All things to do with bottles and glasses

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All things to do with bottles and glasses

Postby Caboobie » Fri Aug 13, 2004 4:14 pm

Wine bottle gram and wine bottle labels

Date Posted: 13:46:37 01/08/04 Thu
Author: Kathy
Subject: Wine Bottle Labels??


Would anyone happen to know a site where you can print off wine bottle labels for free?



[> Re: Wine Bottle Labels?? -- Dianenanato4, 14:11:47 01/08/04 Thu [1]

Kathy, if you have a program like Print Master you can print out your own labels and personalize them anyway you want and use any graphics you want as well.
Diane Nanato4

[> Re: Wine Bottle Labels?? -- ~BETTY~, 17:51:25 01/08/04 Thu [1]

Here's a site that might be what you are looking for.

Hope this helps....~BETTY~

Date Posted: 22:59:57 01/08/04 Thu
Author: arla
Subject: 4 the person looking for bottle gram poem

i don't have the poem that you were looking for but this websight may give you some suggestions.
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Postby Caboobie » Fri Aug 13, 2004 4:19 pm

Laughter in a bottle

Date Posted: 22:07:03 06/12/04 Sat
Author: louc
Subject: laughter

I think this would be so neat.
If you know how or know someone
who knows how to install a little
thingie into a medicine bottle
( like in a singing greeting card)
When you take off the lid the
bottle would go crazy laughing
it's head off. Laughter is as a
good medicine.etc.


[> Re: laughter -- Bar Bar, 22:19:22 06/12/04 Sat [1]

oh that would be fun, but how would you fix this until to make this happen

Date Posted: 23:23:02 06/22/04 Tue
Author: Marie from Manitoba
Subject: Thanks for "Laughter is the Best Medicine" suggestions

Shirley: thanks for your little poem. I used as my pill bottle label along with the figures from the "You Want It When??" sign.

In the bottle, I included:
-- mini Snicker bars
-- Jolly Rancher candy
-- Happy Face eraser
-- several riddles and jokes
-- several picture jokes

I started off my program with the benefits of laughter ... cardio help, lowering blood pressure and heart rate, lessening stress, etc., "inner jogging", fact that adults only laugh about 40 times a day whereas children laugh 400 times a day. Then I told them some jokes, gave them the pill bottles and told them to look inside. Some of the group volunteered to read their jokes and riddles out loud (without my prompting, which I consider a great feather in my "red hat").

We then listened to a tape I had compiled "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah", and a few cuts from "You Don't Have to be Jewish". By that time it was their lunch time and so my program ended.

Again, thanks for the quotes that were sent to me.

(((((( HUGS )))))) to all.

Now for next month, hmm ...


[> Re: Thanks for "Laughter is the Best Medicine" suggestions -- Fay in Australia, 03:35:08 06/29/04 Tue [1]

Thank you for this. Was the group you were with elderly?
I need things for that purpose from time to time,

Re: Thanks for "Laughter is the Best Medicine" suggestions -- Marie from Manitoba, 11:37:10 06/29/04 Tue [1]

Hi Fay in Australia:

Yes, "my ladies" reside in a seniors residence; the average age for the building is 77 years. The youngest in my group is 73. If you like, we could share ideas that have worked in the past (and those that have bombed).

[> Re: Thanks for "Laughter is the Best Medicine" suggestions -- Fay in Australia, 03:20:40 06/30/04 Wed [1]

Thank you, that would be great.
I will think about what we have done.
A friend has just made the beans in a jar kitchen safe with her ladies in NEW ZEALAND. I GOT THE IDEA OFF THIS FORUM & PASSED ON TO HER,
Sorry, my computer decoided that I needed capitals

[> Re: Thanks for "Laughter is the Best Medicine" suggestions -- Fay in Australia, 18:35:49 07/01/04 Thu [1]

A popular one was the catterpillars, when you take a pipecleaner (chenille stick)& wind it around a pencil. You can leave ot on there or slide off & add a pom pom head & wobbly eyes.
Cake decorating flower stamens are good for feelers.
If you slide it off the pencil, add a magnet. You can make cute striped catterpillars by using 2 or even 3 pipecleaners, wound side by side.
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Postby Caboobie » Fri Aug 13, 2004 5:25 pm

champagne glasses

Date Posted: 19:07:10 12/16/03 Tue
Author: miel
Subject: Champange glasses

Does anybody know what to do with the old type of wide mouth glass for champange, would really appriciate it.


