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Postby crafterwannabe » Sun Aug 20, 2006 2:31 am

Tips - Holding Bottle to Drill Holes

Date Posted: 07:07:08 08/08/06 Tue
Author: Chris
Subject: Help on wine bottle lights... Need Dixiecup's help please

A few months back I had asked for some information on wine bottle lights. Dixiecup graciously responded with some information for me... but I need help please!!

I finally received my diamond bit for the drill. I do not have a drill press... I am having a heck of a time trying to drill the hole. I can't get the drill to stay still on the bottle so it is 'scoring' the back of the bottle. Any suggestions on how to do it? I held the bottle in my legs to keep it steady.. which seems to work... and I am pressing down with the drill straight but it is moving all over the place!!

Also, it was mentioned to get the grapes at the dollar store. I did have my aunt send some plastic ones to me but I'm interested in getting the "crystal" or glass ones. Any idea on a supplier?

Thanks so much for your help... good thing I started my xmas gifts now! I had the idea in my head but can't seem to execute it!!

Re: Help on wine bottle lights... Need Dixiecup's help please -- Crafty43, 09:33:08 08/08/06 Tue [1]

DH drills my bottles. He now has a drill press, but before he use to use a vice to hold the bottle and spray the bottle and bit with water to keep it cool so bottle does not break. Hope this helps. Sorry I can't help with the grapes, I either leave them plain with a bow or put a graphic and a bow on them. Good Luck and Happy Crafting!

Re: Help on wine bottle lights... Need Dixiecup's help please -- Dixiecup, 10:47:13 08/08/06 Tue [1]

Hi Chris! Crafty43's advice was right-on. Fashion a "holder" out of wood, or use a real vice and then spray with water. I had the same problem....until I got my $25 drill press. I tried putting masking tape on but that only helped a little. At the end I was creating stickers with my zyron, punching a hole and then covering the scratches. I know that's not much help and I'm sorry. Also wish that I could help with glass grapes, but I only buy the reg. ones at the $ store or AC Moore.

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