Share alittle about yourself for the SS

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Share alittle about yourself for the SS

Postby Wilma » Tue Jan 25, 2011 3:53 pm

Date Posted: 08:49:17 01/06/11 Thu
Author: shilo
Subject: Share alittle about yourself for the SS

I'll go first...I'm not a picky person. I love lots of different stuff. I'm not hard to please. I collect angels, my favorite color is purple, and blue. I can't have stuff that smells strong due to asthma, and lung issues. My house is done in southwestern. I love to bead, and crochet.

[> Re: Share alittle about yourself for the SS -- Shirttails, 09:22:35 01/06/11 Thu [1]

I'm not a picky person either, unless it's lint. I like to do small crafts and I sew. I dabble in crochet as I am teaching myself from the internet and a program some nice SS sent to me. :) I like to do plastic canvas. I am an angel lover, too. I also collect sewing stuff for my sewing room like old needle cards, buttons, actually anything old but also like the new items like music boxes, boxes, resin stuff. It is only used to help clutter the room. :) I love clutter...I operate best that way. haha
I am also a Hummel lover, but I have quit buying the figurines. I do have some Hummel x stitches here and there around the house. My favorite color is blue.

[> Re: Share alittle about yourself for the SS -- JAN EGGERS, 09:33:58 01/06/11 Thu [1]

I do not like candles, bubble bath and tissue box covers. My favorite color is medium blue. My kitchen is done up in bird houses. I love to receive plastic canvas patterns and books. Also would like patterns for easy crochet dish rags, doilies, & snow flakes. Love to receive plant starts from other people. (Only when it is warm enough to send them.) I am a diabitic. Pretty much would like to receive anything. JAN E mrse

[> Re: Share alittle about yourself for the SS -- Kimberly Hicks, 11:15:53 01/06/11 Thu [1]

Hmmmmmm.......okay my favorite color is green of any shade. As far as collections my mail obsession is anything primitive Americana, I have it in every room of my house. Crafting wise I love plastic canvas and little crafts that I can do with my 5 year old. We love to cook, bake and craft together. I don't care for chocolate but do eat it once in awhile when the craving hits. I am not hard to please or make happy. I live by the saying its the thought that counts! And as long as I am able to make my husband and my 5 year old happy then I am happy.. LOL

[> Re: Share alittle about yourself for the SS -- MaryLee, 12:21:08 01/06/11 Thu [1]
Just wanted my SS to know that I have really bad allergies and can't have any candles, lotions etc that smell. I buy unscented everything, laundry detergent, lotion, etc.
I collect lots of stuff, angels, snowmen, santas, bunnies, bears, old tins, old kitchen graters and old childrens sewing machines. My kitchen is cream and hunter, bedroom is mauve and cream, livingroom and diningroom is mainly cream. I don't do papercrafts (yet) or plastic canvas and I don't knit or crochet. I mainly do wood crafts now, but still sew and paint mailboxes.

[> Re: Share alittle about yourself for the SS -- Diane B, 13:07:53 01/06/11 Thu [1]
I love anything especially handmade items.
My favorite color is blue.

[> Re: Share alittle about yourself for the SS -- wanda, 14:05:43 01/06/11 Thu [1]

ok, as for me.i'm not picky either, i'm 61,my birthday is -5-1-49.2 boys,43,& 42 and 2 girls-41 & 40,,been married 45 years, 46 on nov. 19th..8 grands and 4 great grands.. i love to make cards,i love to sew,i don't do a lot of other crafts because i just don't have room in my house to store everything.i' letting my hair grow out so i am using a lot of hair clips and clasp, but my hair is somewhat soft so only the smaller/tighter clips works for me, i have pierce ears but i prefer to wear clip-ons.i like to keep my nails pretty so i love nail living room is done in burgundy,greens,and tan,my wall is a very, very soft yellow, . my kitchen is done in muted greens and burgundy with just a hint of a rooster design,my wall is a yellow/green,again, very soft in color..i love teas, and have a keurig coffee pot i use 24/7. i have very bad asthma and cannot do candles, at all.if i receive anything i cannot use it will be passed on to a family member that can use it.and i've been doing these swaps long enough to know that it's always a surprize as to what we get, i'm not one to complain if my item is not on time or that if life happens and we get off track, i know first hand that life happens,just going in this to have fun, wanda

[[> [> Re: Share alittle about yourself for the SS -- wanda, 14:41:01 01/06/11 Thu [1]

me again, i forgot something else, i love to read,card and craft magazines and romance pocket books, but it has to be a story line about the later yrs, i don't like any stories that is written about time before the 50's..and i love mailing stamps, a book of stamps is like gold to me because i have a grandson in afghanistan and i write to him every single day, LOL, he 's 21 and he knows his granny misses him a lot.

