Paper Punch Art - Turkey

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Paper Punch Art - Turkey

Postby crafterwannabe » Thu Apr 03, 2014 2:22 pm

Date Posted: 21:53:26 12/06/13 Fri
Author: snuffles
Subject: does anyone recognize

Does anyone recognize these? And direct me to the instructions for them. I think they were made by someone named Tracy who may go by card lady. ... 939e81.png

[> Re: does anyone recognize -- Linda Ohio now GA, 10:21:54 12/07/13 Sat [1]

Both are very cute and are punch art. You might try a Pinterest Search or a Google Image search for Punch Art, or Punch art turkey which "might" lead you to the original site of the person who made them.

The turkey legs look like the SU word window punch, lots of ovals used too and the heads look like the SU ornament punch.

[> Re: does anyone recognize -- Linda Ohio now GA, 10:30:03 12/07/13 Sat [1]

Found this similar turkey with directions: ... tions.html

video here: ... urkey.html

[> Re: does anyone recognize -- Linda Ohio now GA, 10:49:50 12/07/13 Sat [1]

Here is the original link where you found the above picture: ... h-art.html

Here is Tracy's blogspot:

[> Re: does anyone recognize -- snuffles, 16:45:41 12/09/13 Mon [1]

Thanks everyone!
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