[> Re: Champange glasses -- elly, 19:49:08 12/16/03 Tue [1]

Here is one idea for a wine glass.
Angel Hugs~~~elly ... Angel.html
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Postby Caboobie » Sat Aug 14, 2004 12:22 pm

Light up wine bottles

Date Posted: 16:21:41 07/09/04 Fri
Author: Crafty43
Subject: New idea for wine bottles

Just came from store and couldn't believe my eyes. I have been making lighted wine bottles with a nice bow on them and selling them for $7.50. Have been selling alot of them. Today in the store I saw a wine bottle (drilled like I do for the lights) and attached to it in a little bag was a ring(like a key ring). They were selling them as incense burners for $12.95. Someone was actually buying one while I was there. You simply put the thin end into the key ring, light the incense and blow out after a short time and insert it into the bottle. The ring keeps it from falling through. No mess! What an idea. I guess I'll have to do a few of those too. Hope this is useful to someone. Happy Crafting!


[> Re: New idea for wine bottles -- fauxma, 20:46:48 07/09/04 Fri [1]

hey Crafty 43..... way to go..... hehehe.... still having a visual problem... any pics around of yours or of the new incense burners that you'll sure to be making....

i just fried out my bottle cutter a couple weeks ago... ran outta wire and used what i had here... fried the dang transformer....

soooooooo this might be a new venue for using the bottles....

great idea... can't wait to hear more about this ..
Annie in Canada

[> Re: New idea for wine bottles -- jenjoy, 01:26:00 07/10/04 Sat [1]

Oh good Annie! I thought I was the only one with vision problems around here! I always do better when I can see a picture - I'm a visual learner! I'd love to see a pic. of these too if possible :)

[> Re: New idea for wine bottles -- Crafty43, 08:40:56 07/10/04 Sat [1]

Have to go to store today. Will pick up incense and key rings and will try to post picture. Happy Crafting!

[> Re: New idea for wine bottles -- NOHbrat, 20:41:18 07/10/04 Sat [1]

You should be able to find the directions to make these online. Most people are doing wire twists with beads around the bottles, or pretty decals glued on. They actually have been popular since the 60's and are at most craft shows.

Just drill a hole, about an inch up from the bottom of the bottle.. (so the ashes don't fall out), and tie on, wire on, however you want, a key ring so that you stick the end in the keyring and drop the smoking incense into the bottle. The smoke will completely fill the bottle then slowly rise out of the top, so this really looks good in a clear bottle.

I've also seen people that can do wire crafts wrap the bottle with beads and wire, and they wire a spring over the bottle opening, so that you clip the incense in the spring. The keyring is easier to do. Lots of possibilities for creativity and it's very inexpensive to do.

Find a wino in your neighborhood and beg the empty bottles, LOL!

There are some on this page for reference:


[> Re: New idea for wine bottles -- Crafty43, 21:07:04 07/10/04 Sat [1]

Thanks for the information and the link. It's amazing how things become popular again. Happy Crafting!!

[> Re: New idea for wine bottles -- miel, 21:56:50 07/10/04 Sat [1]

Does etching a wine bottle look nice, and is it necessary to drill a hole and how is it done, dumb question if you don't drill a hole your incense goes out right.

[> Re: New idea for wine bottles -- fauxma, 03:32:50 07/11/04 Sun [1]

thanks for the link to the smoking bottles.... the split key ring makes more sense now..... i thought i was having a totally blonde ..... er grey ... moment.....

still would love to see pics of your lighted wine bottles though Crafty43...

yes Jennifer... visual learners are usually crafters cause there is usually too many crafts in the brain to keep focus on one thing only...... hehehe

and like Miel.... i would like to know.... does the incense go out without the hole? or is the hole just to help with the air flow of the smoke?

