Make Outline Alpha Fonts in MS Word + Alpha Font Links

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Make Outline Alpha Fonts in MS Word + Alpha Font Links

Postby Alma » Wed May 21, 2008 2:00 am

Date Posted: 21:45:10 05/04/08 Sun
Author: Mert
Subject: Need help with MS Word or PM 16

I decorate the bulletin board at church. I learned to make banners using my Print Master but I don't always like to use the banners. They are easier and make my task quicker but most of the time I like to use cut out lettering for wording. I bought some alphabet letters but I could only get one color and they are small letters. I use them and they work but I need to change the style/color.
I want to make my own alpha letters (outlined only for cutting purposes) so I can copy them off on color paper and cut them out. That way I can choose the color I want and I'd love to know how to make larger letters. I know how to change my font style and size on the drop down menu in MS word but I don't think that's where I want to go to make outlined alpha letters.All I need is OUTLINED letters ~ NO COLOR FILL.
I hope I have made myself clear on this.
Thanks for your help.

Re: Need help with MS Word or PM 16 -- evitalouise, 22:24:52 05/04/08 Sun [1]

I too, am looking for the same thing to make a sign for a going away party. Hope someone can help Mert and I. TIA

Re: Need help with MS Word or PM 16 -- Rickie, 23:31:01 05/04/08 Sun [1]

Not sure if this is what you are looking for or not. ... _patterns/

Re: Need help with MS Word or PM 16 -- ssdmom (Roberta), 08:13:41 05/05/08 Mon [1]

What you need is an OUTLINE font.
examples and free downloads here:

Re: Need help with MS Word or PM 16 -- Jessica, 10:24:07 05/05/08 Mon [1]

When using Word, type the lettering that you want and then highlight it. Go to Formatt menu and choose Font. Under effects there are options to check off. Choose the outline feature. This will give you the outline of the letters. I think this works for all fonts. Hope that helps.

Re: Need help with MS Word or PM 16 -- Mert, 10:44:13 05/05/08 Mon [1]

Thanks "everyone" for your imput. I appreciate your suggestions/instructions.
I went and did some exploring in MS word and clicked on the "HELP" button and was able to find out how to do it.....then I came back to the VOY and find Jessica's post. Jessica, that's the way that I did it. I have all my lettering printed and ready to cut out.
I am soooo happy for this discovery!
I am doing a Mother's day board and will be leaving it up till next Monday at which time I will change it out to a general summer board.
Mother's Day board theme: "Woman of God ~ Living in Grace"
and the summer board will be: "Summer Forecast ~ SonShine"
I am making the decor interchangable between the Mother's day decor and the general summer. My background will be the same; a summery scene. In doing this I will be saving a lot of time. I was so happy when I came up with the idea of interchanging rather than doing two completely new boards. I've already put up two different boards for the month of April to go along with two activities that we had going on at church during the month of April.

Re: Need help with MS Word or PM 16 -- crafterwannabe, 12:55:48 05/05/08 Mon [1]

Jessica, just wanted to add a big thanks from me too. There is so much I DON'T know about Word and I'm always tickled when I find out how to do something I hadn't known before.

Mert, your church is so blessed to have you and all your good ideas!

Re: Need help with MS Word or PM 16 -- Mert, 13:30:45 05/05/08 Mon [1]

I would like to add something else to this post.
Like CWB, I am always so happy when someone here on the VOY is eager to share their computer knowledge with me. You would think that after working with these programs over a 10 year span that one would know everything but I don't really explore the different features of a program such as MS Word or PM until I need something therefore the things that I need may be there but I just don't know how to access them.
Thanks for the compliment CWB. We all have our little "work/talent" that makes up the workers within the church. We recently did a workers appreciation program. I received a gift and certificate for my work as the ProLife coordinator and bulletin board decorator.
My last bulletin board was the appreciation board. Just took it down Saturday in order to put up the Mother's Day board.
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