Bronwyn's 1960's Advent Calendar

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Bronwyn's 1960's Advent Calendar

Postby crafterwannabe » Sun Jan 20, 2013 11:30 am

Date Posted: 20:02:41 12/17/12 Mon
Author: Bronwyn
Subject: Christmas nostalgia ... 3d1821.jpg

My fragile Advent calendar from 1960
Christmas greetings to all

[> Re: Christmas nostalgia -- Susie, 21:46:59 12/17/12 Mon [1]

aww,I love this.Thank you for sharing this!

[> Re: Christmas nostalgia -- Taerie, 23:54:08 12/17/12 Mon [1]

I remember having one of those!!

[> Re: Christmas nostalgia -- AnnH, 13:00:21 12/18/12 Tue [1]

Brings back memories of when thing weren't perfect but a lot better then what is going on today. I love this picture. Thanks for some good memories. Merry Christmas to all.

[> Re: Christmas nostalgia -- * Crafty Sue *, 13:25:17 12/18/12 Tue [1]

Oh this takes me back to my chilhood Christmases, we had these at school and our teacher would put our names on tiny pieces of paper and then pick out one each day during advent and that kid would open the window on the advent calender.
Thanks for the memory!

[> Re: Christmas nostalgia -- MaryLee, 14:15:50 12/18/12 Tue [1]

I used to have these at Christmas but none ever got saved. How nice to have one of these !!

[> Re: Christmas nostalgia -- peaches, 14:42:34 12/18/12 Tue [1]

That is really nice that you still have that. It is a wonderful piece of nostalgia. It is a shame they don't make them as nice anymore. I still have some of my old things from the 60's and I cherish them. Some are in great shape and some i should probably throw away. But i just can't part with them! Thanks for sharing
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