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Various Seed ideas, poems, links, toppers etc

Postby Caboobie » Wed Aug 31, 2005 3:20 pm

Seed packets are....

Date Posted: 23:34:47 07/30/04 Fri
Author: Sue, Tx
Subject: Seed Packet Question?

This has to be a really stupid question but I'm not sure so I'll ask.

Are seed packets used to put a pack of seeds in like to go in a gift or basket or something? Does anyone use them for anything else?
Thanks, Sue


[> Re: Seed Packet Question? -- lou, 00:38:59 07/31/04 Sat [1]

I'm like Sue. Do you sell them separately or only in a gift basket?
Enquiring minds wanna know.

[> Re: Seed Packet Question? -- jenjoy, 02:23:58 07/31/04 Sat [1]

Maybe both? If you sold them seperately you could probably do it with a poem. What I have seen are just little a hostess gift or at school for the teachers. I think I saw the love seeds at a rubber stamping party. So, what's everybody else doing with them?

I've seen them used as "Friendship seeds" packets with M&Ms in the package. I've also seen "Love Seeds" with red hots.

[> Re: Seed Packet Question? -- Fay in Australia, 03:14:30 07/31/04 Sat [1]

I sell Friendship Seeds, by adding something like "Friends are the flowers in the garden or Life" Add to a packet of seeds, either made up from your garden or purchase cheaply.

[> Re: Rainbow seed poem or directions seed pack -- meme, 15:53:24 05/02/04 Sun [1]

Girls, I had seen the rainbow seed packet, and I thought it was darling, you could put jelly beans, colored corn, fruit loop cereal, or maybe a pack of rainbow gum. You could send it to someone that is sick or secret sister, or just anyone who needs cheering up. hope this helps, as you girls have been a real help to me. Blessings to all.

[> Re: Rainbow seed poem or directions seed pack -- Lois, 06:05:52 04/29/04 Thu [1]

Rainbow Seeds
When to plant - Any season, but rainbows grow best just after a storm.
Where to plant - In the light of the "Son".
How to plant - Assume a kneeling position close to the earth. Dig a hole deep enough to hold the cause. put the seeds in the soil, cover with earth, then raise and stomp down with both feet. Walk away in Faith.
Harvest when needed most.

Cast thy burden upon the Lord,
and he shall sustain thee; he shall
never suffer the righteous to be moved.
Psalms 55:22

Get the little cake sprinkles and pour what ever amount into a ziplock baggie and attach the instructions. This was what someone sent to me .Hope this helps

[> Re: Seed Packet Question? -- lou, 06:37:41 07/31/04 Sat [1]

Thanks ladies.I can't know until I learn. And sometime I'm a slow learner.

[> Re: Rainbow seed poem or directions seed pack -- jacksmum, 06:06:49 04/29/04 Thu [1]

I was looking for a pot of Gold
then I reached the rainbows end
I never found that pot of gold
instead I found the perfect friend!
~Sue Pitchfork~

LOL I have no idea what rainbow seeds are but at a guess I'd say colored jelly beans or similar could be used.

They say in every life
a little rain must fall
that you need the darkness
to then heed daylights call.
That every single cloud
has a silver lining part
and every tear that falls
strengthens up your heart.
So plant these rainbow seeds
and remember you're not alone
God sends rainbows after storms
to gently guide us home.
~Sue Pitchfork~


Love Seeds template

Re: Love Seeds template? -- Elizabeth, 14:57:17 02/19/04 Thu [1]

I did not create the template, only added graphics to an existing template. Happy Crafting ... veseed.jpg


Seed poems

Date Posted: 20:55:11 03/14/05 Mon
Author: Ree
Subject: Printable needs imput please

I need to do some wedding shower favors and had an idea ( another ?). I thought it would be neat to make a fold over pocket containing seeds like wild flowers with a printable graphic and a poem or saying about the growing of love and marriage. Now does the "WILD" flower part catch? Could be a weed too . . .hee, hee~! Also maybe the idea could be re-worked to a new baby thing too. Anyone care to jump in please?
Hugz, Ree


[> Re: Printable needs imput please -- Charlene, 01:50:40 03/15/05 Tue [1]

These are some I have saved:

What you sow, is what you reap
I heard my mother say
So why not carry on this tradition
And buy my seeds today
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

This isn't just a pack of seeds
It's a bunch of pretty flowers
And if you sow them very soon
They'll bring you pleasure for hours
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

Friendships are just like flowers
They grow, then bloom then die
Some will make you happy
Others will make you cry
But you my friend are special
And I hope you think that I am too
That's why I'm sending flowers
To a special friend like you
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

I haven't sent you flowers
For they would just fade and die
So I'm sending you these special seeds
To bring colour to your eye
Just sprinkle in your garden
Sit back and watch them grow
Then think of me, who sent them
To a friend that’s nice to know
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

A tiny little packet
Containing lots of love
Just sprinkle in your garden
And water from above
Then as you see leaves growing
And flowers peeping through
You'll remember the one who sent them
Thinks the world of you
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

All your wild seeds should be sowed
before your Wedding day
and the only seeds that's left
become part of your partnership bouquet.
So plant these little seeds with care
and don't let the weeds grow
as they stretch up to the sun
always let your love show.
© Sue Pitchfork 2005~


Seed Packet for teacher

Date Posted: 09:02:37 05/03/05 Tue
Author: katieangelamber
Subject: teacher seed packet if you want it ... acket1.jpg


Mothers day seed packet

Date Posted: 09:33:30 05/03/05 Tue
Author: katieangelamber
Subject: mothers day seed packet

This is supposed to be small. Hugs, katieangelamber ... acket5.jpg

Date Posted: 18:35:11 03/29/05 Tue
Author: bonniek
Subject: help poets- mother's day poem for others

Hi ladies & Gents, each year at Mother's day I try to find a little trinket for my Sunday School kids to make for the "grown ups" who help them grow. Some kids don't have Moms at home, some are being raised by grandparents, and some come to church with friends and neighbors.
So could you work up a poem to do with any grown up who helps a little person grow and learn, and bless them on this special day. I'm thinking of doing seed packets so the helping children to grow theme might work alright-I just try to avoid the Mothers day label. Any help you can give is appreciated. Thank you!!!

Re: help poets- mother's day poem for others -- Caboobie, 18:51:58 03/29/05 Tue [1]

To someone very special
Who helps me as I grow
I want to say a great big thank you
And give you these seeds to sow
Then in a while, I hope you'll find
A beautiful flower with colour true
To remind you that you're special
And to let you know how much I care for you
© 2005 Yvonne Lowther

Re: help poets- mother's day poem for others -- jacksmum, 00:32:00 03/30/05 Wed [1]

Hi Bonnie
When I read Yvonne's beautiful poem I wasn't going to try as she did such a fabulous job but then I thought you might like a selection so if there's more than one child in a family they have different poems so came up with this.

Thank you for nurturing me
with tender loving care
whenever I need someone
I know that you'll be there.
You're helping me grow
with roots nice and strong
pruning any bad habits
guiding when I go wrong.
So I'd like to thank you
by giving you some seeds
and if they grow as well as me
I think you'll be very pleased.
© Sue Pitchfork 2005~

Re: help poets- mother's day poem for others -- Doreen, 06:44:34 03/30/05 Wed [1]

What lovely poems ladies, great job! Here's one more bonniek...

In many more ways than one
You have helped me grow
So as a little thank-you
These seeds I send for you to sow.
Watch them grow and florish
Hopefully soon you will see
How your care and attention
Makes us grow so beautifully.
Doreen Scerri © 2005

Re: help poets- mother's day poem for others -- bonniek, 16:10:32 03/30/05 Wed [1]

OH you are all soooo gooood!!!
Thank you, I think you got it just right!! THank you thank you thank you!!!

Sunflower Seed cookies

Submitted by Lori Jean

Here is a good recipe, however, you roll them into balls and flatten them with a glass.

Lori Jean :^)

1 cup butter
1 cup + 2 Tbs sugar (hold back the 2 Tbs sugar in a small bowl)
1 egg
1/2 tsp salt
2 1/2 cups + 2 Tbs flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup salted-roasted sunflower seeds (shelled, of course!)


Combine Wet Ingredients: Cream butter, sugar, and vanilla until soft and fluffy. Add egg and beat until smooth.

Combine Dry Ingredients: Sift flour, soda, and salt together.

