How to do a direct link on Voy

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How to do a direct link on Voy

Postby Caboobie » Wed Aug 03, 2005 11:15 pm

Right this is how I do it.

Copy and paste this to a new page (word document) and save it to your file (I named it 'How to do a direct link' then I can find it quickly)

<a href="">Description of site you are linking</a>

Now when you want to do a direct link all you have to do is open the saved file and put the address of the link in place of the red and then type in what the link is in place of the green.

Next highlight and copy the whole thing (the red and green will no longer be there as you will have swapped them for the link info) then paste it in the message box on the voy.

It will appear as a direct link once you send it (don't forget the url needs to be put under the direct link though) I usually paste that just below before I put it in place of the red lettering, therefore you can copy and paste the whole thing in one go.

When you have finished using your saved 'How to do' page, you just close it and say no when it asks if you want to save the changes, It stays in your file like it was before you added the link so you can use it again next time.

Hope this helps
Hugs Yvonne
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