#1--How to Burn a CD

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#1--How to Burn a CD

Postby krafteekaren » Fri Oct 07, 2005 6:34 am

1. Find where your images are that you want to save either in My Pictures or on your hard drive in a folder.

2. If your images are in a folder and you want the whole folder copied, then right click on the folder and scroll down to “Send to”. Another little window pops to the side of the bigger window, find CD-RW Drive and it will send that folder to your CD-RW Drive (CD Burner). You can do the same thing by clicking on the folder itself, look to the left side and you should see “Copy the folder” which means it will leave a copy in My Pictures OR you should see “Move the Folder” which means you will move the folder to another location. If you click on either Copy or Move, another window pops up and asks you where to move/copy to, find your CD-RW Drive, click on it and then either copy or move. Your computer will do it for you.

3. If you only want to move certain images in My Pictures/Hard Drive to your CD-RW Drive, you do it the same as moving a folder.

4. If you want to move several folders or several images at a time that are together in a row. Click on the first one, hold down your shift key and then click on the last one that you want to move/copy. Again repeating step #2.

5. Once you are finished moving your images, double click on My Computer on your desktop, double click on your CD-RW Drive, you should see everything that you have moved to it. On the left side you should see “CD Writing Tasks”, remember that a CD holds about 700 mb (Mega Bites) of information. If the images/folders are more than 700 mb, a box will pop up saying that all of your data will not fit once it starts burning your CD. If you are in doubt, click on the first image/folder, hold shift key down, click last image/folder, then right click in the middle, go down to Properties and a window pops up with how many files, how many folders and how much mb all of them are. It is better to burn less than try to burn more.

6. Once everything is ready to burn (make sure you have a CD in your burner) click on “Write these files to CD” on the left side of your screen. Another window will pop up with the current date and it will be highlighted, click on it and name your CD whatever you want, then click Okay. Once in a while you will get a bad CD, your machine will tell you to load another one. Sometimes it was a loading problem with the CD, so if you open the door & push the door closed, sometimes it will go ahead and burn fine. If not, put it to the side and make a craft out of it.

7. After your images/folders burn, another window will pop up asking if you want to burn another CD. If you don’t then hit the button No and all of your images will disappear that is on your CD-RW Drive. Make sure that you label your CD with a felt tip marker, do not use Ball Point Pen on them, the impression from the pen by you pushing on the CD goes into your CD and makes it worthless.

8. Once you get your images on a CD and you want to use them, put your CD in your CD Drive, right click on your CD Drive and hit “Open”. There you will see all of your images/folders. No need to open up your graphic program to view them until you are ready to.

For those that have 1 CD Drive:
It is a little more work if you only have 1 CD drive but it can be done. Put your CD in you drive, then open it up by going to My Computer and right clicking on the CD drive. Then hit the first folder, shift key, scroll down to the bottom one and then hit Copy...instead of copying it to your CD drive, copy it to a folder that you make up on your desktop ahead of time. Copy everything that you want into that folder...when it is done, take out your CD from your CD Driver, put in a blank one in your CD Driver. Go to your desktop and open up the folder that you placed and do the same thing with the clicking on the first, shift key and the last, then move it to your CD Drive. After you are over with and you have everything moved (I would just keep the folder up if I am burning a lot of them) then drag the folder into your Recycle Bin.....there won't be anything in it because you have moved it to your CD Burner.
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