 6 1/2" square and the wing at the widest point is 8 1/2"

The small one uses a 3 3/4" square and the wing at the widest point is 6"

After cutting these out from heavy paper, use a black marker to outline the edges.
Pleat the square from one corner to the other corner on the diaganol.
Pleat the wing from the rounded point to the curved bottom.
After pleating is done you place the square above the wings and tie with a pipe cleaner leaving the ends to make the antennas.
Fold the top wings up and the bottom wings down.
Use handy tack to hang on the wall.

Hope this helps, Hugs, Tamra

[> Re: Crafterwannabe & Butterflies -- crafterwannabe, 23:20:24 03/17/04 Wed [1]

Tamra, thank you very much. I know Angel2U is going to try to scan her patterns also. I should have asked here sooner instead of getting nowhere asking around, searching, and searching some more. Fingers still crossed the patterns are similar. So many members say it all the time but this board, Shirley, and the people here are simply the best!

Sue, Yes, you got all that wallpaper! I bet it would work, especially if some are dark or vivid colors. When we pull this all together, I'll remember that you want to know how to do them.

Pleated Butterfly

Date Posted: 08:50:40 03/17/04 Wed
Author: Angel2U
Subject: Crafterwannabe: ISO Pleated Butterfly

I can be of some help to you. I found the cut outs for the butterfly but they will have to be scanned and then I can pass them on. I can't believe I found them so quickly. When I had my girl scout troop I had a decorated box with activities in it for when we went on outings for the girls to do and I still have a lot of those items in this

I used wrapping paper w/ a pipe cleaner to match to make the butterflies and they came out very nice. Just something to do with those small pieces left from wrapping a package.
So crafterwannbe please be patient and I will post this if I can figure out what I am doing....hehe

[> Re: Crafterwannabe: ISO Pleated Butterfly -- crafterwannabe, 13:43:39 03/17/04 Wed [1]

Angel2U, I should have looked further down the page before sending the message on the other thread. I am excited! Thank you SO much for searching and finding the pattern! I do hope it's the same thing. The ladies were adamant with my friend that you had to use the heavy Nat'l Geographics colorful pages. But, economically if they used wrapping paper, they probably couldn't sell them for so little and, of course, the books are donated. Look at you, a brand new member, and already so willing to help!

Did you pleat these by hand? The ones I have are so precise and sharply folded that I can't imagine doing very many by hand. (Then again I have arthritis in my hands that will sometimes give me fits.) Once you scan the pattern pieces, I know folks here can help you post them.

Can I ask a couple more questions? - lol! - Do you have instructions for making them as well? As you might have guessed from my board name, my crafting skills are limited but I keep at it! Was this an easy project that all skill levels could manage?

[> Re: Craterwannabe: ISO Pleated Butterfly -- Mary Southern, 14:15:30 03/17/04 Wed [1]

Will this help?

Date Posted: 00:28:47 03/17/04 Wed
Author: crafterwannabe
Subject: ISO: Pleated Paper Butterfly

My friend brought me these adorable crafted paper butterflies from a hospital gift shop. The ladies told her that they should be made only with National Geographics Magazine pages. It looks like it's either 2 or 4 pieces, all with narrow pleats or folds. The front side is colorful as they've used the beautiful color pages - preferably matching pages from 2 issues of the same magazine for each side of the wings. They are tied around the middle with this very narrow chenille stem (have never seen it that small) and they are also the antennae. All have been sprinkled lightly (or sprayed) with fine gold glitter and it looks like a black magic marker has been used to outline the edges. They are VERY good looking which I know is hard to believe. I thought it might be a great idea for the adult center's bazaar. Would be inexpensive to make.

I have searched the 'net for instructions but can't find anything. I've looked for paper butterfly, origami butterfly, how to make a paper butterfly but nothing. Well, there is one origami butterfly but it's not the finely pleated one. My mother says she believes there is a paper pleater which I'll look for when I hit the craft store next. Has anyone else heard about or seen these butterflies? The hospital organization has made thousands of dollars over some years and sell them for .75 - $1.00 for those trimmed with foil (they were gone). Thought I would ask here before I (painfully) decide to dissect one to see what I find.


