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bonniek's Minecraft Quilt

Postby crafterwannabe » Sun Jul 26, 2015 3:01 am

Date Posted: 16:29:08 11/24/14 Mon
Author: bonniek
Subject: Latest Project=Minecraft Quilt

My Girlfriend-in-law's daughter requested a Minecraft Quilt. I googled it and found a pretty ugly-in my opinion- quilt, but here it is all done for her Christmas present. I had to cute it up a bit so I used Hello Kitty fabric for the back!

Photos: ... 3db57a.jpg ... 47b4f7.jpg

Not a hard project at all, this one is about twin bed size.

[> Re: Latest Project=Minecraft Quilt -- wanda49, 16:49:46 11/24/14 Mon [1]

i like this, do you have the quilting machine that you did this with

[> Re: Latest Project=Minecraft Quilt -- crafterwannabe, 19:57:32 11/24/14 Mon [1]

Super cute. I've read that some kids are loving the Minecraft quilts. Great job!

[> Re: Latest Project=Minecraft Quilt -- Lori Jean, 12:21:35 11/25/14 Tue [1]

Oh my goodness Bonnie! I have a grandson who would go absolutely nuts over this quilt! (Minus the Hello Kitty Part! LOL!) Minecraft is one of his favorite games, although mom limits the time he is allowed to play it. If she didn't, he would be playing the game night and day. :O)
Wonderful job on the quilt!

[> Re: Latest Project=Minecraft Quilt -- bonniek, 23:57:44 11/26/14 Wed [1]

Thank you ladies for your nice comments, I gotta say sometimes, you just make my day!
Wanda, no I just do this on my regular sewing machine. It's a little bulky when I do these larger quilts, but I spray baste them and they stay together so I can wad/roll/shove/cram them around through the machine!
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