Deleting Background Color

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Deleting Background Color

Postby Alma » Thu Nov 05, 2009 11:08 pm

Date Posted: 07:29:16 10/20/09 Tue
Author: jtsd1965
Subject: what i use for deleting background color

krafteeKaren, done a wonderful job of explaining how to take the background color off. i tried it and it was great, but i thought i'd tell you what i use.i use a program called HUGBUG BROWSER Delux. it was only 12.95 and it is with a site called they have clip-art you can buy for 4.95/some a little higher. and it gets you a set of about 30 clip art of the design you choose.i have bought plenty and have always loved them because i am choosing. most of the ones you buy comes with the white around them. if you buy their browser delux you can input these,take out the white, and put in a file for anywhere else use. i have also found that if you move your clipart (mine coming from my PM)go to a folder in this program labeled "my computer"and create a new folder in the program file (name it anything u want to)here you can insert your own clipart into this folder and do it as any other one from them that you have bought,move back to folder and BINGO, has worked for me so far, if anyone wants any info just ask,, sounds complicated but it is really very simple, or i wouldn't be using it, just thought i'd let you know,i think it is something that you just use to changed this and then back to a file,mind beein on my desktop. you can also burn to a cd. thanks karen for the info you posted. we all need styff like this if we do crafts with clip art,,, wanda


[> Re: what i use for deleting background color -- Annie~B, 08:32:51 10/20/09 Tue [1]

Wanda, you can download the png files from the newer graphics there, and they won't have the white. I agree, the browser does a great job on removing the white for the jpg files though. Love the simplicity of it.

[> Re: what i use for deleting background color -- jtsd1965, 15:10:16 10/20/09 Tue [1]

wow, thanks, i din't know that, like i said, if it ain't easy i can't do it, thanks,annie
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