Combine. Add flour mixture to wet mixture and blend in seeds.

Bake. Roll dough into 2" cookie balls. Roll each ball in the sugar that was held back and drop on the cookie sheet. Flatten the balls into a nice circle. Bake at 375 degrees for 8-10 minutes or until done.


Frog seeds

Green tic tacs
Green jelly beans
green M&M's ( you can buy all one color online if your making a lot)
green gum balls
any green candy
or dye actual flower seeds green with food dye and use them. just be sure to dry them well before you package them and include directions for planting them

If you've searched the world over
And haven't found a good man hence,
It's time to plant these frog seeds
To grow your own handsome prince!

They really are super easy to grow
But I must warn you to plant loads,
Cause kiss after kiss most will stay
Just cantankerous old green toads!
~author unknown~
I think this idea for words to go with frog seeds, originally came from Shirley

Date Posted: 11:34:04 02/08/05 Tue
Author: Donna J
Subject: Frog Seeds Bag topper I made

I also posted them on webshots just go to full size page, right click and save if they don't show up here for you

Frog Seeds Toppers ... erIndy.jpg ... rsgirl.jpg

[> Re: Need Frog Seed Topper, Please! -- me, 15:37:38 02/08/05 Tue [1] ... gseeds.jpg

[> Re: Need Frog Seed Topper, Please! -- CrazyMe-Ma, 16:03:44 02/08/05 Tue [1]

Here's my version of a Frog Seed Packet. Enjoy



For your daily living

Plant Three Rows of Peas
-peas of mind
-peas of heart
-peas of soul

Plant Four Rows of Squash
-squash gossip
-squash indifference
-squash grumbling
-squash selfishness

Plant Four Rows of Lettuce
-lettuce be faithful
-lettuce be kind
-lettuce be patient
-lettuce really love one another

Don't forget the turnip
-turnip for meeting
-turnip for service
-turnip to help one another

And We Must Have Thyme
-thyme for each other
-thyme for family
-thyme for friends

Water Freely with Patience and Cultivate with Love
--- author unknown -- was in Daytripper may-june 2003... volume 9...issue 2............


Pumpkin Seeds

Date Posted: 07:43:52 08/04/05 Thu
Author: Sondra
Subject: Pumpkin Seeds Poem Needed

Yes, I need another "seed" poem...this time something for Pumpkin Seeds. Maybe something about fall...pumpkins..etc.

I wish I had the talent that you poets have. I am thankful that each of you are so willing to share.

TIA to all.

[> Re: Pumpkin Seeds Poem Needed -- jazbo, 07:48:07 08/04/05 Thu [1]

Found this in my files; sorry - I do not have an author listed.

A pumpkin seed's a little thing
When it's planted in the spring
But, oh the fun that it can bring.
At Halloween it turns into
A pumpkin pie for me and you
Or Jack-o'-lantern that says BOO!
---Author unknown by me

[> Re: Pumpkin Seeds Poem Needed -- katieangelamber, 08:23:01 08/04/05 Thu [1]

Plant these seeds neatly in rows
So Halloween pumpkins you will grow
Carve them out on Halloween night
Your yard will be a eerie sight
So trick or treaters will get a fright
To give everyone an eerie fright
To bath your yard in Halloween light


Sunflower seed

Date Posted: 00:07:46 08/03/05 Wed
Author: Sondra

I am making some Sunflower Seed packets. I would like a poem to put with about Kansas and the sunflower.

I'm from Kansas and the Sunflower is the state flower.

These packets are going in a gift store where hopefully people on vacations will pick them up as a reminder of being in Kansas or maybe someone from Kansas will pick them up just because it's about their home state.

I always appreciate the help from our poets. You ladies are so talented and so willing to share that talent.

Thanks in advance...


[> Re: KANSAS SUNFLOWER SEED POEM NEEDED -- Jude_KS, 00:18:19 08/03/05 Wed [1]

Hi Sondra,

Sounds like great Kansas minds (kinda) think alike! *lol*lol*lol* I'm making sunflower jar bonnets for wide mouth mason jars and will be filling the jars with Sunflower Seed Cookies! I think the idea of bags sound wonderful, I have a bunch
of that blue/white gingham with sunflowers on it that would make adorable mini drawstring bags! Sorry, I'm not a poet so I can't help you out there but
I'm sure that some of the great poets on the board will come up with something! Good Luck with your project.

Take care...
Hugs - Jude!

[> Re: KANSAS SUNFLOWER SEED POEM NEEDED -- jacksmum, 03:11:00 08/03/05 Wed [1]

Thank you for visiting Kansas
the beautiful sunflower state
Dorothy called it home
the wizard knew it was great.
So wherever you're heading
plant these seads and recall
the time you spent in Kansas
the greatest state of them all.
© Sue Pitchfork 2005~

[> Re: KANSAS SUNFLOWER SEED POEM NEEDED -- Sondra, 07:18:00 08/03/05 Wed [1]

This poem is GREAT ... Thanks Sue.

Well...back to craftin'
Have a WONDERFUL DAY everyone.

[> Re: KANSAS SUNFLOWER SEED POEM NEEDED -- Janet_KS, 09:21:17 08/03/05 Wed [1]

Way to go Kansas girls -- you make us all proud!!

Sue....Love the poem - we may need to make you an honorary Kansan!!

[> Re: KANSAS SUNFLOWER SEED POEM NEEDED -- Caboobie, 11:07:38 08/03/05 Wed [1]

Here's my attempt. I've also made a tag up for them using mine and Sue's poems. I will post it after this message.

A beautiful little reminder
Of Kansas, a place full of fun
A symbol of our state is the sunflower
And now you can grow yourself one
Just pick up this packet and buy it
It contains lots of seeds in it too
So when they have grown in your garden
Some of Kansas will shine down on you
© 2005 Yvonne Lowther

[> Re: KANSAS SUNFLOWER SEED POEM NEEDED -- Sondra, 11:22:33 08/03/05 Wed [1]

Thank you Sue and Yvonne. Both these poems are just perfect. I'll use them both.


[> Re: KANSAS SUNFLOWER SEED POEM NEEDED -- jacksmum, 06:49:20 08/04/05 Thu [1]

Wow an honorary Kansan!! Thank You. (((HUGS)))
Love your poem too Caboobie


Money Seeds/tree

Date Posted: 21:10:08 11/18/04 Thu
Author: Debbie in IL
Subject: looking for poem for money seeds (gag gift)

While at work today one of my co-workers was complaining about her teenage daughter who thinks money grows on trees and I said I knew I had seen a gag gift once that had a cute poem and they put a lima bean in there with a $ sign painted on them. Something about growing their own money tree. Of course now I don't remember where I saw it or the exact saying. Anyone know what I am talking about? I would love to be able to make this for her to give her daughter for Chrismtas. Thanks in advance.
Debbie in IL

[> Re: looking for poem for money seeds (gag gift) -- kritterno1, 22:43:13 11/18/04 Thu [1]

What about cow seeds to grow your own 'cash cow'?

[> Re: looking for poem for money seeds (gag gift) -- Londonlee, 01:29:27 11/19/04 Fri [1]

This is the poem I used last year to give a money gift to my nephew.
I'm sorry that I don't know the author of this poem. I wasn't as careful as I am NOW about keeping the name on the poem as I never sell them .... no excuse. I'd like to attach your name if you claim your work.
I painted lima beans gold with $ signs on them and mixed them together with chocolate coins & Canadian $1 & $2 coins in a drawstring pouch. He was delighted with both the money and the presentation.

Money Tree Seeds
How often have you heard,
that money doesn't grow on trees?
Well my friend, take a look at these!!
Seeds to grow a money tree,
so you can have a shopping spree.......

These rare seeds that I found,
need to be planted in the ground....
If they don't grow within a week, another
place to plant, you'll have to seek.....

If your tree doesn't start to grow real soon...
Dig them up, and wait for a full moon.....
If these tips don't grow you a money tree,
The lesson learned, is, Nothing's for Free.
~author unknown~

Or the last line could be...
The lesson learned, is,
Nothing in Life is Free....