[> Re: Share alittle about yourself for the SS -- Shari Clayton, 14:07:27 01/06/11 Thu [1]

I'm not to picky.. .love candles or tarts( melts whatever you wnat to call them) .. favorite scents are foods especially bakery scents. .. Favorite color is olive green. I like to read magazines, taste of home, birds in bloom, good housekeeping or any other food magazine, where i can get some good healthy cooking recipes. I like to read romance novels or horror by John saul. True crime is also a favorite of mine. LOVE Law & Order SVU ( christopher Meloni is a cutey :) .. ) I also have learned how to make quilts.. sooo that is another hobby of mine. Also.. am a big movie watcher. .. BTW.. I'm a newbie here, thanks for having me. :) .. p.s. forgot to say i collect wolves and dreamsickle' cherubs. .. wolves mostly cause i have one and he's my baby .

[> Re: Share alittle about yourself for the SS -- Dorothea, 18:36:18 01/06/11 Thu [1]

I'm easy to please. I like cards (making & recieving.) Candles. Angels. Cooking. Gardening, especially herbs.
Favorite colors are greens, yellows, blues, all colors found in nature. My kitchen is panaled so anything goes. I have a bit of a rooster/chicken theme going on. I've been doing this swap for awhile and it's my favorite. I hope everyone get's a fun secret sister like so many that I have had in the past. Let the fun begin.

> Re: Share alittle about yourself for the SS -- Debbie fron NC, 19:32:40 01/06/11 Thu [1]

I am very easy to please. I enoy doing paper craft, ceramics,jewelry,crocheting and plastic canvas. I stay busy. I have gingerbreads in my kitchen and I like to read mystery books. Homemade gift are great to recieve.

[> Re: Share alittle about yourself for the SS -- kakeladee, 19:47:08 01/06/11 Thu [1]

I am easy to please. I agree with the thought that counts. I love learning new things. I do plastic canvas,jewelry making,acrylic painting,ceramics,scrapbooking ,rubber stamping&card making etc. Love it all. My favorite color is purple. I belong to a red hat group.

[> Re: Share alittle about yourself for the SS -- bwacky, 21:04:39 01/06/11 Thu [1]

Dear Secret Sister,
My favorite colors are light blue and light yellow, in fact that's what colors my craft room is done in.
I love, love, love Christmas ornaments.
I'm a chocoholic, I love anything chocolate.
I'm a big fan of Disney...Goofy and Tinkerbell are my favorites.
I like to do papercrafting, card making and scrapbooking.
I have pierced ears but can't wear anything too big.
I love to read mysteries (but not too scary).
I have a small collection of bookmarks that I'm always adding to.
I enjoy going out to fast food resturants for lunch once in a while like Mc Donalds, Wendys, etc.
These are just some of the things I like but I truly would be pleased with whatever my secret sister decides on.

[> Re: Share alittle about yourself for the SS -- Virginia from Pa, 22:54:52 01/06/11 Thu [1]

I am very easy to please & really excited to be in this swap. Have never done anything like this before. I love bears & have some in every room of my house. I also collect porcelain (sp) dolls. My favorite color in purple followed by yellow. My living room is south west. You might say I just have a little of everything. Enjoy sewing, reading, pc & crochet. Just started to crochet so still really learning but do enjoy it. Have recently gone back to bowling & play cards at our local Senior Center. Can't wait for the fun to begin.

[> [> Re: Share alittle about yourself for the SS -- Deb Hummel, 12:30:51 01/07/11 Fri [1]

I like lavender and purple but not necessarily for decorating. My living areas tend to be country green, burgandy etc. Every week I tend to watch hoarders and try to clear out a drawer or two the next day! I love "unique" items or things. I have an unusual heart condition and I am in constant pain for which they have implanted a "pain pump". I do enjoy trying all sorts of crafts but I try to stick with crocheting and sewing so that I don't pile up too many extra supplies - boy is that a laugh. We also have a flea market booth during the summer so now you now that our extra space really piles up!