[> Re: New idea for wine bottles -- Crafty43, 11:12:25 07/11/04 Sun [1]

Will try to post picture of lighted bottle later today. I think you do need the whole, because it gives a chimney effect and pushes the scent out the top. Happy Crafting!

[> Re: New idea for wine bottles -- flo, 11:39:28 07/11/04 Sun [1]

What will they think of next? I make oil lamps out of some of mine - mostly the cobalt blue ones. I paint a design on them and then they are fitted with a ceramic cork and wick. Fill with lamp oil and enjoy! The following post shows 2 of my wine lights: (flo a.k.a. rainee)

Note: HGTV Link was deleted 6/06 because it was no longer valid.

[> Re: New idea for wine bottles -- NOHbrat, 14:15:52 07/11/04 Sun [1]

It will be very hard, or impossible, for the incense to burn without the hole drilled in. This allows oxygen to go into the bottle while the smoke comes out the top.

[> Re: New idea for wine bottles -- Crafty43, 15:22:02 07/11/04 Sun [1]

Here is a picture of a couple lighted bottles. A little blury, but I think you can get the idea. Tried to post it here directly, but couldn't get it to go. Did something wrong. Thanks and Happy Crafting! ... 4_0001.jpg

[> Re: New idea for wine bottles -- jenjoy, 16:19:21 07/11/04 Sun [1]

Oh I get the key ring now too!!!! I just went back to the picture and studied it after reading fauxma's post!!! that's cool! Here's another idea for a source for wine bottles: I had to collect 40 bottles to decorate for a spagheti feed at our school and I got them at a local Italian restaurant...they were just recycling them as it was so they were glad to give them too me.

[> Re: New idea for wine bottles -- Sue, Tx, 22:29:54 07/11/04 Sun [1]

That's a great idea instead of the local wino. How about The Olive Garden.
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Postby Caboobie » Sat Aug 14, 2004 12:33 pm

Medicine bottle doll

Date Posted: 18:07:21 06/08/04 Tue
Author: Lorraine
Subject: Medicine Bottle Doll

My neighbor always gives me lots of prescription bottles and I didn't know what to do with them. Well, finally
today, I made a little doll out of it. Came out really cute. Don't know how to post picture or I would show you

Now, I need some ideas what I can use it for. I thought
about party favors since I left the cap on the bottom so
that it can be unscrewed. Also, maybe someone can come
up with a little poem.

Thanks ladies for all your help.



[> Re: Medicine Bottle Doll -- Lori Jean, 18:29:15 06/08/04 Tue [1]

Hi Lorraine,
Check this out: ... owman.html

Lori Jean :^)

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[> Re: Medicine Bottle Doll -- lou, 00:05:42 06/10/04 Thu [1]

I'm a happy medicine bottle doll
I am never sick
I like helping others
Get well quick
Then, not going to waste
I help make a craft
I think we're nifty
What do you think of that!?

[> Re: Medicine Bottle Doll -- jenjoy, 03:33:12 06/10/04 Thu [1]

I'm the perfect lady
Who helps you to stay well
I'll share a special RX
(please promise not to tell)
Because my magic pills
Are really just a treat
Whenever you feel sickly
And you're needin' something sweet!
(by: Jennifer Byerly)

If candy were a tonic
For whatever's ailing you
Then simply lift my dress up
And have yourself a few!
(by:Jennifer Byerly)
(or the third line could read: Simply turn me over)

If medicine were candy
I bet it would be true
That lots of folks would fall sick
And do it right on cue!
(by: Jennifer Byerly)

[> Re: Medicine Bottle Doll -- unknown person, 13:26:12 06/11/04 Fri [1]

sorry but this line, made me laught, for alot of folks out there will allow their diry minds to make something out of this. sorry, but that one just struke me... I'm not trying ot have a dirty mind.. really I'm not. LOL
and hope you not upset with me for saying anything...