[> Re: looking for poem for money seeds (gag gift) -- jacksmum, 03:44:04 11/19/04 Fri [1]

Hi Debbie
This site has a lovely money tree, instructions and a little seed template (for growing your own money tree). Hope it's useful

Money Tree ... ndex.shtml

[> Re: Money Tree Seeds -- Charlene K., 01:32:30 01/25/05 Tue [1]

This is the seed packet from the above web link:

Picture: Money Tree ... packet.jpg

[> Re: looking for poem for money seeds (gag gift) -- jacksmum, 03:53:20 11/19/04 Fri [1]

Londonlee I like the chocolate money idea. I've no idea who wrote that poem but hopefully someone can name an author for it.

Debbie I had a go at writing you one, hope it helps.


You've heard your mother moaning
"money doesn't grow on trees"
but she could be wrong
if she's never heard of these.
Plant the seed deeply
and the money tree should grow
but don't prune it too early
if you want a good cash flow.
And if this crop fails
and the seed is just a joke
sell it to someone else
before it sends you broke.
© Sue Pitchfork 2004~
(Please leave my name on the bottom if anyone uses this)

Money Plant Seed Packet

Date Posted: 01:12:03 01/25/05 Tue
Author: Laurie
Subject: Money Tree Seeds

Money Seed Poems

Date Posted: 21:19:36 02/11/05 Fri
Author: Merline
Subject: Need a new money seed poem

I am in charge of putting together a family reunion coming up and May. I am in the process of searching out ideas for a small token for all attendees to take home with them. I am making items in age appropriate ranges. I found the money seed idea but the poem I found was for the teenager. I want to do the money seeds to give to the older generation folks. I hope that someone can come up with a poem that I can use. I think that the idea of social security going broke should muster up some thought for a good poem.
Here is an internet news article that may get you started. Although this particular article says "not", Can we be too sure as to just how long it will hold up?

Is Social Security Going Broke?

Social Security isn’t going broke. Social Security’s own actuaries conservatively estimate that payroll taxes alone will be sufficient to cover benefits until 2018. From 2018 until 2028, the interest earned on trust fund assets will cover the shortfall. After 2028, the trust fund assets themselves will have to start being used. It is only in 2042, at the earliest, that trust fund assets will be exhausted.

Thanks, Merline

[> Re: Need a new money seed poem -- katieangelamber, 00:02:43 02/12/05 Sat [1]

Save these little money seeds
So you will always be prepared
So if social security goes broke
An income you'll have a spare
You'll always have money to spare

[> Re: Need a new money seed poem -- jenjoy, 01:12:44 02/12/05 Sat [1]

The government’s retirement account is shrinking down
We question if one day it may cease to be around
Just in case they end up broke there’s something you can do
Plant these seeds and they may grow a money tree for you!
© 2005 Jennifer Byerly

[> Re: Need a new money seed poem -- Caboobie, 06:03:07 02/12/05 Sat [1]

Good work Karen and Jennifer, here's my attempt

It really isn't funny
When you find you have no money
And it's worrying what might happened one day soon
So just to be ahead
Plant these in your flower bed
And who knows, maybe a money tree will bloom
© 2005 Yvonne Lowther

[> Re: Need a new money seed poem -- Merline, 15:09:25 02/12/05 Sat [1]

Thanks for the poems! I have my money seeds painted and ready to package. Now all I gotta do is fix up my poems to attach to them. I will use all the poems.....that way everyone won't get the same poem with their money seeds.
Ladies, I appreciate this forum. Although I don't get time to participate as I would like, I do come here often to get ideas for personal as well as church related projects. I find many talented and gifted as well as caring ladies on this site. Thanks again for allowing me to consult you for help in the time of need.

[> Re: need short poem for money seeds -- Donna, 20:25:07 05/05/05 Thu [1]

what do you use for money seeds?

[> Re: need short poem for money seeds -- MertVnWV, 23:19:24 05/05/05 Thu [1]

I painted lima beans gold and then drew a $ on them with a black fine line marker.

I did these for one of the gag gifts/souvenirs for our family reunion. I put 5 seeds in each small craft bags along with the poems. I used the poems above and I also did a few like this:

Money Seeds: For the husband who thinks that his wife never has enough money.

Money Seeds: For the parents of kids who think that money grows on trees.



Snowman/snowball Seeds

After the first frost of a cold autumn night,
Sow these seeds in a spot just right.
With plenty of room that will allow to grow,
Jolly round men made out of snow.
These snowmen seeds are not easy to find,
So plant them well and if you don't mind
Share them with a friend because
They came with love from heaven above
~author unknown ~

Wrap white mint candies in a baggie, tie with ribbon and add the poem.

Re: In Need of 3 short poems... -- Dedee, 22:46:14 11/11/04 Thu [1]

POEM - Snowman Seeds

These little white morsels
Aren't what they appear
They are really Snowman seeds
To plant this year!
~author unknown~

Re: Poem needed for snowman seeds or snowball seeds -- katieangelamber, 09:30:46 04/12/04 Mon [1]

I have two poems. I don't know who wrote them so if someone here did please let me know

Snowman Seeds

To have a Merry Christmas
Peek inside this bag here
Filled with seeds for snowmen
To bring you winter cheer
No, you can't really sow them
But "plant' one on your tongue
And if they make you grow a smile
Then their Christmas job is done
~author unknown~

Snowman Seeds

Before first frost,
Plant snowman seeds in
Shallow ground.
Water generously.
Seeds are edible.
~author unknown~

[> Re: Snowman Seeds -- katieangelamber, 09:18:29 04/29/05 Fri [1]

Most people use either white mint, white chocolate malt ball, mini-marshmallows, or any small white candy.

I made you a topper. Also a lot of us use white Tic-tacs. You can use a regular seeds packet or just a baggie with a topper. Hugs, katieangelamber

katieangelamber's printable topper ... nseeds.jpg


Mothers Love - seed packet

Date Posted: 09:33:30 05/03/05 Tue
Author: katieangelamber
Subject: mothers day seed packet

This is supposed to be small. Hugs, katieangelamber ... acket5.jpg



Date Posted: 22:21:39 05/02/05 Mon
Author: Reenie
Subject: Cute teacher seed packet

Theres a few cute Teacher seed packets here :
Reenie ~

Date Posted: 20:02:02 04/28/05 Thu
Author: Peanut
Subject: Help! Need Forget Me Not Craft For Teacher

Somewhere or another I have seen a craft and poem with a packet of forget me not seeds for kids to do for the end of the year for their teacher. Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Any help you nice, sweet, wonderful, outstanding (have I laid it on thick enough yet? LOL) ladies could give me would be appreciated. And if I dreamed this project up, please feel free to tell me that too - LOL. Thanks in advance for any and all help. M.J.

[> Re: Help! Need Forget Me Not Craft For Teacher -- jenjoy, 01:30:55 04/29/05 Fri [1] could I not respond when you called us nice, sweet, wonderful, and outstanding...even though I do believe you were only dreaming when you thought you'd already seen a poem...hehe...

Forget me not! Dear teacher
I'll not forget you too
That's why you get this present
Now that the year is through!
© 2005 Jennifer Byerly

This gift is a reminder
Now that the year is through
When this you see
Remember me
For I'll remember you!
© 2005 Jennifer Byerly

[> Re: Help! Need Forget Me Not Craft For Teacher -- jacksmum, 01:38:34 04/29/05 Fri [1]

LOL Well done Jennifer.
Peanut I can't recall that poem either but here's another:

Like seeds that grow and bloom
you've nurtured us with care
so please don't forget us
now that we're not there.
Here's a little reminder
of the year that's passed
and always remember us
cause we're growing fast.
© Sue Pitchfork 2005~

[> [> Re: Help! Need Forget Me Not Craft For Teacher -- Peanut, 07:30:16 04/29/05 Fri [1]

Girls you are great! Thanks bunches. And I was right, y'all are all of those wonderful words I listed and more! If I ever do come across what I "thought" I saw, I will be sure to share it. Thanks again. You are lifesavers! M.J.


Links to seed packet templates

Date Posted: 05:40:24 04/23/05 Sat
Author: Mary Southern
Subject: I hit the jackpot for seed packets

I stumbled upon this site by accident:

If you just type in:

you will be able to view the whole list of seedpackets. The ones I listed above are my favorites.

Seed bracelet

Date Posted: 22:18:24 06/08/04 Tue
Author: NancyH

Ladies I have just made 35 red, white, and blue seed bead bracelets to give as a small gift. Would like a small poem to go with them please. Something about patriotism. Thank you all so much.

