October 2010 Craft Show Results

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October 2010 Craft Show Results

Postby crafterwannabe » Tue Nov 23, 2010 3:10 am

Date Posted: 15:38:47 10/02/10 Sat
Author: skippy
Subject: Show # 2 over

got another show over today. We had beautiful weather, wonderful entertainment and some delicious North Carolina BBQ. There wasn't many crafters out though which made it good for the ones that were there. I did pretty good for the turnout. Lets face it, we never do as well as we hope to. I sold oven door dresses, potholder dish towels, motorcycle doo rags and a few odds & ends left over from last year. My daughter set up with me and she sold a lot of wristlet key ring and wallet sets and a few pet bandanas.
We have one more next month and then it will be time to get rady for bike rallies in the spring.

[> Re: Show # 2 over -- Doreen, 15:46:42 10/02/10 Sat [1]

Well done Skippy, glad to know you had a good show and great weather. Must have been nice to have your DD set up with you, I love it when my kids come too.

Doreen : )

[> [> Re: Show # 2 over -- skippy, 16:06:41 10/02/10 Sat [1]

it is nice to have her there, she knows a whole different crowd of folks around here, so when her friends and co-workers stop by they alway buy from both of us. We are about the only mother-daughter team in our area, people think that is neat. We swap fabric and other supplies with each other and sometimes come up with crafts that complement each other's.

[> Re: Show # 2 over -- Blazer (Darlene P.), 16:41:46 10/02/10 Sat [1]

Glad you had a good show and good weather that always helps!
I remember reading a post earlier from you mentioning your DD wristlet key chains, Is there a site showing them somewhere?
Happy Crafting!

[> [> Re: Show # 2 over -- skippy, 17:16:56 10/02/10 Sat [1]

this is similar to the ones that she makes, except hers is about 1 inch wide(finished).
http://pinoyinoz.blogspot.com/2008/08/t ... -made.html

[> Re: Show # 2 over -- Laurel, 20:11:04 10/02/10 Sat [1]

Can you tell me what the pet bandanas are selling for? My sis wants me to make some for her the have at her craft table.

[> [> Re: Show # 2 over -- skippy, 20:13:13 10/02/10 Sat [1]

these are the type that slides on the collar, has a casing at top like on a curtain. Lge and xl are going for 5, med. are 4 and sm. and xsm are 3.

[> Re: Show # 2 over -- Laurel, 20:23:27 10/02/10 Sat [1]

Thanks for the info. I have made that type plus the regular triangular kind. Any idea what the regular kind would go for?

[> Re: Show # 2 over -- Blazer(Darlene P.), 07:51:02 10/03/10 Sun [1]

Thank you Skippy for the Wristlet site. The dog collar cover sounds interesting we have a new puppy that could use that idea, be cute with a halloween print ~ do you gather the material onto the collar a little or just make it smooth?
Thanks for Sharing!
Blazer(Darlene P.)

[> [> Re: Show # 2 over -- skippy, 08:34:06 10/03/10 Sun [1]

it isn't a cover, it is a triangle piece of fabric with a casing at the square in an it slides on the collar, looks just like a tied on bandana, but there is no knot to get tight and have trouble getting it off the dog and the dog can't pull it off unless you have the collar really loose.
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