[[> Re: Share alittle about yourself for the SS -- HDMac, 12:41:39 01/07/11 Fri [1]

Oh goodness. I, too, am not a picky person. I love doing all kinds of crafts. I love to read and enjoy my friends and family. I love to cook and bake. Love cookbooks. Love recipes! :)I sew, crochet, scrapbook, do flowery things... always willing to try out something new and fun. Love to craft with my grandkids. The 2 scrapbooking projects that I am working on right now are my surprise birthday party in November and Christmas. I scrapbook each Christmas and share the albums each Christmas so we can look back and share those memories. :) I love to encourage others. I am a Believer. I have a blog that I enjoy working on. I collect angels and pigs and cookbooks. I am addicted to some games on Facebook.... sigh..........

[> Re: Share alittle about yourself for the SS -- Cathy in az.., 15:41:53 01/07/11 Fri [1]

I love pastel colors and i love fairys, butterflys and BIG cats like tigers, lions, cougars etc....
My birthday is April 23 and i love to celebrate every year i get from the Lord...i am a born again christian and loving it..
Im married to a man that i have been with since i was 14 yrs old..we are now going on 36 yrs this 4th of July..Wow!!
I love animals..i have 2 dogs and 2 cats..they are like my children and very spoiled..haha
I do have grown children and grandson sons as well which i adore...
My hobbies are cooking, scrapbooking, cards, crafts of all sorts, emailing,and i dabble in jewlery making...
I love to star gaze and look at clouds, skys and sunsets and sunrises..this is my special moments i so enjoy..
I am on a wieghtloss journey and so far have lost 110 lbs since 2009..i am trying to loose another 100 so i guess i will be on this journey a long time..LOL!!!
I enjoy popcorn, sugar free chocolate and favorite drinks are tea and crystal light water..
I am not picky and whatever you send me the most inportant thing is that i get to know you and make a new friend...that is why i like joining this yrly...
I look forward to our yr together..

[> Re: Share alittle about yourself for the SS -- Laura in CA, 16:51:54 01/07/11 Fri [1]

I'm not a picky person either - very easygoing. I still work full-time so when I do have the time I love to cook, sew and read. I love cookbooks, recipes and new and unique sewing patterns. I collect angels and I'm a country girl at heart living in the city! I'm a total chocaholic - I go through withdrawals if I don't have it daily! When I have the time to get away I like to go to the mountains, lake - somewhere where there is open land! Looking forward to the swap to make new crafty friends!

[> Re: Share alittle about yourself for the SS -- Nylietta, 22:48:09 01/07/11 Fri [1]

I really like anything handmade. My kitchen is yellow the theme is sunflowers and birdhouses. I like penguins and snowman. Of course I like birds and birdhouses. Love to papercraft. I work fulltime so I'm always looking for new and easy recipes. Looking forward to a year of fun. Nylietta

[> Re: Share alittle about yourself for the SS -- Bev(meme), 23:09:34 01/07/11 Fri [1]

I am easy to please also. I don't wear jewelery or wear strong perfumes. I love to do all crafts except knitting but paper crafts are my favorite. My home is done mostly in just country style, with variations ranging from peaches and blues to hunter green, yellows and tans. Another thing I love is teas of all kinds, my favorite breakfast tea is Earl Grey, also I love snowmen or snowladies.LOL Now as far as collections, I would say tea cups or tea pots, thats the theme in my kitchen. Oh, I am a diabetic so no sweets.:-(
and I am a recipe collector as I love to cook. this voy place is the best, so many wonderful ladies here that share so many sites and cute things. I am looking forward to this SS swap.Hugs, Bev(meme)

[> Re: Share alittle about yourself for the SS -- Laurel, 11:26:29 01/08/11 Sat [1]

I love to sew. I garden. I do plastic canvas. Love getting cards.Not hard to please. I have a friend that sends me a fat quarter every once in awhile and that makes my day--see easy to please.Pre diabetic so sugar free is me! LOL! I have 2 dogs and 2 cats. Love these secret sister swaps.New friends to meet! This site is full of great people that are always ready to help! I collect thimbles and above mentioned fat quarters.LOL!

[> Re: Share alittle about yourself for the SS -- ROBBIE, 14:06:10 01/08/11 Sat [1]

I am 56 years old wife of 1, mother of 2, grandmother of 2. I like bright colors, snowman, bags, boxes of all sizes. I crochet a lot and try my hand at other crafts that show up on the voy.
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