If candy were a tonic
For whatever's ailing you
Then simply lift my dress up
And have yourself a few!
(by:Jennifer Byerly)
(or the third line could read: Simply turn me over)

[> Re: Medicine Bottle Doll -- jenjoy, 19:09:08 06/11/04 Fri [1]

hey, anytime I can laugh with or make someone laugh then I'm happy as a clam at high tide! No offense taken...I totally see what you mean. hehhee (wink!)
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Postby Caboobie » Sat Aug 14, 2004 12:54 pm

Small glass bottles

Date Posted: 22:22:25 05/08/04 Sat
Author: betty
Subject: i need some ideas

I went to a garage sale today and found 20 lttle glass
bottles, they are about 3 inches long and 1 inch accross
they are clear glass with a black cap and the cap has a 1/2 inch hole in it, would some one be able to give me some ideas and a poem to go with it, thank you so much i'm sure someone will know betty


[> Re: i need some ideas -- arla, 22:45:07 05/08/04 Sat [1]

why not wrap some wire and beads around them drill out the hole little more and place a flower in them. i've seen these done up hanging from a wall.

> Re: i need some ideas -- jazbo, 08:23:17 05/09/04 Sun [1]

Do a message in a bottle thing: message, glitter, small objects put in jar to go along with message, etc.

Cover the top with a fabric yo-yo, glue a bead on top of that.

Put angel or fairy dust in them; make a cute tags to go with.

Make treasure jars, gag gift 'collectible' jars (check the archives for more ideas.)

Sounds like you got a great find!

Note: For other Message in the Bottle ideas and poems, see this post: ... 1689#21689
Date Posted: 16:56:03 05/19/04 Wed
Author: Crafty43
Subject: Need a poem for bottle light

Need a poem for a lighted bottle. It is a gift for a married couple that are retiring from teaching school. My son has both teachers, but of course being 15 doesn't know much about them or their plans.
They have been teaching at this school for a long time, I believe over 20 years.
The school colors are blue and white. They are called the Hawks.
I use a blue vodka bottle and tied a blue and white bow around the neck.
Maybe something about enjoying retirement and think us often when its shines blue and white. I don't know, not good with words at all! I do know we have a bunch of very talented ladies that are. Thanks and Happy Crafting!!


[> Re: Need a poem for bottle light -- jacksmum, 21:51:26 05/21/04 Fri [1]

Hi Crafty43
Hope this helps:

You’ve both given so much
to the school over the years,
so we’ve made this parting gift
with love and lots of cheers.
Although it is a bottle
it’s not for you to drink,
but when the light is shining
we hope you’ll stop and think.
And the memories will be reflected
in the white and the blue,
Mr and Mrs Hawk
happy retirement to both of you.
~Sue Pitchfork~

[> Re: Need a poem for bottle light -- Crafty43, 19:04:23 05/22/04 Sat [1]

Wow, this is perfect! Thanks so much, they will be thrilled! Happy Crafting

[> Re: Need a poem for bottle light -- jacksmum, 22:15:49 05/22/04 Sat [1]

Glad I could help. Have a great Day.
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Postby Caboobie » Sat Aug 14, 2004 1:05 pm

Medicine bottle caps

Medicine Bottle Caps

Author: Charleen
Subject: Medicine bottle caps

My neighbor came in to several huge boxes of medicine lids of all colors and was wondering if anyone had some neat ideas as to what to do with them. SHe has painted snowmen onf some of them and will do pumpkins on the orange ones but she so many any ideas would be welcome.
I know there is a site for recycling items but I deleted it if anyone has one please pass it on to me.


Re: Medicine bottle caps -- Shorty, 21:48:07 02/20/04 Fri [1]

Are any of your caps deep? Could they be used for "finger pin cushions"?

