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Some Voy Members/Friends Meet

Postby crafterwannabe » Thu Dec 11, 2014 4:00 am

Date Posted: 11:39:00 06/26/14 Thu
Author: MertVnWV
Subject: VOY friends meet in Indiana

Hi VOY friends ~
Although I don't visit the crafting board much any more I want to say that I am thankful for the time that I did spend here and for all the ideas that was shared in the years past while I was here.
Attached is a picture of some special ladies that have become my BFFs and for that I am thankful. Because of the VOY our paths crossed and we feel that it was a part of God's plan because we have shared some good times and lots of laughs and together we've made some memories! We planned our first meet in Parkersburg in 2012 - last year we met up in Lancaster, Pa and this year (2014) we met up in Indiana with Blazer. Can't wait till our next meet in June - Gatlinburg here we come!
Mert - Diane Y - Blazer - Brenda ... a43ca4.jpg

[> Re: VOY friends meet in Indiana -- Mert, 11:41:04 06/26/14 Thu [1]

I may be back to share the chicken dance videos. We did get our "senior version" of exercise in while we were in Indiana with doing the chicken dance!

[> Re: VOY friends meet in Indiana -- Diane (from PA), 12:05:53 06/26/14 Thu [1]

I ~ like Mert ~ don't get to the board much anymore. But if it wasn't for the VOY ~ we would have never gotten together.

We had a wonderful time together. Not only do we share fun time, laughter, and make memories ~ we are BFFs and can share anything with each other.

Not only did we get in the chicken dance exercises. But we 'walked around the block' several times and bounced the big pink ball!!!!

I am also so thankful for my VOY friends that are now my BFFs. Can't wait til next June ~ does it have to be a year away!!!!!!!!!!!!

[> Re: VOY friends meet in Indiana -- Joann, 12:48:36 06/26/14 Thu [1]

Hi Girls~
I could tell you were all having a "Grand Time Together." I enjoyed the photo of everyone...and will look forward to next year's get together.

Thanks Mert for posting and "Diane from Pa" it was nice seeing you again too! (Your old friend Joann from Delaware) Blazer it was good seeing you too...I'm not sure if Brenda posts on the craft site but it was nice seeing her too.

Take Care and Enjoy your Friendship!
Hugs~ Joann

[> Re: VOY friends meet in Indiana -- Addy, 18:28:39 06/26/14 Thu [1]

You girls look like you were having a great time.
Blazer, you must have shown them a Hoosier of a terrific time here in Indiana. So glad you girls can get together and have a good time. What is the Chicken Dance exercises?

[> Re: VOY friends meet in Indiana -- Mert, 20:14:28 06/26/14 Thu [1]

Joann, Brenda (in the pic) is one of my church friends. She goes along with me as my traveling buddy and she fits right in with the gang.

Blazer and her husband made us feel very welcome at their guest house. She is the best hostess that I have ever met. She thought of everything and had it all set up for us - right down to our food and snacks. She had the itinerary planned out for us and we had so much fund hitting a different area of Indiana every day.

And Diane brought all of us goodies! Dozens of Gobs, ham pot pie, bakies, and rhubarb - ample supply for each of us to take home in our ice chests. I learned last year at our gathering tomake sure that I tote along my ice chest for those gobs!
It was a perfect little vacation for all of us!

Addy, with Diane's and Blazer's permission I will post a video of the chicken dance. It will be forthcoming if I hear from them and get the O.K.
We were all supposed to think of something silly to do at our gathering so my idea was the chicken dance. After the chicken dance I did a small devotion called, "Don't Be a Chicken."
I made everyone a little chicken themed gift bag. I will post a picture of that as well as a pic of the chicken dance accessories that I did as an "extra."

[> Re: VOY friends meet in Indiana -- Mert, 20:50:51 06/26/14 Thu [1]

Favors for Hen Party Gift Bags ... 851c33.jpg

Decorated Gift Bag ... 48a032.jpg

Hen Party Hats (Ignore the flowers (table centerpiece in the background - that's not part of the hats. LOL!) ... 370c19.jpg

[> Re: VOY friends meet in Indiana -- Carmelita, 21:40:02 06/26/14 Thu [1]

Very nice ladies and thanks for sharing your pictures! Cute chicken favors :O)

[> Re: VOY friends meet in Indiana -- Mert, 21:44:05 06/26/14 Thu [1]

Chicken Dance Demo (Addy, I just called it exercise because for seniors - it actually is exercise!)

[> Re: VOY friends meet in Indiana -- Diane (from Pa), 00:01:43 06/27/14 Fri [1]

Hello ~ Joann ~ I think of you everytime I go up on my porch at camp. I really like those bicycles.

We had a great time together in Indiana. Blazer was a great hostess along with her husband.

[> Re: VOY friends meet in Indiana -- Blazer(Darlene P.), 06:33:42 06/27/14 Fri [1]

Thanks Mert for sharing the photo, I feel it is a blessing to have had the time to share with you Gals, We do have a lot fo Simple Fun! The Friendship has been good for all of us! As you know B.J. and I both enjoy you girls visits and are looking forward to 2015 in Gatlinburg, Tn. Mert, Diane and Brenda you are all so Special!
Hugs Blazer(Darlene P.)

[> Re: VOY friends meet in Indiana -- crafterwannabe, 22:32:53 06/28/14 Sat [1]

Sounds like you all had a great time. Nice seeing your photo. TFS!
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