Computer Program to Consider

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Computer Program to Consider

Postby Wilma » Wed Oct 17, 2007 12:23 am

Date Posted: 12:45:32 10/02/07 Tue
Author: KrafteeKaren
Subject: Cool Program to Have

Ladies...I just learned about a really neat program that would be a must on anyones computer that uses an external drive to save their information to. This program is set so that you can save an entire drive from your main hard drive to an external drive so that you don't have to remember to back-up that drive. Example....I have several drives inside of my two external drives, they are broke into smaller drives so that I don't have everything mixed together. One of those drives has all of my graphics on it so I do not loss any of them and then I also have a back-up on a different drive which is on a different external drive. If I was to loose one drive, I still have a back-up copy on another drive....I won't loose anything unless both drives goes down.
This program can be set to just duplicate folders or can duplicate drives on to another external hard drive. You can set it manually or automatically so that you will never loose anything again.
You could also use this program if you do not have an external drive but your main drive is divided into different drives. Which makes this an awesome program to have.
Here is the link to where you can get the program:

I just downloaded it but haven't installed it yet. I'll let you know how it works.
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