Re: Medicine bottle caps -- JP, 21:51:01 02/20/04 Fri [1

Here is a very cute idea, a bottle cap christmas tree wall hanging! ... astree.htm

Re: Medicine bottle caps -- NancyH, 22:29:42 02/21/04 Sat [1

We use the medicine caps for wheels on a bunny racer. You decorate laundry soap scoops and gle the medicine caps on as whels. Then fill the scoop with easter grass and put a small bunny in. Sell for $3.50 at the craft shows.
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Postby Caboobie » Sat Aug 14, 2004 2:49 pm

Bottle composting

Date Posted: 11:32:28 06/20/03 Fri
Author: CrazeeMoi
Subject: Bottle Composting

don't need a lot of compost? try this....

Composting ... sting.html
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Postby Caboobie » Sat Aug 14, 2004 2:53 pm

Ideas for renuzit bottle

Date Posted: 20:55:15 02/17/04 Tue
Author: Sue
Subject: Renuzit

Any ideas. I was looking at this empty bottle and it's
shaped like an angel so I thought maybe someone out there
might have some ideas too. Let's see how we can recycle
this. Thanks.


[> Re: Renuzit -- Do Do, 21:25:25 02/17/04 Tue [1]

Go to their site

and you will find directions for cute things to make. Several years ago I made a lady mouse, which was so cute. Don't know what I did with the directions but know I got the directions off the renuzit site.
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Postby Caboobie » Sat Aug 14, 2004 3:09 pm

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Postby Caboobie » Sun Aug 15, 2004 8:37 am

Lighthouse botttle

Date Posted: 16:50:28 06/22/03 Sun
Author: Chancey
Subject: Found this would be great for kids room

I was surfing a round and found this would be neat for a kids room ....

Lighthouse in a Bottle ... ftid=10737
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Postby Caboobie » Mon Aug 16, 2004 8:21 am

Relaxation bottles

Date Posted: 11:47:15 03/16/04 Tue
Author: CrazeeMoi
Subject: Relaxation Bottles

and add a poem to it too.....


[> Re: Relaxation Bottles -- Ginny, 08:11:48 03/29/04 Mon [1]

The kids and I have made these several times. We use baby oil or vegetable oil. We also hot glue the lid on. (unfortunately our house came complete with an impossible to kill ant colony when we bought it and they loved trying to crawl under the tape to get to the cornsyrup.) If you fill the bottle half way with oil and then half way with water and add a drop or two of food coloring you get a really relaxing ocean wave effect.

[> [> Re: Relaxation Bottles -- miel, 08:43:04 03/29/04 Mon [1]

You could use the seals we use for our wine bottles, you just slip it over the top and heat it with a blow dryer and it shrinks to seal the top.

[> Re: Relaxation Bottles -- Dant-doe, 10:30:26 03/17/04 Wed [1]

Have you made these bottles? I was wondering if you fill them almost full with syrup, or just about half, or how much, and does it matter? I've got nephews coming for the weekend, and these look like fun.

[> Re: Relaxation Bottles -- CrazeeMoi, 15:36:06 03/17/04 Wed [1]

no ma'am...I havent made any...sorry...but..couldnt you maybe use clear bath/shower or hair gel? might be cheaper and not as sticky to work with lol

[> Re: Relaxation Bottles -- Wendy, 15:39:13 03/28/04 Sun [1]

Thats a neat little craft, however,I think I would put some glue on the bottle top before putting the lid on to help keep it from leaking. I know it wouldn't take my nieces and nephews long before they'd have the tape off and be dumping the liquid everywhere.

[> Re: Relaxation Bottles -- jazbo, 16:45:50 03/16/04 Tue [1]

Thanks, CM. I just found my 'bottles' collection notebook today, & have this fun idea to add to it. (((hugs)))

[> Re: Relaxation Bottles -- jaz66, 19:44:04 03/16/04 Tue [1]

Love seeing the relaxation bottles - do you know if there are any verses or short poems for them. I'll even take a longer poem if someone has time to come up with one.

