What food sells at your street fairs?

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What food sells at your street fairs?

Postby Wilma » Tue Sep 06, 2011 4:57 pm

Date Posted: 13:23:34 07/28/11 Thu
Author: Addy
Subject: What food sells at your street fairs?

In October the nearby town has a Harvest Homecoming (street fair and craft booths). The Masons have a do-nut booth that is a fantastic money maker for them. They make their own doughnut and cook them right there. They cannot keep up with the demand. People even stand in the rain to get some.
My question. We have paid to set up a booth and need ideas of what to sell that would be a good money maker for us. I was told that pork brain sandwiches and rooster testicles sold really good but I'm not willing to try those.
Really could use some ideas.
Thanks in advance.

[> Re: What food sells at your street fairs? -- cjl, 14:54:17 07/28/11 Thu [1]

Some of our folks make walking tacos and they seem to do really well. They are good, too. I think we paid $2.00/2.50 for the last ones we got. They take the packs of fritos or nachos (get the box at Sam's), cut the side open to form a pouch, add hambuger that has been seasoned with taco seasoning, and cheese. They had shredded lettuce, tomatoes, onions and peppers in dishes and you could add yourself. They give you a spoon and you are ready to eat. I like the frito ones the best. They cook the hamburger meat in a cooker and leave it in it to serve.

[> Re: What food sells at your street fairs? -- Kay(PA), 09:49:36 07/29/11 Fri [1]

I don't know about street fairs and such, but at our Relay for Life one team make and sold Ice Cream Floats. They used different kinds of soda, but found the root beer and cola's sold the best. There was always a line at their booth and they ended up having to go get more soda and ice cream.


[> [> Re: What food sells at your street fairs? -- PattyWV, 18:09:35 08/15/11 Mon [1]

Local county fair did that.They bought the tall colorful fancy plastic glasses from Oriental Trading(tag was on bottom)filled with ice cream,rootbeer and a squirt of whipped topping.
My husband bought one for $3.00
The straw they gave with it had a spoon on the bottom.

[> Re: What food sells at your street fairs? -- * Crafty Sue *, 10:16:50 07/29/11 Fri [1]

I don't know what sells most in the American street fairs but I know that Batter Fried Apple Rings sell well here where I live in Italy especially in the Fall season.

[> Re: What food sells at your street fairs? -- va, 10:32:33 07/29/11 Fri [1]

I love the potato blossom.

[> Re: What food sells at your street fairs? -- Addy, 12:31:30 07/29/11 Fri [1]

Thanks for the feedback. I've seen the walking tacos but not at this street fair and the ice cream floats sound good.
don't know if it makes a difference in the answers but I forgot to say this is the first weekend in October.
I haven't heard of the batter fried apple rings or the potato blossom. I've seen the onion blossoms. Can you craftysue and va tell me more about these?

[> [> Re: What food sells at your street fairs? -- * Crafty Sue *, 14:34:48 07/29/11 Fri [1]

Addy the ones I ate at a fair were made on the spot, naturally they had a well equipped stall. They were fried and dried on tissue paper to eliminate the excess oil and then tossed in sugar before serving them. The stall also had waffles. I think there are many recipes on the web for the batter fried apple rings.
Good luck!

[> Re: What food sells at your street fairs? -- Janet_KS, 14:45:26 08/10/11 Wed [1]

Sorry to be chiming in so late -- I've been dealing with an ill parent the last two weeks.

Since your event is in October, in addition to the fried apple rings, you might also want to consider caramel apples (either whole or quarter them and pour sauce over them) or apple crisp. For sandwiches, I'll bet pulled pork would do well. Or, you might consider chili -- that could be served as a bowl of chili, over a hot dog for a chili dog or with chips and nacho cheese sauce. If you do fried apple rings, you might also consider other batter fried items such as onion rings, jalapeno poppers, funnel cakes and crab rangoon. Good luck and let us know how it turns out!!

[> Re: What food sells at your street fairs? -- PattyWV, 15:02:30 08/10/11 Wed [1]

Around here it's funnel cakes they line up for.

[> Re: What food sells at your street fairs? -- Addy, 15:26:43 08/10/11 Wed [1]

Thanks everyone. I thought this post was through but real glad to see more comments. We will be having our planning meeting soon and I will take all your ideas. Gosh, I would want to do them all.
Will try to remember to give a report back.

[> Re: What food sells at your street fairs? -- wilma, 16:58:47 08/10/11 Wed [1]

I do not have a street fair idea but I wanted to tell you that my grandsons were here and we fixed the walking tacos for lunch and they loved it. I was reminded of the commercial of years ago, Which do you love better, making the taco or eating the taco?
It was fun, gave us an activity and they actually enjoyed eating it.

[> Re: What food sells at your street fairs? -- Helper Bee, 20:15:46 08/11/11 Thu [1]

Some recipe and picture ideas HB

http://dineanddish.net/2010/07/super-si ... ing-tacos/

http://www.babylovingmama.com/2010/05/t ... ecipe.html

[> Re: What food sells at your street fairs? -- va, 22:05:32 08/11/11 Thu [1]

Sorry to just now get back to you with a response.
The potato is cut in attached rings on that apple slicer thingy.. (sorry) Then deep fried and served with either ranch dip or vinegar. It is a cross between a giant french fry or potato chip and quite yummy served hot.

[> Re: What food sells at your street fairs? -- Jude_KS, 23:48:31 08/11/11 Thu [1]

sorry for the lateness of my reply to you post....

Here the most popular festivals are in the Sutumn and the street foods are so good, they serve:

Funnel cakes
Caramel Apples
Fried pies - apple and cherry
Bierocks (a Germab style sandwich)
Roasted Corn on the Cob
Walking Tacos
Monster Cookies
Sloppy Joes

hope you have a huge success

[> Re: What food sells at your street fairs? -- Betty B, 01:33:20 08/13/11 Sat [1]

I used to do fund raiser's for my son's soccer team and two of the biggest sellers were Nacho's and Frito Pie's.

The Frito pies were made with Frito's topped with chili and cheese..and the nacho's were topped with melted cheese and jalapeno's which were optional.

[> Re: What food sells at your street fairs? -- Marcia Loftin, 10:06:12 08/15/11 Mon [1]

I was going to say Frito Pies, but Betty beat me to it. We split the side of the individual bags of frito's and poured chili con car'ne, then added cheese and chopped onions if wanted.. Also Baked potato bar. We had different specials, bacon and broccoli, cheesy potatoe, this was very popular. Another was fried bread, served with cinnamon sugar or syrup. Good luck!on your fair.

[> Re: What food sells at your street fairs? -- Marcia Loftin, 10:13:39 08/15/11 Mon [1]

OOOps, just thought some of you might not know what I was talking about, ( fried bread) This is sometimes called Elephant Ears, ( yeast dough, pulled to resemble flat pancake ( hence elephant ear) and deep
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