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Postby PattyWV » Thu Oct 20, 2011 12:07 am

Date Posted: 22:38:21 09/25/11 Sun
Author: gator
Subject: penny poems

Do any of you crafters get requests for penny poems at your craft sales? If so, what is a fair price to ask for them? Thanks in advance.


Re: penny poems -- Shirttails, 22:47:44 09/25/11 Sun [1]

I sell penny poems at craft sales. I charge $1.

Sondra has alot of them made on her site and reasonably priced.

Re: penny poems -- gator, 22:58:18 09/25/11 Sun [1]

Thanks for your information...I have several of Sondra's poems. Wasn't sure what the going price was for them at craft sales. Thanks for your quick response. Gator

Re: penny poems -- jhm, 21:54:49 09/26/11 Mon [1]

What is Sondras website. I need some penny poems and have looked all over for them.

Re: penny poems -- Helper, 23:02:00 09/26/11 Mon [1]
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