BonnieK's Irish Chain Baby Quilt

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BonnieK's Irish Chain Baby Quilt

Postby crafterwannabe » Tue Nov 11, 2014 12:34 am

Date Posted: 11:47:40 05/18/14 Sun
Author: bonniek
Subject: My Latest Finish

Hi Voy Pals! I finished another baby Quilt. This one is about 34'X40". I wasn't very happy with the looks of it until I added that cute owl fabric on the back with the dotted binding fabric, it seemed to make it all better! I'm sure the new Mommy will like it at any rate! Have a great week friends! ... 6e02f2.jpg ... 6f1237.jpg

[> Re: My Latest Finish -- ginnyp, 12:22:44 05/18/14 Sun [1]

I'm sure the new mommy will adore it.... beautiful work!!!

[> Re: My Latest Finish -- crafterwannabe, 13:35:56 05/18/14 Sun [1]

Be still my heart - I love it and so will new mom (and baby). I have the Irish Chain on my to-try list. My little bit of craft time is now focused on small quilt projects. I'm still a beginner (and most likely will remain so). Seems I've been best at building my stash! Sure wish I'd give free motion quilting a try. You did a great job! Thanks so much for showing us. It all came together beautifully.

[> Re: My Latest Finish -- Blazer(Darlene P.), 14:02:18 05/18/14 Sun [1]

You did such a nice job on the Baby Quilt, Thank you for sharing your Photo!
Blazer(Darlene P.)

[> Re: My Latest Finish -- canadianviolet, 14:22:09 05/18/14 Sun [1]

Beautiful !!!!1

[> Re: My Latest Finish -- bonniek, 16:01:32 05/18/14 Sun [1]

crafterwannabe, it's a really easy design to make! I was surprised because it looked complicated to me anyways!LOL!I was afraid of free motion quilting until I started spray basting my quilts! They stick together so I can maneuver them without worrying about crinkles and a mess on the back!! I have been working on not buying any fabric but had to break down and buy the owl fabric for this one. Thank you all for your kind comments, it really gives a gal a boost to hear such sweet words! Thank you!

[> Re: My Latest Finish -- crafterwannabe, 18:28:44 05/18/14 Sun [1]

Bonnie - My stash includes a can of basting spray but I haven't used it yet. I put together a scrappy double-slice top (Jenny Doan, MSQC video tutorial) using a Christmas-theme layer cake so will use it when I put the sandwich together. (Will have to pass on the FMQ tho.) It was quick and easy but I still need fabric for a border and backing before finishing it up. For myself, my preference leans towards quilts that include a solid color. The double-slice is "busy". Hope when I make the Irish Chain it will look as pretty as yours.

[> Re: My Latest Finish -- bonniek, 19:47:08 05/18/14 Sun [1]

Thank you, I love that Jenny Doan too! She makes it all so easy using pre cuts. Unfortunately even with several independent quilt shops nearby, few carry much in the way of pre cuts so I follow Jenny's tutorials and cut my own! LOL

[> Re: My Latest Finish -- Linda Ohio now GA, 20:12:42 05/18/14 Sun [1]

Oh WOW Bonnie. That quilt is beautiful and will be treasured by the recipient for many years to come. I love that owl print fabric. It was just perfect.

[> Re: My Latest Finish -- Carmelita, 00:58:10 05/19/14 Mon [1]

What a lovely piece. The new mom will fall in love with it!!!
Job well done...

[> Re: My Latest Finish -- SarahC, 07:25:52 05/19/14 Mon [1]

Love the owl fabric!

[> Re: My Latest Finish -- treee, 00:58:36 05/30/14 Fri [1]

love it. I'm a beginner also. I've been making yo-yo throws.
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