[> Re: POEM NEEDED PLEASE -- lou, 22:48:37 06/08/04 Tue [1]

This little bracelet
Is a gift for you
In patriotic colors
Red, white, and blue
To show you love the USA
You can wear it proudly
Any day
by lou buffkin

[> Re: POEM NEEDED PLEASE -- Nancy H, 21:01:36 06/09/04 Wed [1]

Thanks lou it is a great poem.


Christian Seed Tag/toppers

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.
Robert Louis Stevenson

The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a man who
sowed good seeds in his field.
Jesus in Matthew 13:24-53

Flowers are God's way of smiling

Nature is the Art of God

Scatter seeds of kindness
Through family, friends and faith
Scatter seeds of kindness
Everywhere you go

The grass withers
the flower fades
But the word of our Lord stands over

The kiss of the sun for pardon
The song of the birds for mirth
One is nearer God's heart in a garden
than any place else on earth

The perfume of a summer rose lingers in the folds of angel's wings

Time began in a garden

To everything there is a season

To plant a garden is to have Faith in tomorrow

You're never closer to God...
than when you're in your garden

In God's garden, there's work to be done

Scatter the seeds of love

Scatter the seeds of God's love

God bless the hands of a person who gardens

The Shortest Path To Heaven Is Through The Garden Gate

Lord make my life a little glower that giveth joy to all

He who plants a Garden works hand and hand to God

Spilled on the earth are all the joys of Heaven

Who plants the seed
Beneath the sod
And wants to see
Believes in God

To everything there is a reason
And a time to every purpose under Heaven
Ecclesiastes 3:1

To cultivate a garden is to walk with God

[> Re: TOPPERS FOR SEED PACKAGES -- katieangelamber, 19:14:07 03/23/05 Wed [1]

Seeds of Faith Topper ... ffaith.jpg

Seeds of Faith Packet ... 58f751.jpg



Take some large white lima beans and paint black spots on them, put them in a baggie.
Staple saying to baggie.
Saying has two sides.
FRONT SIDE: (Has a picture of a cow on it)
Directions on other side.
BACK SIDE: 1.Start your own herd.
2. Plant the seeds in warm spot right side up.
Cow will grow upside down if planted wrong.
3. Be patient, it takes a long time to start your own herd.
4. For best results, MOO softly while watering.


Angel Seed Packet

Seeds Angel
You could give this with seeds and a small angel.

I’m a little earth angel,
sent to bless the seeds you sow
To watch over & protect them,
So they flourish and they’ll grow.
I’ll be here to guide you
as you water and you weed
And we’ll grow the miracles made
Of each & every seed.
~Author unknown~


St Patricks Day Seed packet

[> Re: St. Pat;s Seed Packet ? -- katieangelamber, 07:34:41 02/28/05 Mon [1]

Plant these seeds
All in a row
May the luck of the irish
Help them to grow

Plant these seeds
All in a row
With the luck of the irish
Leprechauns will grow


Red hat Seeds

This truly royal gift
Is for the queen bee
To plant in her garden
For flowers (or vegetables) that will please

A Red Hat packet
Full of wonderful seeds
That grow into plants
That will surely please

Date Posted: 12:51:23 06/23/04 Wed
Author: MaryLee
Subject: Need a poem PLEASE !!!!!

Could one of our talented poets make up a poem for the Red Hat Ladies for red and purple M & M 's ?? Thanks so much !!!


[> Re: Need a poem PLEASE !!!!! -- Jude_KS, 12:59:04 06/23/04 Wed [1]

Hi MaryLee,
I'm not a poet but just had to let you know that I was about to post the same request, having found out that you can order custom color mixes of M&Ms on line! Was thinking that a "seed" poem would be wonderful being as friendships and self esteem grow with the ladies we meet through Red Hat...(Wouldn't Peanut M&Ms be neat - considering all
of the "nutty" things the ladies love to do! HA!HA!HA!)
Thanks for the post anxiously awaiting the work of our talented poets...Jude!

[> Re: Need a poem PLEASE !!!!! -- Caboobie, 14:54:45 06/23/04 Wed [1]

Isn't it amazing
What Red Hat gals can do
We meet up and enjoy ourselves
Be it with old friends or with new
So now please help expand us
By taking these seeds to sow
And sharing them with your new friends
To make our Red hat Society grow
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther


Donut Seeds Poem

[> Re: Looking for the donut seeds poem -- jacksmum, 19:56:44 01/03/05 Mon [1]

I had this in my files. Sorry don't know who wrote it.

Take a baggie and put Cheerios or some other cereal that looks like a donut in it.
Staple saying to baggie. Saying has two sides.

Grow your own donut bush.
Planting instructions on back of package.

Carefully place one seed at bottom of a ten foot hole,five feet apart in any type of soil.
When mature; bush will grow to a height of six feet.

FOR GLAZED DONUTS: Pour twenty pounds of sugar in each hole.

GUARANTEE: If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, or plants fail to grow in five years-
Dig up seeds for PRO-RATED refund.


Seed pack tree ornaments ... nnel192548


Baby shower seeds


Give a tiny clay pot with a pack of seeds in it. Then tie a bow around it
with this say:

Here are some seeds and a little clay pot.
They are a lot like a baby believe it or not.
Both of them needing special care, and love.
Fragile new lives sent from above.
Each time you see them be sure to remember
every day is a gift and God is the sender
~author unknown~

If your handy with a print program I would even do my own seed packets and of course the best seeds to give are "baby's breath".

Birthday seeds

Date Posted: 02:17:50 05/26/03 Mon
Author: Lisajo
Subject: Birthday Present Seeds ?

I've been a lurker here for quite some time and am impressed with all your talent! I'm making a seed packet for Birthday Present Seeds and am in need of a whimsical little poem about growing your own present but I'm not much of a poet. Could someone please help me. I'm thinking that the seeds could be Tic Tacs or actual flower seeds. Haven't decided yet. I would appreciate your help.
Hugs, Lisajo


[> Re: Birthday Present Seeds ? -- twinrme/Charlene, 03:27:41 05/26/03 Mon [1]

This package contains very special Birthday Seeds,
To grow into your presents, give them chicken feed,
After all, you want your presents really big and fat,
Why -- you may even grow a stuffed grey cat!!
To make sure your presents grow at top speed,
Water daily with kool aide, this is guaranteed,
Look good & hard,& you might get a Birthday hat,
And that will not be anything to laugh at!!!

[> Re: Birthday Present Seeds ? -- gingersnap, 06:41:17 05/26/03 Mon [1]

Birthday present seeds, you
ask what they are.....
They are the best gift you
will receive by far....
Just plant them, and water,
and watch them grow...
You will get a nice surprise,
this I know.....
If they don't show growth
within a week....
Another present is what I
would seek.....
Maybe you can find something
more unique, by taking a trip
to Mozambique...
I hope this helps....You can stop this poem after the words I would seek, if you don't have enough room for the last two lines, or just don't want in..
Birthday present seeds, you
ask what they are.....
They are the best gift you
will receive by far....
Just plant them, and water,
and watch them grow...
You will get a nice surprise,
this I know.....
If they don't show growth
within a week....
Another present is what I
would seek.....


Golf Ball Seeds

Place small colored gum balls in a plastic bag, and attach one of the following poems:

You say you've lost too many balls,
The course is just too tough?
Just plant these little golf ball seeds,
And soon you'll have enough!
~Poetry by Carol Gabielsen~

With balls in the water or lost on the course
This is just what a player needs.
To replenish your stash of golf balls,
Just make use of these Golf Ball Seeds!
~Poetry by Carol Gabielsen~

Carol also suggested using pearl tapioca to represent the seeds.

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[> Re: Golf Seed Poem Needed Please -- Judy in QC, 21:05:42 06/06/03 Fri [1]

This is another version that I have used with a package of white tic tacs.

A vine or two will provide you with enough golf balls so you will never have to hunt for one in the rough again and that is a pretty "fairway" to save time and Money

Choose a smooth section of lawn.
The closer it resembles a green, the higher the quality of the balls produced.
Remove a divot of sod using either a 5 or 7 iron.
Use your putter to dig a hole about 6 inches deep - this gives new meaning to "puttering around in the yard..."
Put the seed into the hole,
Place a tall, thin pole on top of the seed as a trellis for the vine.
Use a triangular flag to number each pole.
If you try to grow over 18 plants at one time, they may not perform up to "par"!
If plants are over watered, the balls will be attracted to water hazards.

