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Mert's Prayer Jar

Postby crafterwannabe » Tue Sep 04, 2012 2:11 am

Date Posted: 18:29:24 07/16/12 Mon
Author: Mert
Subject: I made myself a prayer jar.

I tried to find a nice quilted background pattern but this is all I could find in the short time that I searched.
I decided to do my prayer request this way. I am getting so many that I can't keep up with the names and the needs. I am putting names in the jar. The Lord knows the needs.

Just wanted to share!

[> Re: I made myself a prayer jar. -- shilo, 18:38:52 07/16/12 Mon [1]

love it. TFS

[> Re: I made myself a prayer jar. -- Doreen, 02:23:15 07/17/12 Tue [1]

Great idea! Thanks for sharing : )

By the way Mert I posted the picture of your Bulletin Board on my blog. I don't know if you have the link but since I can't post it for you, maybe someone will.
Take care,

[> [> Re: I made myself a prayer jar. -- * Crafty Sue *, 11:12:58 07/17/12 Tue [1]

Here's Doreen's Blog link:


[> Re: I made myself a prayer jar. -- jazz, 09:41:02 07/17/12 Tue [1]

Very nice. I have a small wooden chest that I call my 'God box'. All my prayer requests are written down & dated. About once a month, I go through them & it is amazing how many things God has taken care of. Then a prayer of gratitude is offered.

[> Re: I made myself a prayer jar. -- Mert, 17:32:00 07/17/12 Tue [1]

Doreen, I feel honored that you liked my board well enough to post it on your Blog. That board was inspired due to a very difficult period in my life back in March 2012 as I am sure you read that on one of the VOY posts done by Fay.

Was glad to see that the Lord was blessing you with some wind in your part of the world. 'With God all things are possible.' We must believe and pray. He will not with hold any good gifts from His children.

Thanks Sue for posting the link for easy access to Doreen's Blog. I have the latest edition of the VOY address book - so glad that is posted there as well.
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