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Postby Caboobie » Sun Oct 08, 2006 9:28 am

Poem: Gift purse

Date Posted: 13:06:11 09/27/06 Wed
Author: Shirttails
Subject: I've Lost It! Please Help!

I am looking for a purse poem that was written by a company on their card. I just found small purse charms at oriental....they finally came and I wanted to print a similar poem and pur the purse with it in a bag. I can't find the poem....something about friendship is like a good purse...etc. We had it on this list, I saved it...but where. I want to cry, I'm on overload. Please have better luck finding it.


[> Re: I've Lost It! Please Help! -- tika, 16:02:35 09/27/06 Wed [1]

I have it saved:

Practical, casual, sporty or jazzy
Fancy or fun, classy or snazzy
They come in a range of styles and sizes
They’re open, giving and full of surprises
A good one is always there in the clutch
Helping bear burdens and caring so much
Reliable, valuable made of strong stuff
They’re mostly adjustable, sturdy and tough
And with your ‘purse’ onality I have to be brag
You’ve simply got being a friend in the bag
~author unknown~

[> Re: I've Lost It! Please Help! -- Shirttails, 17:43:13 09/27/06 Wed [1]

Thank you so much!!!!!!!! I wish I could remember the name of the company, but that's okay.

I'd like to find someone to make a card of this and I'd attach a purse charm that I broke the ring off and put a pin back on.

Anyone game???? :)

[> Re: I've Lost It! Please Help! -- shilo, 07:21:28 09/28/06 Thu [1]

Thats really cute. Must of missed that when it was posted.

[> Re: I've Lost It! Please Help! -- Claudia, 09:27:38 09/28/06 Thu [1]

I saw some "gift" purses with bead handles at Dollar Tree yesterday. They would be neat with a small gift tucked in and the card attached to the handle.

Just an idea.


[> Re: I've Lost It! Please Help! -- Shirttails, 09:39:35 09/28/06 Thu [1]

What a nice idea!

I want to use the card stock one and package it like the icicle poem I had last year. It was such a good seller and I want something to make the table space so I can get more money for the things I worked so hard on.

[> Re: I've Lost It! Please Help! -- shilo, 09:47:11 09/28/06 Thu [1]

Heres a sight I buy alot of beaded patterns from. They have mini beaded purses you can bead. I'm going to order the pattern for one. What a great idea.

you need to put beaded purse in the search box at the top left. Forgot to tell you all that.

[> Re: I've Lost It! Please Help! -- Shirttails, 10:00:03 09/28/06 Thu [1]

Those beaded purses are beautiful@ Too much work to put to a card to sell and get my money back though.

I found my purse charms at for $3.99 and there are 36 in a package. I can do the cards easily for $1. I'll just slip a little ribbon in the hole and attach it to the card. The number of item #48/3425 in case you want to see them.

[> Re: I've Lost It! Please Help! -- shilo, 21:58:04 09/28/06 Thu [1]

Just bumping up, maybe someone can make a card with this, and the saying. What a great idea. Thanks in advance. Anyone willing to give it go?
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Postby Caboobie » Sun Sep 02, 2007 11:19 am

Date Posted: 08:10:03 08/22/07 Wed
Author: Crafty Me2
Subject: Cute gift card holder from Scrap Monkey

There are 2 included a simple flat one and a cute litle purse! They can also be used as money holders or small greeting cards! ;-) Crafty Me2 ... index.html
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