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Seed Bombs

Postby Alma » Tue Feb 14, 2012 2:20 am

Date Posted: 18:45:35 01/22/12 Sun
Author: Daisy
Subject: Seed B o m b s

Will not let me post the site I would guess because of the word B o m b all you did is mix newpapers and water in a blender add seeds get as much water out as you can then press into a mold and dry I wonder putting in a food drier at really low heat would work? they were cute anyway


[> Re: Seed B o m b s -- Daisy, 18:47:14 01/22/12 Sun [1]

Hey it worked lol had to put spaces in the word but it got the point across

[> Re: Seed B o m b s -- KarenSimon, 23:51:50 01/22/12 Sun [1]

What a fabulous idea. I've been wanting to dump seeds along the interstate from Tucson to Denver. Every couple of years we visit family in Denver area and it gets old looking at the normal (weeds) along the highway.

[> Re: Seed B o m b s -- Huskerfan, 11:44:20 01/23/12 Mon [1]

I also think this is a great site and great idea. Thanks so much.
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