> Re: ISO: Pleated Paper Butterfly -- Angel2U, 08:36:08 03/17/04 Wed [1]

I know which butterflies you are talking about....I have made them but years ago. I know they are done with 2 different sized squares and you add pipe cleaners to the middle and for the antenna. I will search and see if I can find this pattern and I would be more than happy to pass it on to you. Angel2U

[> Re: ISO: Pleated Paper Butterfly -- crafterwannabe, 13:18:03 03/17/04 Wed [1]

Wow - Angel2U - if you can look for the patterns I would be really grateful. Keeping fingers crossed they are the same thing (Jumping up & down as I type...)

Jazbo - I know you would love this butterfly. For being a paper magazine, I think they are beautiful! I don't have digital camera or scanner but I'll take pics and maybe someone (hint, hint Shirley) would be kind enough to post them, especially if we find the instructions.

Terry - I agree and thank everyone for great ideas, poetry and being so helpful.

[> Re: ISO: Pleated Paper Butterfly -- Mary Southern, 15:42:00 03/17/04 Wed [1]

will this help?

Please see the note below the wing patterns.

[> Re: ISO: Pleated Paper Butterfly -- crafterwannabe, 16:30:19 03/17/04 Wed [1]

Thanks, Mary. This is closer than anything I've seen but doesn't quite compare to what I have.

Could be the experience of those doing the crafting. I notice that it's a kid's page (right up my alley!) so they probably weren't so precise. And the tiny stems used make such a difference too.

I have copied the page but hope that the pattern Angel2U found comes a little closer. The few butterflies I have do vary a little in size but both the top and bottom wings are pointed. It's at least a start - I appreciate your looking for and posting the site. Guidelines I need!

[> Re: ISO: Pleated Paper Butterfly -- Tamra, 19:51:59 03/17/04 Wed [1]

crafterwannabe I will go look and see if I can find my patterns for these. We made them in three different sizes.

I know the one piece is a square and the other one is shaped kind of like wings.
We used magic marker to make the bold outline on the edges.
I wish we would of had thin pipe cleaners for ours. But they still looked good.

You can also use conservation magazines, or anything that is kind of stiff. I bet for the smaller ones you could use your pleater thingy. But we had to fold ours and crease the edges really good. Off to see if I can find them for you. Hugs, Tamra

Link: Nylon butterflies

Date Posted: 23:48:23 06/12/04 Sat
Author: Lori Jean
Subject: Check out these cuuuuute craft projects :^)

Lori Jean :^)

Link: butterfly dragonfly pattern

Date Posted: 16:25:52 08/18/05 Thu
Author: Cindy
Subject: Need A Pattern of a Dragon Fly and Butterfly

Hi Ladies,
I need a pattern of a Dragon Fly and a butter fly so I can sew on my new grad daughter to be curtains. I am making her curtains out of the pink and white check material. Now I need to sew the butter fly and dragon fly. I would like one in black and white to trace on a piece of material. I will make the butter fly out of the purple and white check and the dragonfly also. Her room is done in the pastel colors. She will be born on Sept. 22. Time is getting short. I want to thank each and everyone of you for all the hard work.
Hugs from La.

[> Re: Need A Pattern of a Dragon Fly and Butterfly -- miel, 17:39:23 08/18/05 Thu [1]

Heer's a site with a butterfly pattern, hope it helps.
Murielle ... flies.html

Re: Need A Pattern of a Dragon Fly and Butterfly -- Jill_NC, 06:59:41 08/19/05 Fri [1]

Hi. and searching under images usually works really well when I'm looking for something specific.

Here's what I came up with for you. ... tern&hl=en


Link: Bug off door hanger

Date Posted: 01:57:31 07/14/04 Wed
Author: Charlene
Subject: Bug Off I'm Busy as a .........

This a really cute idea: ... g-off.html


Mosquito poems: ... t=mosquito

Mosquito House Poems:

Wire and bead spider ... 101199.htm

Bug Juice

Date Posted: 11:33:41 03/12/04 Fri
Author: Ellen
Subject: Bug Juice Poem ?

Hi, all your talented ladies, since I am poetry challenged thought you could help. You know the poems for the "soup" ie snowman etc. Was thinking of making a "Bug Juice with Fruit Punch Mix and Gummy Candy maybe worms, but need poem to go along with it. I was able to find fabric with Ants or Ladybugs on them. Thanks again for your help........


