Make Cover for Knives Using Cereal Boxes

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Make Cover for Knives Using Cereal Boxes

Postby crafterwannabe » Wed Jun 08, 2011 10:24 pm

Date Posted: 15:01:34 05/13/11 Fri
Author: Sherron
Subject: DIY Knife Covers ... overs.html

> Re: DIY Knife Covers -- Judy from GA, 15:22:40 05/13/11 Fri [1]

This is a great site! Look at the right side and choose the Feb. posts. Then on that, scroll down to the instructions for making scarves out of t-shirts! I love scarfs and these look easy and neat--no sewing even. This is a nice rainy evening, so t-shirts might start disappearing around here tonight. :-)

Thanks for posting the site, Sherron.
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