#2 Copying, Pasting & Cutting

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#2 Copying, Pasting & Cutting

Postby krafteekaren » Sat Oct 08, 2005 1:53 pm

#2 Copying, Pasting & Cutting

1. Pull up whatever you want to copy, could be words in a Word Document Folder or Images.

2. If it is a Word Document, put your cursor right in front of the first letter.

3. Left click on your mouse and drag your mouse across to the right and then down to the bottom or where you want to stop copying.

4. Right click on your mouse and select Copy.

5. Open up Word or whatever program you want to use.

6. Right click and go to Paste. If you have done everything correctly it should be pasted exactly as it was copied.

7. If there is an image in what you want copied, do it exactly the same way except put your cursor beside the image if the image is on top. Otherwise do it exactly the same way as before with highlighting it, but make sure that your image appears as a frosted over looking image and that when it is pasted it appears.

This is a cool feature if you want to move something in a Word document that you have typed and it is in the wrong place.

1. Do it exactly the same way as you would to copy something, only this time hit cut. It will cut out what you highlighted, store it in your Clipboard until you tell it to put the information some other place or you turn off your computer or you copy something else.

2. Look where you want to put the information you just cut, put your cursor where you want it.

3. Right click and hit Paste. If you have done everything right, it should be there. You will have to adjust your spacing between where you put it.
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