[> Re: Bug Juice Poem ? -- jenjoy, 02:23:51 03/14/04 Sun [1]

Caboobie and katieangelamber lollll!!! This is fun!!! (cough...gag...spit....)lol!!!
Here's my next instalment:

Between the crack of my teeth
A black thing was stuck there
I wondered where it came from
It looked just like a hair
So I stopped and thought a moment
Of what I�d eaten so far
I remembered drinking prune juice
As I munched a candy bar
So when my little brother
Called out with a loud shout
I nearly did pass out
I remembered seeing how he
Had squished up bugs galore
Crushed them into juice which
He put in the refrigerator door
I then recalled how later
Some prune juice sounded great
That�s why I drank some down but
How could I know my fate?
So could that little black thing
Be a bug leg or even worse
�Cause then they�d have to take me
Away in a black hearse!
� 2004 Jennifer Byerly

[> Re: Bug Juice Poem ? -- katieangelamber, 02:51:53 03/14/04 Sun [1]

Ok here is the poem goes with the original ending:
Take this packet
Mix it up sweet
Put in the secret ingredients
And give everyone a treat

It will be a treat
That they soon won't forget
A couple of hours later
When their underwear is wet

The only thing I can say
And this is my excuse
Is that maybe
I shouldn't have served them BUG JUICE!
� 2004 katieangelamber

Great poems ladies. ROFL.

[> Re: Bug Juice Poem ? -- jenjoy, 03:02:37 03/14/04 Sun [1]

laughing so hard now!!! too funny!!!!!

What is even funnier is that I have a major bug phobia!!! ACK!! EEK!!!
Jennifer B.

[> Re: Bug Juice Poem ? -- Caboobie, 08:33:17 03/14/04 Sun [1]

Hee Hee Isn�t it amazing how a little request can turn into this. Love the poems, not so sure about the images they bring to mind!!!

[> Re: Bug Juice Poem ? -- Dant-doe, 15:07:48 03/12/04 Fri [1]

I did a search and found this, it is so cute, I thought everyone would enjoy.

[> Re: Bug Juice Poem ? -- katieangelamber, 15:18:01 03/12/04 Fri [1]

Here's one:
Come on everyone
It's time to take a drink
Of my famous bug juice
Just don't take a blink

For floating deep inside
Is something crawly and firm
Take a closer look
It's just a little worm!
� 2004 katieangelamber

[> Re: Bug Juice Poem ? -- jenjoy, 18:07:18 03/12/04 Fri [1]

I know this is disgusting below...but I just couldn't resist! lol!

Spiders on the wall
Mites inside the bed
What about those nasty little
Lice atop your head?
Worms inside the garbage
Mosquitoes everywhere
How about those awful fleas
That live in your dog�s hair?
Bugs and creepy crawlers
Are always on the loose
What if we could catch them
And make them into juice?
We could strain the hairy legs out
And blend it up �til smooth
Fish out the antennas
And make it USDA approved!
� 2004 Jennifer Byerly

[> Re: Bug Juice Poem ? -- valerie_nyr4, 18:15:00 03/12/04 Fri [1]

Oh crack me up!...lololololol..we have snow and are house bound..that poem is the best....giggles...disgustingly
I am going to work something out with that poem...
I can't sell juice unless it is already in a container...hmmmm....maybe I could cellophane wrap that and add the gummy worms somewhere...thinking now...
I have a school show on March 20th...lots of kids... a challenge and maybe lots of fun...
Thanks again for a delightful sense of humor...giggle

[> Re: Bug Juice Poem ? -- crafterwannabe, 18:48:17 03/12/04 Fri [1]

Jennifer, OK I giggled all the while saying "Ewwwww". But I think the kids are going to love it. I have a great nephew who is soooo into bugs. Valerie if you figure out a way to present it, let us know. And do get rid of that snow! It's March! Very windy here today so it felt a lot colder that it really was but still spring-like I guess next to your weather.
Katieangelamber - loved your poem too.

[> Re: Bug Juice Poem ? -- valerie_nyr4, 19:12:40 03/12/04 Fri [1]

hey crafterwannabe..
I have cellophane bags with insects all over them...SOMEWHERE...thought I would put a container of juice I haven't been to the grocery store so I will have to look as to the size that will

The gummy worms have to be wrapped somehow..maybe plastic wrap...and included in the bag..somehow draping on the container...still working it out in my a visual person..items must be in front of

I have plastic spiders and bugs..could tie them on the curly ribbon that would be wrapped around the top of the bag... Oh boy see what katie and jen have
happy crafting Valerie

[> Re: Bug Juice Poem ? -- ShirleyT, 22:23:50 03/12/04 Fri [1]

Too cute! I know the kids will love it! This one is tame lol ... maybe for the older set.

