... Make Your Own Pretty Twist Tie

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... Make Your Own Pretty Twist Tie

Postby Alma » Tue Nov 16, 2010 12:34 am

Date Posted: 00:16:31 09/18/10 Sat
Author: Sherron
Subject: How to Make a Pretty Twist Tie

http://zakkalife.blogspot.com/2010/07/h ... t-tie.html


[> Re: How to Make a Pretty Twist Tie -- jazz, 06:55:28 09/18/10 Sat [1]

What a cool idea! This has so many applications - party favors, bagged goodies for sale, etc. I have not seen any of the polka dot tape, but I have several rolls of plain colored tape. Now I will never be without twist ties again. TYFS - (((hugs)))

[> Re: How to Make a Pretty Twist Tie -- Huskerfan, 13:39:29 09/18/10 Sat [1]

Oh my I never thought of anything like this. I agree with Jazz It could be used in so many ways. Thanks a bunch.

[> Re: How to Make a Pretty Twist Tie -- kakeladee, 16:49:50 09/18/10 Sat [1]

I have never heard of Japanese masking tape. Where do you get it? I have seen masking tape in colors but not heard of this one.
Neat idea though. I like it.


[> Re: How to Make a Pretty Twist Tie -- Sherron, 10:54:22 09/19/10 Sun [1]

I had never heard of Japanese Masking tape either. It's available on line but it is rather expensive. Maybe someone could find a wholesale site for purchasing the tape ;)


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