Your first crop should be ready for harvest in "roughly" 18 days.
When balls mature, the flag will fall over.
Carefully pull the vine out of the ground.
Under it, you should find a matched set of high quality golf balls.
After running them through a ball washer, they should suit you to a "tee".Put beans in a bag or a seed packet (with hole cut out and covered with clear plastic) and add topper:
A vine or two will provide you with enough golf balls so you will never have to hunt for one in the rough again and that is a pretty "fairway" to save time and money
On the back


Ten cent miracle

Submitted by Judy R
This is a poem I found a while back, I found seeds for 10c at big lots, with the 10c price on front of the package, I attached them to this poem and sold them for a dollar.

"Ten Cent Miracle"

I paid a dime for a package of seeds
And the clerk tossed them out with a flip.
"We've got'em assorted for every man's needs."
He said with a smile on his lip.
"Pansies and poppies and asters and peas!
Ten cents a package! so pick as you please!"
Now seeds are just dimes to the man in the store,
And dimes are the things that he needs,
And I've been to buy them in seasons before,
But have thought of them merely as seeds.
But it flashed through my mind as I took them this time,
"You have purchased a miracle here for a dime!
You've a dime's worth of power which no man can create,
You've a dime's worth of life in your hand!
You've a dime's worth of mystery, destiny, fate,
Which the wisest cannot understand.
In this bright little package, now isn't it odd?
You've a dimes worth of something
Known only to God!"
~author unknown~


Bio-degradable fiber/paperseed to plant

Date Posted: 17:45:51 08/17/04 Tue
Author: Mary Masters
Subject: Plant an Angel

Can anyone tell me how to make angels (or other figures, hearts, stars, etc) that are made of a biodegradable fiber and had seeds inside. They are usually white in color. You plant the whole thing in the ground and flowers grow. I got one at a wedding shaped like a heart and think this is an adorable idea but don't know what they are really called or how to do it? Help! Thanks.

[> Re: Plant an Angel -- linne, 18:35:21 08/17/04 Tue [1]

Mary, I once saw something like this shown on Carol Duvall's craft show a long time ago. A lady made specialty paper with seeds in it that could be planted to grow. Go to and do a search. You could also go to the holiday craft message board and ask the question--just in case no one comes up with an answer for you.

[> [> Re: Plant an Angel -- Mary Masters, 11:56:52 08/18/04 Wed [1]

Thank you for your ideas. It is such a cute concept and I can stick it in cards that I send for an added little smile!

[> Re: Plant an Angel -- LeeW, 12:56:37 08/18/04 Wed [1]

I believe that these are made from handmade paper that has the seeds embedded in it. You can then cut into whatever shape you like and embellish. (seen wedding favours like this) You soaked the paper for 30 minutes prior to planting. Hope this helps
[> Re: Plant an Angel -- Franie, 08:34:05 08/19/04 Thu [1]

Seed Germination Paper. Ahlstrom is a leader in high performance fiber-based materials. Developed specifically for seed germination, or higher germination rates and better overall results You can also use of paper towels like the kind that are biodegradable. You can cut them out any shape you want Hope this helps

[> Re: Plant an Angel -- Linda Ohio now GA, 21:37:56 08/19/04 Thu [1]

Here are the instructions for making seed tapes. I would think shapes could be made the same way. ... 01,00.html

Poems from Caboobie

Once the wedding day is over
It'll bring memories we know
If you take this little favour
Plant it and watch it grow
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

I didn't buy you a bouquet
Or a plant inside a pot
Instead I give this little gift
To pop in your garden plot
Just water it and tend it
And very soon you'll see
A great big patch of flowers
With lots of love from me
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

What does Santa do all year
Before he visits Christmas Eve
Well I'll let you into a secret
He's been busy planting these
I asked if I could have one
To wrap and give to you
And he smiled, then winked and here it is
All wrapped up special too
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

I might look just like a paper heart
But plant me and you'll see
I turn into a flower patch
If you look after me
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

Paper comes from trees you know
So plant this paper __________ and watch it grow
For God will bring forth flowers, you see
From something that once was a tree
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

When mother nature closed her eyes
She was thinking up a big surprise
And this is what she decided to do
Make special flowers just for you
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

Take this little paper ___________
And plant it in the ground
Water it and soon you'll find
Flowers sprouting all around
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

Date Posted: 12:23:34 07/08/03 Tue
Author: kawalabear30
Subject: home made paper/seed cards

I tried this with my kids, it worked great and everyone loved it . Just take old paper soak it for about an hour in hot water until soft, put it in and old food prosser until mush , add a lg sprinkle of flower seed(we used merigold ) . then we dumped it out on an old window screen made it a rectangle shape. layed towels over and under it and pressed out the water. let dry. then fold in half and decor.
when they are done enjoying the card, they can plant the hold card in the ground and grow flowers. i din't have a pome to go with it but if any one has an idea i would love it for next time.


[> Re: home made paper/seed cards -- Cami, 18:43:27 07/10/03 Thu [1]

This card holds special meaning,
It has a double use.
It says how much you mean to me,
And is full of plant seeds, too!

Just remove this little ditty,
And plant the card close by,
and soon you'll see a seedling,
A bond between you and I!

Hope this helps.......this is really a neat little my little one's can do for family that lives out of town!! Thanks for sharing!

[> Re: home made paper/seed cards -- Pat J, 14:31:45 07/08/03 Tue [1]

Well if this isn't the greatest recycle gift. My daughter is soooooo into recycling, just missing one thing--a short poem on the top of the card that can be removed with instructions----like:

turn a frown upside down and plant this card in the ground

help, not a poet.


seed packet envelopes


Friendship seeds

Scatter seeds of happiness
Every where you go
Whether with a stranger
Or someone that you know
Then life will be quite cheery
I think you’ll find it true
That the joy of blessing others
Will be joy enough for you!
(by: Jennifer Byerly)

Date Posted: 21:40:42 02/13/06 Mon
Author: KarenSimon
Subject: Friendship Seeds

I bought some of the Hershey's Kissables and would love to make some friendship seed packets. Anyone have the poem that goes with them?


[> Re: Friendship Seeds -- Cathy in MT, 22:01:06 02/14/06 Tue [1]

Friendship Seeds
Inside this little package
You'll find some friendship seeds
Plant with love and tend with care
And guard against the weeds
Friendship seeds are hard to grow
The roots take hold with time
But the blooms which are produced
Are the sweetest you will find
Author Unknown
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Rainbow seeds

Postby Caboobie » Sun Feb 19, 2006 10:30 pm

Date Posted: 22:41:56 02/11/06 Sat
Author: Kay(PA)
Subject: Rainbow seeds package???

I'm putting together a basket for someone who is on Kidney dialysis and a diabetic. She's in the hospital now and had surgery on her leg. In the basket so far I'm putting the Encourgemint Jar using sugar free mints, I'm doing a ribbon angel and a devotional book with the book mark "Are Your Fears Bigger Than God?". I've been looking in the archives for some other ideas and found the "Rainbow Seeds". I'm wondering if anyone has done a seed packet using this saying that they would be willing to share with me, or could someone please make one for me.

Rainbow Seeds

When to plant--Any season,but rainbows grow best just after a storm.

Where to plant---In the light of the " Son".

How to plant--Assume a kneeling position close to the earth. Dig a hole deep enough to hold the cause.put the seeds in the soil,cover with earth, then raise and stomp down with both feet. Walk away in Faith. Harvest when needed most.



[> Re: Rainbow seeds package??? -- Estelle in New Mexico, 23:39:07 02/11/06 Sat [1]

Hi Kay:

I can't help with the seed packet...there's some wonderful ladies out there that I'm sure will come to your rescue. The basket sounds wonderful. I do gift baskets so I'm always excited about new ideas.

[> Re: Rainbow seeds package??? -- lou, 16:18:38 02/12/06 Sun [1]

What kind of seeds do you use for rainbow seeds?

[> Re: Rainbow seeds package??? -- Lori Jean, 16:36:35 02/12/06 Sun [1]

I would think Skittles would make good "seeds."

Lori Jean :o)

Yep skittles would work well
Sue :)

[> Re: Rainbow seeds package??? -- Kay(PA), 09:16:41 02/13/06 Mon [1]

I haven't used any thing for these. I found the original post in the archives and thought it would work for a basket I'm making, but I hadn't thought far enough ahead as to what to use for the seeds. The suggestion of the skittles would work, but the person I'm giving this to is diabetic so I need to use something else. I'm leaning towards some colored sugar free hard candies.


