Shopping Cart Safety

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Shopping Cart Safety

Postby angela » Sun Feb 06, 2011 10:27 pm

Date Posted: 02:29:44 01/20/11 Thu
Author: Sherron
Subject: Shopping Cart Safety

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Re: Shopping Cart Safety -- Huskerfan, 12:41:50 01/20/11 Thu [1]

That would be a very good idea. Next time I see those I am going to get one or more just in case I get any grandbabies ever.

Re: Shopping Cart Safety -- LuluTX, 14:24:57 01/20/11 Thu [1]

I have found that a $Store cotton placemat can be used also. Just fold it lengthwise, attach a few rectangles of Velcro along the long edges. Can also attach pacifier, teething ring etc. It only takes a few minutes to make and can be carried easily in a diaper bag and it's also completely washable and attaches easily and quiickly to the cart handle. If one is forgotten (not the baby) in the basket, your investment is small - again, the mat, not the baby! LOL I've give a pkg of several as shower gifts and they always seem to be appreciated.
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