It's so fine as wine that
you sometimes need an excuse,
so invite a friend over
and make a batch of bug juice!

[> Re: Bug Juice Poem ? -- ShirleyT, 22:27:05 03/12/04 Fri [1]

I was just thinking... ut oh! When DH was in the Navy they called Kool Aid bug juice. Maybe you could put a bug juice poem with a package of Kool Aid mix? Would be cheap enough!

[> Re: Bug Juice Poem ? -- valerie_nyr4, 23:09:47 03/12/04 Fri [1]

Oh geesh, Shirley...I never thought of Kool Aid packets...Off to Wal Mart tomorrow, providing we do not have more
Thanks for the idea

[> Re: Bug Juice Poem ? -- jacksmum, 23:30:09 03/12/04 Fri [1]

lol Jennifer your poem is so so disgusting - I LOVE it!!
Had a go too:

Here�s a delightful drink
for everyone to try
Made with blood of snail
and a nice big worm eye.
Guaranteed to cause
all the girls to squeal
when they know it�s crunchy
because the bugs are real!
So come get your bug juice
drink it if you dare
great for a giggle
giving little kids a scare!
� 2004~Sue Pitchfork~

[> Re: Bug Juice Poem ? -- jenjoy, 01:25:04 03/15/04 Mon [1]

O.K...I'll let the bug juice die after this one...I just keep coming back to this post for some reason.......sick...sick...sick........

This post has been a blast
It's really made me grin
As I sit hear typing with
Bug juice dripping down my chin
Slurpy, sloshy, yummy
Crunchy, munchy slosh
You really ought to try it
It's really good by gosh!!!
� 2004 Jennifer Byerly

[> Re: Bug Juice Poem ? -- katieangelamber, 07:39:56 03/15/04 Mon [1]

Here's a quickie:

This bug juice is great
There's nothing that it lacks
It's an all inclusive drink
You even get your snack!
� 2004 katieangelamber

[> Re: Bug Juice Poem ? -- katieangelamber, 09:16:43 03/15/04 Mon [1]

Here's a slightly gross one:

This is no ordinary bug juice
It's a magic weight loss drink
Cause when you find out what's in it
Your tummy starts to think
It's not a magic trick
Your tummy will give a shout
The weight loss part of it is
That everything will come back out!
� 2004 katieangelamber

[> Re: Bug Juice Poem ? -- Caboobie, 11:42:56 03/15/04 Mon [1]

Roll up and try my bug juice
It has that extra bite
In fact it has a few of them
All squashed and rolled up tight
The taste will just amaze you
The smell is just devine
So come on try a little sip
It'll bring memories to your mind
The hot and sticky summer
Remember all the bees
And what about the picnic
When the ants crawled on our knees
Then there was that time at aunties
When she caught a cockroach fair
And remember the little caterpillars
Will fuzzy wuzzy hair
What about the little earwig
The wasp and hornets nest
Finding the squiggly, wiggly worm
I think that was the best
So come and taste this juice here
It'll go down in a blink
So raise your glass and drink it fast
Before you've time to think.
� 2004 Yvonne Lowther

[> Re: Bug Juice Poem ? -- Mary S, 06:29:10 03/18/04 Thu [1]

Bug Juice
Tune: On Top of Old Smokey
submitted by Karen Glassman

At the camp with the Boy/Girl Scouts,
They gave us a drink.
We thought it was kool-aid,
because it was pink.

But the thing that they told us,
would've grossed out a moose,
For that great tasting pink drink,
was really bug juice.

It looked fresh and fruity,
like tasty kool-aids,
But the bugs that were in it,
were murdered with Raid.

We drank it by gallons,
we drank it by tons,
And the next morning,
we all had the runs.