[> Re: Relaxation Bottles -- jacksmum, 20:38:33 03/16/04 Tue [1]

LOLOLOL When I saw the heading "Relaxation Bottles" My first thought was "Oh Good Scotch!"

When your feeling stressed
and think the day will never end
here's a little bottle
for you to keep my friend.
although you "tip it up"
drinking is not advised
watch the colors swirling
right before your eyes.
Concentrate on patterns
and your cares will float away
add some deep breaths and a smile
for a much brighter day.
~Sue Pitchfork~

[> Re: Relaxation Bottles -- betty, 22:27:05 03/16/04 Tue [1]

these bottles sound interesting but would you please tell me what do you put in them. thank you

[> Re: Relaxation Bottles -- miel, 23:01:40 03/16/04 Tue [1]

Nice site, Betty scroll down the direction are there and check out the rest of the sites lots of things there.

[> [> Re: Relaxation Bottles -- miel, 23:11:21 03/16/04 Tue [1]

Nice things for the grandkids to do.

[> Re: Relaxation Bottles -- fauxma, 03:36:53 03/17/04 Wed [1]

still can't get over all the cool sites you find Crazeemoi... thanks for taking the time to share with us all... awesome... just awesome... hugzzzzzzzzzzzz

[> Re: Relaxation Bottles -- rmha, 19:21:28 03/27/04 Sat [1]

You can use baby oil instead of corn syrup, too.....
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Postby Caboobie » Mon Aug 16, 2004 8:53 am

Ocean in a bottle

Date Posted: 16:14:11 06/18/04 Fri
Author: Virginia/WA
Subject: Ocean In A Bottle

I made these a while back --- thought they would make a good project for kid's for the summer....

Ocean In A Bottle

What you'll need:
A 2-liter soda bottle
Blue food coloring
Mineral oil
Fun stuff to put inside the bottle

1. Fill a 2-liter soda bottle 3/4 full with water. Add a few drops of blue food coloring.

2. Drop in some brightly colored objects, like sequins, miniature plastic sea creatures and tiny shells etc.....

3. Fill the bottle to the top with mineral oil. Screw the cap back on tightly. I would glue the lid back on, if it's for young children.

Holding the bottle sideways, rock it back and forth to make your own ocean waves.

I have also used water and soda bottles --- there is such a variety out there. You can find clear bottles with a larger 'hole' to put in larger items in.
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Postby crafterwannabe » Tue Sep 14, 2004 6:03 pm

Ideas for Small Perfume Bottles

Date Posted: 22:16:22 08/20/04 Fri
Author: jill
Subject: ideas wanted for small perfune bottles


[> Re: ideas wanted for small perfune bottles -- Allie, 00:48:54 08/21/04 Sat [1]

I use small perfume bottles at each place setting with a flower and some greenery and a small dangling bow.Especially nice for a ladies luncheon.
I also use the small slender dressing bottles .Sometimes I let my guests take them home as favours.Enjoy

[> Re: ideas wanted for small perfune bottles -- melinda ny, 09:11:38 08/21/04 Sat [1]

going on what CrazyMe-Ma said, after adding the feather and glitter, make it into an angel, by adding a head and wings, like they do with salt shakers. I think it would be easy, not that I've tried! But it sounds good on paper...LOL.
melinda ny

[> Re: ideas wanted for small perfune bottles -- Claudia, 14:11:48 08/21/04 Sat [1]

Recently some crafter friends and I were discussing crafting ideas and the idea came up about bottle trees. I have seen the posts for large bottle trees on the garden sites, but we wondered about a small bottle tree made from a tree branch, maybe spray painted, and then wire the bottles with beads, decorate them however you choose and hang them on the tree. This could be used as a table centerpiece or wherever. Possibly attach the limb to a large grapevine wreath for the deck or patio wall. Fall leaves, raffia, etc could be added for Fall and pine and pine cones for Christmas. Just an idea - but maybe you could toy with it and come up with something unique and different.

