LINK:Snowman Candybar Wrapper

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LINK:Snowman Candybar Wrapper

Postby PattyWV » Thu Dec 30, 2010 12:41 am

Date Posted: 20:27:26 12/13/10 Mon
Author: wanda
Subject: need a candy bar wrapper

does anyone have a christmas wrapper they can share for the hershey's 1.45 oz. candy bar with almonds, anything will do, but would love snowmen, or tell me where i can buy one from that i can print out at home, i don't mind buying it, i just need it tonight or no later than tomorrow. thanks in advance,,,wanda


Re: need a candy bar wrapper -- nizza, 22:38:13 12/13/10 Mon [1]


Laurie Furnell has the cutest snowman and you can size it to just about any size and it still looks cute. It's a free download.

I hope this helps you out.

Laurie's Snowman. ... eebie.html

Re: need a candy bar wrapper -- bonniek, 03:02:51 12/14/10 Tue [1]

There are a few freebies here and some really cute ones to buy. ... ml#snowman

Re: need a candy bar wrapper -- bonniek, 06:56:59 12/14/10 Tue [1]

There's one cute snowman on at the bottom of this page.
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