So the next time you drink bug juice,
and a fly drives you mad,
He's just getting even,
'Cause you swallowed his Dad'.

submitted by Karen Glassman

[> Re: Bug Juice Poem ? -- jenjoy, 19:52:38 03/13/04 Sat [1]

lolololol!!!!!!! too funny little kids a scare!!!!! Shocking!!!!! lol!!!
Here's another angle:

I don't mean to be vile
But sometimes it's kinda fun
To mix up a concoction
That could give you the runs
Disgusting as it may be
I don't mean to be mean
Because my drink is full of
All kinds of good protein
It's full of bugs and stuff that
No one would want to eat
But I promise you will love it
I've made it nice and sweet
So forget the carbo. diets
This protein drink is it
Just hold your nose and swallow
And you'll stay nice and fit!
� 2004 Jennifer Byerly

[> Re: Bug Juice Poem ? -- Caboobie, 21:18:16 03/13/04 Sat [1]

Couldn't resist it. Had to have a go.

Take this bag of bug juice
And drink it if you dare
It's full of all the nasty things
That makes you bug aware

Like scaly skin and little warts
Or camouflage to make you sick
But then again it might be fine
If you drink it down real quick

The reason that it tastes so fine
Is because we crush them well
And even though we say what's in
You can never really tell

So take this drink and sip it fast
It's bound to taste just fine
The bugs won't hurt you - why because
They were bred by a friend of mine
� 2004 Yvonne Lowther

[> Re: Bug Juice Poem ? -- katieangelamber, 21:47:04 03/13/04 Sat [1]

I just couldn't resist:
Take this packet
Mix it up sweet
Put in the secret ingredients
And give everyone a treat

When hours later
And tongues are loose
You can tell them
They drank BUG JUICE!
� 2004 katieangelamber

I actually had a different ending but decided not to use it.

[> Re: Bug Juice Poem ? -- CrazeeMoi, 08:43:51 03/18/04 Thu [1]




Date Posted: 18:54:53 06/14/04 Mon
Author: betty
Subject: tested recipe for killing ants

we have lots of ants at our summer home, has anybody got a recipe to mix at home that will kill ants. we have them all over and have tried some stuff accross the counter but nothing really good, thank you for your help
we have lots of very good ideas out there


[> Re: tested recipe for killing ants -- miel, 19:09:47 06/14/04 Mon [1]

I was given this one by our vet because of the dogs, 3 parts baking soda, 1 part icing sugar the ants eat eat and blowup apparently, it worked with me and no danger if the animals or children get into it.

[> Re: tested recipe for killing ants -- Diane, 20:15:15 06/14/04 Mon [1]

I just heard a few weeks ago to use -
Equal parts Borox and powdered sugar. Sprinkle it around. They said it kills them.

[> Re: tested recipe for killing ants -- Judi, 20:51:37 06/14/04 Mon [1]

If you happen to know someone who has the herb, fern leaf tansy......pick it fresh, break it so the oils are released and place it in various places where your ants appear. I don't know why it works, other then the fact it is not a pleasant odor, but I have had my ants disappear using this method.
This is a safe non toxic method worth trying. I don't recall where I learned this.


[> Re: tested recipe for killing ants -- JoJae, 21:30:02 06/14/04 Mon [1]

You are going to think I am a little on the weird side but here it goes anyways. Write a note to the ants and ask them to visit a neighbor that you might not like. You have to do this with a blue ball point pen. Leave it out where the ants will walk. There is something in the ink that the ants don't like and they move out. I have done this and it does work but you will have some explaining to do when someone finds your note and it says,"Dear Ants........

[> Re: tested recipe for killing ants -- Bar Bar, 01:59:07 06/15/04 Tue [1]

,"Dear Ants........

LOL LOL LOL, this I will have to try, but will need to put in my bathroom instead, as this is where my ants live more than anoth other room.
strange place to live, to go with a strange idea, but it could work...
won't know until I try it.
like the water/bag to get rid of flies.

[> Re: tested recipe for killing ants -- betty, 02:44:56 06/15/04 Tue [1]

thank you so much ladys for all the ideas and i'm going to try all of them. the Dear ant letter gaves lots of laughs but i will try it. Then Bar Bar said something about flys and the water bag please tell me how to do that we have flies there to also Bees thank you you are so kind

[> Re: tested recipe for killing ants -- LeeW, 10:02:03 06/15/04 Tue [1]

The "dear ant" letter made my day. I have an ant problem and didn't realize that all I had to do was "put my complaint in writing" LOL. Gotta try this!