[> Re: Rainbow seeds package??? -- nonacook, 19:15:42 02/13/06 Mon [1]

This might not work for a dialysis person
(not able to work out in the yard) but my first thought was a package of mixed annual flower seeds.
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Postby Caboobie » Sun Apr 09, 2006 2:02 pm

Poem: Prince or Princess seeds

Date Posted: 23:04:47 03/31/06 Fri
Author: Sue Clark
Subject: ISO Poem for Prince's seed

I had an idea since we have princess seeds, could we have someone do up a little poem for prince's seeds. I was thinking of a topper with a frog and a pair of lips kissing. I have several grandson's also and if I give the granddaughter's princess seeds, the boys will feel left out.
What do you think, any other good ideas for it.


[> Re: ISO Poem for Prince's seed -- jenjoy, 23:48:12 03/31/06 Fri [1]

Perhaps you could create a topper titled:
Plant these daily with honesty, integrity, responsibility and noble deeds to grow a fine prince of a man!

Plant these seeds within your soul
If being manly is your goal
Nurture it with pride and see
A man of noble royalty
But if in doubt remember this:
No girl wants a toad to kiss!
© 2006 Jennifer Byerly

[> Re: ISO Poem for Prince's seed -- jacksmum, 03:38:16 04/01/06 Sat [1]

WOW Jen I love that idea.
Hi Sue here's another poem:

When you eat a Prince seed
something magic takes place
you just can't stop grinning
there's a smile on your face.
You'll feel like hopping
and swimming circles too
but don't be getting kisses
or a frog will be you!
(c)Sue Pitchfork

[> Re: ISO Poem for Prince's seed -- jenjoy, 10:07:57 04/01/06 Sat [1]

lol Sue!!! Cute!

Doin' the disco bump for Sue! ;)

[> Re: ISO Poem for Prince's seed -- Caboobie, 04:25:47 04/02/06 Sun [1]

Nice poems Ladies

Prince Seeds

To grow a Prince
There's much to do
So to start you off
I've bagged these for you
Remember though
Don't be a hog
If you eat them too quick
You might become a frog
© 2006 Yvonne Lowther

Maybe this would do for Princess Seeds

I was talking to a Princess
That went out and kissed a frog
Turning him into a handsome Prince
To sit on a throne instead of a log
So I thought I'd ask the secret
'How did you make a kiss so magic please'
And she whispered very sweetly
I just ate a few of these
I asked if I could have some
So I could bag them up for you
Then if you kiss a frog you see
Your dream may just come true
© 2006 Yvonne Lowther

[> Re: ISO Poem for Prince's seed -- Sue Clark, 23:39:41 04/02/06 Sun [1]

Thank you so much for those poems. You are all so talented. Which one to use. Maybe I will use them all and give them to different ones.

Thanks again,


[> Re: ISO Poem for Prince's seed -- Caboobie, 03:01:35 04/03/06 Mon [1]

Glad we could help
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Postby Caboobie » Sun Apr 23, 2006 5:33 pm

Link: Seed packets

Date Posted: 07:59:29 04/15/06 Sat
Author: shilo
Subject: Another great seed packet sight

Another muct see....
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Postby crafterwannabe » Thu Apr 27, 2006 10:42 pm

Friendship Seeds

Date Posted: 11:57:12 04/16/06 Sun
Author: Deb
Subject: Need a poem

Would someone please come up with a poem about friendship and flower seed. I made some seed flower packets and would like to attach a poem to them. thank you

Re: Need a poem -- -Cougar1, 13:35:50 04/16/06 Sun [1]

I don't remember where this came from, but here's a poem I author was listed

In this little handmade packet
You will find some friendship seeds.
Plant with love and tend with care
And guard against the weeds.
Friendship seeds are hard to grow
The roots take hold with time
But the blooms which are produced
Are the sweetest you will find.
The petals will not fade away
True friendship never dies
For your friends are beautiful flowers
In the garden of your life.
Author Unknown

Re: Need a poem -- DEB, 14:40:44 04/16/06 Sun [1]

Thank you very much. That will work perfect. Going to make them for some friends. Thank you again.

Re: Need a poem -- Terri, 19:00:11 04/16/06 Sun [1]

Very nice poem!!!

Re: Need a poem -- liz, 19:41:14 04/16/06 Sun [1]

I love the poem. Could you share the packets you made.Thanks

Re: Need a poem -- Jodi, 21:54:02 04/16/06 Sun [1]

Hi Deb! Can you share the seed packets? They sound cute! Thanks

Re: Need a poem -- deb, 23:02:18 04/16/06 Sun [1]

The site i used to do the seed packets was ... plate.html
i played around with the size till they were just a little bigger than the seed packet, then i made a label for the poem and attached it with ribbon, also put the same graphic i used for the seeds on the label. the cheapest seeds i have found were at big lots at 5 for a dollar. hope this helps.
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Postby Caboobie » Sun May 07, 2006 10:54 pm

Link: Seed paper

Date Posted: 11:10:36 04/27/06 Thu
Author: Lori Jean
Subject: I found a place that sells the "seed paper."

Hi ladies,
I found a place where they sell seed paper, but it's $5.00 for each 11x18 sheet. You can get quite a few out of the sheets, if you use smaller cookie cutters.

Lori Jean :o)


[> Re: I found a place that sells the "seed paper." -- j, 11:13:18 04/27/06 Thu [1]

That's good to know, LJ. Thanks for the info.

In my surfing today, I found an idea where all the little scraps of plantable paper were packaged as 'confetti'. Nothing is wasted!

[> Re: I found a place that sells the "seed paper." -- Lori Jean, 11:28:55 04/27/06 Thu [1]

That's a great idea, J! I even found the paper on! ... 82125.html

Lori Jean :o)

[> Re: I found a place that sells the "seed paper." -- lovestodream, 22:36:17 04/27/06 Thu [1]

Such great infomation thank you so much (I just love this craft what a good idea!)
hugs lovestodream

[> Re: I found a place that sells the "seed paper." -- Terrie, 09:07:10 04/28/06 Fri [1]

Lori Jean....just a FYI - the paper you suggested ( is just "handmade paper" with flower petals, etc in it, you cannot plant it and nothing would grow from it. It is used for making scrapbooks,cards, etc. Hope you don't mind me correcting this :)

[> Re: I found a place that sells the "seed paper." -- Lori Jean, 09:27:35 04/28/06 Fri [1]

Thank you so much for the information! I figured since it was titled "seed paper" that it was just that. It's a good lesson to be careful when ordering the paper, huh?
Thanks Again!
Lori Jean

[> Re: I found a place that sells the "seed paper." -- Terrie, 09:32:18 04/28/06 Fri [1]

I was surprised when I googled it to find so many sites you can order if I could just find one here in Canada LOL

[> Re: I found a place that sells the "seed paper." -- Shirttails, 10:48:40 04/28/06 Fri [1]

You can go to: for some info. too.

[> Re: I found a place that sells the "seed paper." -- Lori Jean, 11:54:13 04/28/06 Fri [1]

Thank you, Shirttails!
Lori Jean :o)

[> Re: I found a place that sells the "seed paper." -- Mary in SC, 17:17:44 04/28/06 Fri [1]

You can make your own sproutable paper for the front of note cards too. You use two sheets of white tissue. You lightly tape one piece down to a piece or waxed paper or aluminum foil and paint a quick, light coating of diluted White Glue over the piece. Sprinkle on seeds lightly and place second sheet over first piece like a blanket. Using your hand, gently press into place. Allow to dry and peel off of foil backing. Now you can use the glue dots to attach this piece to the front of a card and include planting instructions inside. Have done this as class project before with Impatiens and Marigolds.

[> Re: I found a place that sells the "seed paper." -- CJ in PA, 23:14:53 04/28/06 Fri [1]

If you don't mind me asking...what are you making with the seed paper? I think I missed the post on this & it sounds interesting. CJ

[> Re: I found a place that sells the "seed paper." -- va, 08:38:07 04/29/06 Sat [1]

Mary, thank you for your idea. I am going to try that and die cut the paper into chosen shapes when dry. va
Note: We are adding the following to this post - the threads have also been archived on the Gardening and Angel Archive Boards:

Plantable Seed Paper Shapes - Links/Experience/Poem/Ideas

Date Posted: 07:38:20 04/27/06 Thu
Author: shilo
Subject: Check this out..flower seeds in decorated cut outs...Angels, butterflys and many more

Wow these are really neat and different. Would make a lovely gift. A must see...

