Crafty Sue's Baby Sock Doll

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Crafty Sue's Baby Sock Doll

Postby crafterwannabe » Tue Jul 03, 2012 1:01 am

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Date Posted: 15:21:56 05/27/12 Sun
Author: * Crafty Sue *
Subject: Picture of my Baby Sock Doll ... t+edge.jpg

This month has been a very long uncreative period for me. I haven't had any new craft ideas and as some of you may have noticed I haven't posted any crafts in a very long time. So I thought I would try to make something I had seen on the Internet some time ago... a sock doll made from a toddler's sock .
Luckily it turned out well so here I am sharing a picture of my little baby sock doll.
It was very simple to make and I am looking forward to make some more as soon as I will have bought some more toddlers' socks. These dolls are safe for babies as there are no small pieces, and we all know how our little ones love to chew on their toys... the eyes can be embroidered instead of using beads.
The tutorial I found was on this Portuguise blog Pavè & Arte, I don't read Portuguise but I simply followed the pictures. ... a-net.html

[> Re: Picture of my Baby Sock Doll -- Garnet, 17:17:10 05/27/12 Sun [1]

Crafty Sue, Type language translator into google, click on FROM and select Portugese, paste the site address, and click on TRANSLATE.

It worked, but I found almost no directions. I read a comment that the circle should be about 10 cm or 4".

What size circle and face did you use?

These dolls are so adorable and practical. TFS

[> [> Re: Picture of my Baby Sock Doll -- * Crafty Sue *, 10:57:59 05/28/12 Mon [1]

Garnet, her face measures 7cm across.
The socks I used are European size 21-26 for babies from 0 to 3 years old. Maybe the socks used on the site were a bigger size. My doll measures 19cm tall from the tip of the bonnet to her toes.
Hope this answers your question.

[> Re: Picture of my Baby Sock Doll -- Calico, 17:24:55 05/27/12 Sun [1]

Your Baby Sock Doll is So Cute Sue, she l@@ks like a Ballerina Baby Doll!

[> Re: Picture of my Baby Sock Doll -- kakeladee, 19:00:27 05/27/12 Sun [1]

That is so cute! Love it.

[> Re: Picture of my Baby Sock Doll -- Reta, 19:53:18 05/27/12 Sun [1]

I absoulutely love this Crafty Sue. Will definately check out the site. Thanks for sharing.

[> Re: Picture of my Baby Sock Doll -- Sabina, 21:35:00 05/27/12 Sun [1]

So cute

[> Re: Picture of my Baby Sock Doll -- Joann, 22:32:58 05/27/12 Sun [1]

Hi Sue~
Now that is really adorable. You haven't lost your crafting talent.
Thanks so much for sharing...Hugs~ Joann

[> Re: Picture of my Baby Sock Doll -- donna in nc, 07:27:44 05/28/12 Mon [1]

that is so so cute great job

[> Re: Picture of my Baby Sock Doll -- * Crafty Sue *, 11:00:09 05/28/12 Mon [1]

Thank you ladies for your comments.

[> Re: Picture of my Baby Sock Doll -- garnet, 14:20:54 05/28/12 Mon [1]

Sue, I looked at the face and circle and thought the circle was for the head and would be stitched to the face. But now I'm wondering if a single circle makes both the face and head.

[> [> Re: Picture of my Baby Sock Doll -- * Crafty Sue *, 15:21:07 05/28/12 Mon [1]

Garnet, I used one circle for the doll's head and face, I put batting in the centre , but first I sewed tiny straight stitches all around the edge, slightly pulled the thread to gather the fabric like a pouch, inserted the batting and finally I pulled all the thread and closed the pouch with more stitches. I flattened the pouch with my hands and sewed on the beads for the eyes. I then sewed the head to the body.

[> Re: Picture of my Baby Sock Doll -- Doreen, 06:32:27 05/29/12 Tue [1]

So very cute!
Great job sis, I love your Sock Doll : )
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