[> Re: tested recipe for killing ants -- Diane, 10:19:22 06/15/04 Tue [1]

I have been using orange cleaner that comes in a spray bottle from the Dollar General Store. I had the real small ones on my counter. I just gave them a squirt of this and they were dead. After a few days and spraying every time I seen a few. The best thing it smells better then ant spray.

[> Re: tested recipe for killing ants -- peaches, 11:29:58 06/15/04 Tue [1]

this is the one my daughter brought home from future farmers of america 7 years ago and i swear by it!! use equal amounts of borax laundry soap and sugar. sprinkle where you see the ants outside or inside.i have put this on my kitchen counters,anywhere you see them. leave out overnight or a day or two. the sugar attracts the ants. they walk thru it and then carry it back to there nest. and it will kill them. please keep children and pets away from this. sweep up and wipe down areas. i keep what i sweep up in a container to use again if need be. but usually once and done.good luck!!

[> Re: tested recipe for killing ants -- Pamela, 11:51:12 06/15/04 Tue [1]

Diane, does spraying them kill them or drown them. LOL
I use anything I can get my hands on to kill bugs, spiders, etc. Hubby will point out that 'that is not what that is for", I point out "hey! It works, I just keep spraying until they don't move any longer.

[> Re: tested recipe for killing ants -- Diane, 14:06:48 06/15/04 Tue [1]

I don't know LOL I just know that they quit moving. And they don't come back after a few sprayings. I even sprayed it on the carpet and wall to keep them down.

[> Re: tested recipe for killing ants -- Bar Bar, 03:01:23 06/17/04 Thu [1]

I tried to post the other night, and for some reason every time I hit send, I got a mail that said error... so will try to post again about the flies.

take a bag fill it half way with water, then tie it and hang..
I got this idea from a horse lover that takes care of horses, I've tried it and yep it worked for us too.
I hang these bags by our back door...

[> Re: tested recipe for killing ants -- betty, 21:04:25 06/17/04 Thu [1]

Goodevening Ladies and thank you so much we will be trying these ideas to kill ants. and Bar Bar thank you for that idea for flys but do you put holes in the bags for the flys to get in or what part don't I understand please tell me tomorrow we will be going out and i'd love to try that
thank you. all

[> Re: tested recipe for killing ants -- Ruby, 23:56:21 06/17/04 Thu [1]

Are you talking about a plastic grocery bag???Ruby



Date Posted: 14:41:01 03/03/04 Wed
Author: Meme
Subject: Bee Attitudes poem

Please does anyone have the Bee Attitudes poem? thanks

Re: Bee Attitudes poem -- Calico, 15:40:47 03/03/04 Wed [1]

The BEE-Attitudes

Bee busy...doing what you love to do
Bee the dreams God's given you
Bee silly...giggle lots, take off and play
Bee-lieve the power of prayer will get you by
Bee happy...keep your outlook bright and sunny
Bee yourself...bee-cause
You really are a honey!!!

[> Re: Bee Attitudes poem -- jacksmum, 16:40:30 03/03/04 Wed [1]

Here's another

Teen Be-Attitudes
BE humble enough to realize you still have a lot to learn.
BE ambitious enough to know you can be anything you want to be.
BE easy enough on yourself to enjoy, to laugh, to have fun.
BE mature enough to take responsibility for what you do.
BE confident enough to see that who you are inside is more important than how you look outside.
BE proud enough to take care of your body, your mind, and your spirit.
BE wise enough to choose your friends carefully.
BE absolutely sure that, wherever you go, whatever you do, YOU ARE LOVED
~Author Unknown~

[> Re: Bee Attitudes poem -- Marie from Manitoba, 20:35:39 03/03/04 Wed [1]

Check out picture of The "BEE"-Attitude Plaque:

[> [> Re: Bee Attitudes poem -- Calico, 22:22:56 03/03/04 Wed [1]

BTW, I used the BEE~Attitudes poem that I posted for a scrapbooking/baby book insert for my nieces baby shower. I also made some BEES out of black and yellow pipe cleaners, put on heart~shaped sucker cards with one blue ginham, one pink gingham and one purple ginham heart for sucker card with heart~shaped red valentine suckers for a gift package topper that are So Cute!! The picture I have for the BEE-Attitudes poem is different than that one but I don't know how to post a picture here, sorry. Cute too, thanks for sharing.

Archiver's Note: For other Bee-Attitude suggestions, check this post on the Sayings Archive Board: ... 5880#15880
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