Picture: Angel (& More) Seed Paper Ornaments ... Papers.htm

[> Re: Check this out..flower seeds in decorated cut outs...Angels, butterflys and many more -- Doreen, 07:52:27 04/27/06 Thu [1]

WOW what a lovely novel idea - wish there was a way we could try and make these, do you think we could embed seeds in papier mache without damaging them?
Thanks for sharing so much shilo.

[> Re: Check this out..flower seeds in decorated cut outs...Angels, butterflys and many more -- Melanie, 08:16:02 04/27/06 Thu [1]

We have made these before at church. You can buy the sheets of seeds in paper from a store, or we ordered them from a mail order place....they are the sheets you lay down around trees, etc.....ususally they are wildflowers, etc! :0)

We just used cookie cutters for our templates......

Very easy craft!!

[> Re: Check this out..flower seeds in decorated cut outs...Angels, butterflys and many more -- Doreen, 08:19:39 04/27/06 Thu [1]

How lovely that you can find them in ready made sheets...I don't think they are available locally - I haven't seen them anyway - so I thought I could try making them from scratch. The cookie cutter idea is great, Melanie.

[> Re: Check this out..flower seeds in decorated cut outs...Angels, butterflys and many more -- j, 08:58:16 04/27/06 Thu [1]

Those were lovely, indeed. Years ago, I remember seeing a program on TV about making your own paper & embedding mylar glitter, shredded things into it & using them for bookmarks, etc. You could add a few drops of essential oil for fragrance & use as an airfreshener. I'm off on a hunt; if I find anything I will post the findings. Great find, shilo - thanks a bunch! (((hugs)))

[> Re: Check this out..flower seeds in decorated cut outs...Angels, butterflys and many more -- j, 10:16:14 04/27/06 Thu [1]

Look what I found:

Carol duval show (this is a video) ... 82,00.html

sayings to go with cards:
#2 –

boxed confetti shapes
(also I saw where one company was packaging their different left-over scraps as 'confetti'! nothing is wasted!)

how to make plantable paper:

Another company made small gift bags from the plantable paper. There were wedding invites & favors, shower invites & favors, bookmarks, etc. But what I enjoyed most were the sayings. Lots of good ones in the 2 above links.

Sow.....let's get growing!

[> Re: Check this out..flower seeds in decorated cut outs...Angels, butterflys and many more -- Shirttails, 10:22:24 04/27/06 Thu [1]

I think these could be made with paper you have at home. There is a process of tearing it up, putting it in a blender, and then spreading the pulp on a screen. This would be a neat project. I'lll have to do some searching and put this on my round to it list. I'm going to start looking up making paper.

[> Re: Check this out..flower seeds in decorated cut outs...Angels, butterflys and many more -- Terri, 08:48:53 04/29/06 Sat [1]

I use cotton linter paper to make my paper pulp in the blender. Then press into ceramic cookie molds and let dry before removing so you don't damage it. It can take several days to dry if the mold is large and deep
Watering & Caring for Seed Paper

Date Posted: 00:24:54 05/04/06 Thu
Author: kay
Subject: flower seed question

Is there any special instructions on how to water the flower seed, would you just keep it moist, and in the sunshine(like the window sill)?

[> Re: flower seed question -- va, 06:28:19 05/04/06 Thu [1]

It is my understanding that you just plant it like seeds. va

[> Re: flower seed question -- Huskerfan, 12:37:01 05/04/06 Thu [1]

If you are talking about the seeds in paper here is what I saw posted here somewhere. They said to go to a different site and it told how to make the paper with the seeds in it and then how to plant it.

Don't Forget the Instructions for Planting

Tear off bits of paper containing seed and plant directly in the ground-the paper will compost naturally. To pre-sprout the seeds, place dampened paper into a plastic bag and check periodically that paper remains moist. Keep the plastic bag at the appropriate temperature until seeds sprout and transplant them into pots or directly into the garden.

[> [> Re: flower seed question -- KAY, 18:41:43 05/04/06 Thu [1]

thank you ladies, i will give it a try
Jude's Experience Making Seed Paper

Date Posted: 00:06:10 05/03/06 Wed
Author: Jude_KS
Subject: Making seed paper...

Hi everyone,

A couple of years ago I did a bunch of this paper for
gifts to various cyber-friends.
I used Faultless starch (a thin mix),a sponge paint brush
(wide one), white paper towel, a non-stick cake pan and
sheets of plastic canvas to lift the paper from the pan.

First you lay a sheet of the paper towel in the pan on top
of a sheet of plastic canvas, then spread the starch
mixture over the towel. Next sprinkle your chosen seeds
over the wet towel. The cover with a second sheet of
towling and spread more starch mix over it. Wearing
rubber gloves (I did!) press the layers with another sheet
of plastic canvas and remove from the pan.

Using plain newsprint paper, lay the seed paper to dry,
removing the top plastic and flipping
it onto the paper.
I also used wax paper for some of them.....
remove the second plastic canvas and leave
your seed paper to dry completely - turning ocassionally.

You can tint the starch paper with a drop of food color
for a really beautiful pastel paper.

When completely dry, I traced around simple cookie cutters
and cut them out with scissors - punching a hole for
ribbon tag ties.

Just thought I would pass this along because of the
current interest in seed papers...
Hugs - Jude!

[> Re: Making seed paper... -- Terrie, 00:20:24 05/03/06 Wed [1]

Being Canadian I have never seen nor heard of Faultless starch.....could you give me an idea what it is ( I know it is a clothes starch) but powder,liquid, spray? Is there something comparative?

[> Re: Making seed paper... -- Huskerfan, 00:42:11 05/03/06 Wed [1]

This sounds like fun and is pretty easy. Thanks for the instructions. One question, Did you mix water with the starch and if so how much?

[> Re: Making seed paper... -- Debbie Heck, 13:12:31 05/03/06 Wed [1]

This is a wondeful idea? What is Faultless Starch? LOL

[> Re: Making seed paper... -- Doreen, 16:51:31 05/03/06 Wed [1]

I'm saving this Jude thanks for the idea. How long did it take you for the whole process for each batch? Thanks again.

[> Re: Making seed paper... -- va, 17:05:30 05/03/06 Wed [1]

I am guessing the liquid starch because she used a sponge spreader. I do wonder if anyone has tried the spray though. Sounds simple enough. Why couldn't you pre cut shapes with a die cut machine? Has anyone tried this method?
Thanks, Jude for the idea. va

[> Re: Making seed paper... -- Jude_KS, 23:22:10 05/03/06 Wed [1]

Hello again!
thanks for the replys and comments...

Faultless starch is a powdered starch that you mix with
water... it can be sprayed on, sprinkled or put in the
final rinse of a washing machine.
The amount that you add depends on what finish you
want - heavy for dress shirts and light for everyday

I have looked everywhere today to find my original
directions and cannot locate them... sorry but will keep

I made about 10 to 12 sheets in a couple of hours (not
including drying time..) I did mine on the patio and laid
them on a 8 foot banquet table which I then covered with
cheese cloth to keep bugs, leaves and such off the paper.

Earlier today when I was looking for the directions I
found a spray bottle (cheapy one from WalMart) and thought
I would try using it instead of a sponge brush. I see no
reason it wouldn't work fine. Or maybe you could even use
a commercial spray starch.

I think that a die-cut machine would work great -
personally I have just never had access to one.
Let me know how it works out when/if you try. Please.

Hugs and Good luck - Jude!

[> Re: Making seed paper... -- Doreen, 09:13:38 05/04/06 Thu [1]

Thanks Jude I have this all saved.


[> Re: Making seed paper... -- lovestodream, 11:14:08 05/05/06 Fri [1]

Thank you so much jude for your help with this .Iam going to try this real soon.The weather here just right for this craft.I live in S.Calif.
hugs lovestodream
Doreen's Poem: Seed Paper Angels

Date Posted: 12:33:01 05/03/06 Wed
Author: Laurene
Subject: poem for seed paper angels

Hi, I have been reading with interest the posts about the seed paper and the seed paper angels. Would one of you talented poets write a poem to go with the angel??
I am going to try to make the seed paper that JudeKS posted, and use my Sizzix angel die to make some.