[> [> Re: ideas wanted for small perfune bottles -- Carol, 22:34:26 08/20/04 Fri [1]

You can use the bottles as small vases and make button flowers on wire. They look whimsical and are really cute.

A craft shop down south had some and they were selling for $5 and up depending on the vases used.

A perfume bottle probably as a small opening so you wouldn't need but 3 flowers I'd think.

[> Re: ideas wanted for small perfune bottles -- CrazyMe-Ma, 22:35:18 08/20/04 Fri [1]

I saved small perfume bottles too. I used some of mine to put a feather inside & some glitter for Angel dust. My problem was sealing it afterwards & how to decorate / embellish it.
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Postby crafterwannabe » Thu Jun 08, 2006 4:48 pm

Drilling Wine Bottles for Lights

Date Posted: 15:59:00 05/29/06 Mon
Author: Chris
Subject: Wine bottle lights

I wanted to make some lighted wine bottle lights. ANy idea on what kind of drill I can use (and tip also I guess) to make the hole to put the xmas lights into the bottle? Also any idea where I can get the faux plastic grapes for decoration?

ANy help would be greatly appreciated.

[> Re: Wine bottle lights -- Dixiecup, 17:45:25 05/29/06 Mon [1]

Hi Chris! I use the 1" diamond hole saw from Harbor Freight. It cuts thru the glass like butter. The grapes, when I'm lucky, I find at the Dollar Store. Otherwise I pay top price at AC Moore. I'm drilling bottles and glass blocks today to fill some orders. Good luck and have fun!

[> [> Re: Wine bottle lights -- Chris, 05:53:47 05/31/06 Wed [1]

How well do you do on your lights? Do you sell them? Do they do well? Are the blocks better?

I'm in Germany in the "Rheingau" region.. tons and tons of wine! And when I came here, I expected to be drinking BEER! Anyway, I thought it would be a cool keepsake to make the lights with some local bottles (every little town/village has at least a few wine makers) for my friends. I also have seen some pretty neat Italian and French bottles also. I think they'd be pretty cool to sell here.

Is there anything special to do with the drill (i.e. wet it while you are cutting it or anything?) I haven't seen the grapes on post (our craft area is VERY limited) and I haven't seen them in the economy yet.. I saw online for about $2.50 (b.s-- before shipping!!) a bunch.. it would make a very cute gift so I'll probably just go ahead and buy them. I do miss our dollar store!

Thanks for any tips-- I get so excited when I get on a new project and miss being able to run to the craft store to get my supplies.. I hate to mailorder and wait for them! = )

[> Re: Wine bottle lights -- Dixiecup, 12:09:51 05/31/06 Wed [1]

The lights are just now taking off for me. I've sold a few here and there and now all of a sudden, through word of mouth, the orders are coming in. I started out selling them for $15.00 and was told that that was low, so I'm raising it to $20.
I do keep a spray bottle of water handy and spray the wine bottle a few times while I'm drilling. My dsil found a drill press for me (for $25!!!) and that has helped so much, but it certainly isn't necessary. I did 25-30 bottles with my dh's hand drill. The biggest secret I found is to go slowly and let the drill do the work.
I wouldn't worry about the grapes at all. If you find pretty ribbon--I found some with grape vines--and add some artificial vine, it would be perfect. Or raffia. Anything to just top it off. I print out labels and adhere those to the front.
I seem to do better at Christmas with the glass blocks, altho now people are asking me to put pics of their kids on them so it may pick up a bit.
Have fun and feel free to e-mail with any questions.
Kathy R.

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Where do you get the wine bottles? Do you have people save them for you?
Lori Jean :o)

[> Re: Wine bottle lights -- Dixiecup, 22:12:38 05/31/06 Wed [1]

Yes Ma'm. At my DGD's school, the secretary and one of the teachers (who drinks VERY expensive wine! LOL) give them to me. Also my chiropractor, physical therapist,'s amazing who will offer them to you when you get into a conversation about the lights. And it's a good thing, too, 'cause I could never drink enough wine to keep up with sales.
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