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Love Key for People Important in Your Life

Postby crafterwannabe » Fri Mar 31, 2017 8:49 pm

Date Posted: 13:07:04 06/10/15 Wed
Author: Betty
Subject: Help with Poem Please

Hi to all you wonderful talented guys
I would like to have a small poem that I can attach to a skeleton key shape, that is made to plant to grow flowers. (neat idea huh)
(It's for my daughters 30th Birthday) She wants to thank family and friends for being part of her life and this key symbolizes the key to family and family who all hold the key to her heart. By planting this key and when the flowers bloom just a sign that their importance in her life will also grow and flourish.

This might be a hard task I know. But it is a wonderful idea just need the poem...thanking you all in advance

[> Re: Help with Poem Please -- bonniek, 17:53:47 06/14/15 Sun [1]

Hi Betty, I'm no poet, but in the archives are a ton of key poems. Here's the link so you can browse through them. Maybe you can tweak a word or two to make it fit better.

And here's one I had saved for awhile. Maybe you could work it around a plant growing thing too.


Late at night when I'm sound asleep
into my heart you softly creep
I sit and wonder how it could be,
but you must have stumbled across the key

This key holds the secret to true love and more,
so take it now and unlock the door.
And I pray that we will never part,
now that you have the key to my heart.
Author Unknown

[> Re: Help with Poem Please -- Betty, 07:55:29 06/15/15 Mon [1]

Thank you so much for posting that link. I definitely will be checking that out. Thanks again
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