Thanks a bunch in advance. Laurene

[> Re: poem for seed paper angels -- va, 17:13:17 05/03/06 Wed [1]

Please may I have this too? I want to give it along with a plant to my 2 room mothers to thank them for all their help this school year. Thank you dear poets. va

[> Re: poem for seed paper angels -- Doreen, 17:20:18 05/03/06 Wed [1]

Here's one from me...

I'm a special little angel
With a special mission too
For I have come from heaven
With Blessings for you.
As you can see, I'm made of paper
But if you look closer, you'll see
I'm a seed paper angel,
You can grow a plant from me!
Doreen Scerri © 2006

[> Re: poem for seed paper angels -- va, 18:30:00 05/03/06 Wed [1]

Doreen, How can I thank you!?! This is just beautiful. It is perfect. Thank you so much for sharing your God given talent with us!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
God bless you! va

[> Re: poem for seed paper angels -- BizzyBee, 19:37:48 05/03/06 Wed [1] continue to Wow me , Doreen!

You and all the other ladies are so talented! I'm snagging this poem too, to keep for some little gifts at the end of the school year!

[> Re: poem for seed paper angels -- jacksmum, 02:15:59 05/04/06 Thu [1]

Doreen that is just perfect
Well done

[> Re: poem for seed paper angels -- Doreen, 09:21:17 05/04/06 Thu [1]

THANK YOU so much ladies for all the praise! You are all so kind.
It's always a pleasure to be able to help out.

[> Re: poem for seed paper angels -- Laurene, 12:11:32 05/04/06 Thu [1]

Thank you so much Doreen!!! It is just what I needed!!
Hugs, Laurene

[> Re: poem for seed paper angels -- Doreen, 14:53:10 05/04/06 Thu [1]

Glad you saw it Laurene ~ thanks for your appreciation.
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Postby crafterwannabe » Thu May 18, 2006 3:10 am

Printable Seed Packets

Date Posted: 21:00:52 05/06/06 Sat
Author: Wanda,in Nova Scotia
Subject: Are there anymore Seed Packets ?

The seed packets I was giving away today got so many oooh's and ahhh's any of you have anymore that you would care to share . Sharing seeds is always fun but when you can put them into such unique and pretty envelopes that makes them even nicer .

Thank you for your generous spirit .
Hugs 'n Stitches ,

Re: Are there anymore Seed Packets ? -- Caboobie, 05:14:08 05/07/06 Sun [1]

I don't do those (yet) but if you say what you want on them I'm sure someone will make them for you.

Re: Are there anymore Seed Packets ? -- Bev, 06:03:53 05/07/06 Sun [1]

Hello my clever, crafty friend. If you decide to get started on seed packets (what a wonderful world this would be) I would like to be included in your share list. I think I can manage to make these. Thanks to you and love aplenty.

Re: Are there anymore Seed Packets ? -- Deanna, 15:31:29 05/07/06 Sun [1]

Here are a couple more...I hope these are ok.
Deanna ... /seeds.jpg

Re: Are there anymore Seed Packets ? -- Caboobie, 16:27:32 05/07/06 Sun [1]

Wow, Deanna, what a lovely surprise to see one of my poems on a seed packet. Thanks for keeping my name with it.

saying on the other one is one of my favourites. I am going to get a stone with it engraved on for the gaden, who knows, might even make it myself lol

Well done, they are lovely

Re: Are there anymore Seed Packets ? -- Wanda ,in Nova Scotia, 09:31:28 05/08/06 Mon [1]

Hi Deanna ! Thank you for sharing your seed packets .This has been a great hit in my neighborhood , so I'm gonna keep giving them out at my yardsales and inside of little notecards .

I have so many seeds to share , this has been a pretty way of doing it .
Blooming Hugs ,
Wanda ,in Nova Scotia

Re: Are there anymore Seed Packets ? -- Lulu, 11:09:07 05/08/06 Mon [1]

There are many lovely free printable seed packets at the following site:

Re: Are there anymore Seed Packets ? -- Doreen, 11:24:11 05/08/06 Mon [1]

Thanks Lulu that's a lovely site thanks, just in time for Mother's Day tokens too!

Re: Are there anymore Seed Packets ? -- Diane B, 13:08:57 05/08/06 Mon [1]

These seed packets are great....would you be able
to send them as an attachment so they can be printed.

One site that I know of that has seed packet printables
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Postby crafterwannabe » Fri May 19, 2006 5:48 pm

Lots of Printable Seed Packets

Date Posted: 07:47:56 05/10/06 Wed
Author: shilo
Subject: Lots and lots of printable seed packets

The motherload of printable seed packets. A must see...
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Postby Caboobie » Sun May 21, 2006 9:49 pm

Seed angels

Note: To see all the posts about this subject, check this thread: ... 2579#22579

Date Posted: 01:26:17 05/12/06 Fri
Author: Laurene
Subject: seed paper angels

I can't sleep..had a church ladies meeting tonite and ate too much!!! lol So I thought I would tell you all how my seed paper angels came out. I used JudeKS instrucions...(except I couldn't find Faultless starch) using liquid starch. I also used printed paper towels(a garden print)instead if plain white. After they were dry I cut out angels with my Sizzix angel die. Put them in a plastic bag with the poem of Doreen's attached(giving her credit of course)I plan to give them to my daughters, sisters, and friends.I think they turned out really cute! Thanks again Judeks for the instructions! Laurene


[> Re: seed paper angels -- melinda, 12:28:52 05/12/06 Fri [1]

Do you have any pictures? I saw a post somewhere about these and could love to make them. THe paper seems to be so high.

[> Re: seed paper angels -- Huskerfan, 14:53:49 05/12/06 Fri [1]

I also would love to see pics. They sound like something even I could do. Thanks.

[> Re: seed paper angels -- Jude_KS, 21:02:52 05/12/06 Fri [1]

Hi Laurene,
So glad they worked out for you!
I just did a batch of paper today, its still drying.

One of these days I'm going to get a machine but
right now its not in the old budget! Have to pay for
Larry and my doctors trips to the Bahamas - LOL!!!
So glad to hear that it works well in the machine - thanks!

I found a cute wilton flower cookie cutter at WalMart
and intend to make them for my friends for Mother's Day.
Hugs - Jude!

[> Re: seed paper angels -- Jude_KS, 21:05:08 05/12/06 Fri [1]

PS: could someone share the poem for the angels
with me - would really appreciate it!
Hugs again - Jude!

[> Re: seed paper angels -- BARBOO, 08:57:12 05/13/06 Sat [1]

Could someone please share the directions on how to make? THese sound adorable.

[> Re: seed paper angels -- lovestodream, 16:57:51 05/13/06 Sat [1]

I'm a special little angel
With a special mission too
For I have come from heaven
With Blessings for you.
As you can see, I'm made of paper
But if you look closer, you'll see
I'm a seed paper angel,
You can grow a plant from me!
Doreen Scerri © 2006

hug's lovestodream

[> Re: seed paper angels -- PattyWV, 17:01:58 05/13/06 Sat [1]

Jaunice shared this on another post.
It's the instructions and pics for seed paper cards.
Thanks again Jaunice.

[> Re: seed paper angels -- Laurene, 21:18:23 05/13/06 Sat [1]

Ladies..Sorry I haven't learned to post pictures. I saved the directions that someone on here posted once but have been to afraid to try it. I am not very good at this 'puter stuff.LOL Laurene

[> Re: seed paper angels -- Jan, 11:40:50 05/14/06 Sun [1]

Would someone send me the JudeKS instructions for seed paper, the one with Faultess starch? Would love to make the angels for friends.
thanks in advance for your help.

[> Re: seed paper angels -- Caboobie, 11:54:53 05/14/06 Sun [1]

Laurene, if you want to try sending me the picture by e-mail I'll see if I can post it for you

[> Re: seed paper angels -- Laurene, 19:48:29 05/14/06 Sun [1]

Sorry Yvonne...I can't even do that! Just think of the Sizzix angel(angel figure in profile with uplifted hands holding a star) made from patterned paper towels with dots that are the seeds inside. Can you see it??? LOL

Jan, I think the Jude KS instructions are in the archives.

[> Re: seed paper angels -- Laurene, 19:54:39 05/14/06 Sun [1]

Jan, I just looked and it is in the archives. Just search under seed paper angels and scroll down to seed paper angels ect. and it is quite far down the page on 5/6/06 I think. Hope you can find it! Laurene
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