Memorial Poem - Red Angel Feather

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Memorial Poem - Red Angel Feather

Postby crafterwannabe » Thu Jul 13, 2017 3:40 am

Date Posted: 16:37:18 01/08/16 Fri
Author: nancy waller ( nancy in mo) (waller)
Subject: new guardian angel poem needed

my son Michael will soon be an angel and I was wanting a poem about him being everyone's new guardian angel. If there are any poets that could help me out I would be so pleased/ Thank you so much Nancy

[> Re: new guardian angel poem needed -- nancy waller, 16:40:05 01/08/16 Fri [1]

I am having angel charms attached to a rose and given to all the family members.I wanted to attach a cute poem.Nancy

[> Re: new guardian angel poem needed -- crafterwannabe, 18:27:32 01/10/16 Sun [1]

My heart goes out to you and your family. My hope is that one of the poets will look in on your post and be able to write a poem as requested. They have been mostly MIA though. Here are poems from a variety of archived posts. Maybe you could go through them and adjust words here and there to find something that might work for you.

Guardian Angel





[> Re: new guardian angel poem needed -- nancy waller ( nancy in mo), 12:07:53 01/12/16 Tue [1]

Here is what I came up with, for a red feather.

When Michael entered Heaven,
Right away God knew he was special.
God gave Michael his angel wings,
And told him that his wings are special too.
They are made with the softest red feathers,
That Heaven ever made, special just for him.
God asked Michael to watch over his family and friends.
So next time you find a red feather,
Remember that Michael watches over you.
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