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Ideas for Christmas Craft Shows

Postby crafterwannabe » Mon Aug 29, 2016 12:34 am

Date Posted: 14:55:38 04/25/15 Sat
Author: skippy
Subject: Has any one started Christmas yet?

working on craft show inventory, need some new ideas.tia

[> Re: Has any one started Christmas yet? -- garnet, 19:24:16 04/25/15 Sat [1]

Pot holders and mini-quilt coaster/mugrug

Coasters in a stack of 4 tied with yarn, ribbon, or a strip of fabric.

Single mini-quilt coaster with blank card and envelope. Can be sent with a first class stamp. (Has to meet USPS requirement of weight, size, flexible, and max thickness 1/4 inch.) Something useful to keep rather than the usual greeting card that is just a throwaway.

Crocheted scarflet that laps with a button or other closure. I made one for myself to go with a jacket that didn't close at the neck. Comfy and stylish. So now I'm making them for family members.

A scarflet can be rolled and stuck in a pocket - handier than a bulky scarf.

I had to look for just the right yarn and experiment with my pattern to get a texture and a finish edging that I liked. But using a large hook and 2 strands of yarn, it doesn't take long to make a scarflet. I used a closure from the button rack bought when buttons were half price.

Solar patio light, inspired by a post here. They would be more of a job to transport and manage at a craft fair. It might work to have a few models and take orders. DH and I made our first 2 as a gift for the host couple and the honored guests. They were a hit. Then we made a couple for my DB and wife. Really pretty at night. It is so hard to come up with a gift for a man, and this answers that challenge.

[> [> Re: Has any one started Christmas yet? -- garnet, 08:54:22 04/26/15 Sun [1]

Coaster tutorial here. ... sters.html

I think I would use two patterned fabrics for a single half square triangle top. I would use a single square piece for the back. Just personal preference to avoid possible misalignment of stitching in the ditch.

[> Re: Has any one started Christmas yet? -- bonniek, 22:04:01 04/26/15 Sun [1]

I was just at a junk/antique show this weekend and saw a lot of stars..made from rulers & yardsticks, made from twigs, made from garden stakes, made from corrugated tin, made from almost anything. Little ones like ornaments, and big ones like wreaths. I don't know if this is a trend or not but there sure were a lot around.

[> Re: Has any one started Christmas yet? -- garnet, 07:33:13 04/30/15 Thu [1]

Matching Game of cards made from fabric scraps. ... craps.html

[> Re: Has any one started Christmas yet? -- bonniek, 08:30:55 05/01/15 Fri [1]

That matching game is adorable! I hope I can fit the time in to make some for our church bazaar! SO cute!

[> Re: Has any one started Christmas yet? -- LuluTX, 14:45:58 05/01/15 Fri [1]

I think the matching cards could also be used for mug rugs - maybe make them slightly larger. Neat idea.

[> Re: Has any one started Christmas yet? -- skippy, 00:37:44 05/03/15 Sun [1]

lots of good ideas. tks a bunch
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