Tutorial Removing Background Color in PrintMaster

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Tutorial Removing Background Color in PrintMaster

Postby PattyWV » Wed Nov 18, 2009 10:48 pm

Date Posted: 06:40:00 10/18/09 Sun
Author: KrafteeKaren
Subject: OT---Getting Rid of Background Color in PM

Ladies....I just played around with PM15 since I couldn't sleep. Here is the instructions on how to get rid of the background color in PM:
1. Bring in your image that you want to crop.
2. Make sure that your image has the little black squares around it...if it doesn't then just click on it and they will appear.
3. Go to the left side panel (Home Page, Search Art & Photos, Pick Project, etc.) click on Crop Object.
4. In that window you will see Crop Shapes and Tools...if you want to put your image inside of a different shape then click on any of the shapes. If you want to take the background color off then click on Freehand Crop.
5. Freehand Crop is a little tricky and takes practice...when you click on the image you will get a square. Rule of thumb make a lot of small clicks on the image gives you a better and cleaner cropping. Under this tool you can also Add a point, Move a Point or Delete a Point if you mess up.
6. Then click on Crop It and the image should have the background gone.
7. When you save it though..remember that if you save it as a JPG, the background defaults back to white. You have to Export it, scroll down to PNG and then save it where you want it saved. PNG has no background and doesn't default.

You can do the same thing by going to Edit Photo...so you have two different ways of doing this.
Hope this helps and isn't too confusing.

Re: OT---Getting Rid of Background Color in PM -- Jaunice, 19:54:31 10/19/09 Mon [1]

Karen Thank you so much for the information I so much want to learn how to do things like this .I have been so busy with my grand children I hardly have time to look at anything and when I get on the Pc they want to play games on it .I hope I have not missed other post on learning the programs. once again Thank you.

Re: OT---Getting Rid of Background Color in PM -- Genie, 21:31:53 10/19/09 Mon [1]

Hi Karen, I haven't been on for a while, but I do appreciate it that you figured out how to get the white out. I am assuming that you are talking about Printmaster?
I am going to try it tonight and see if I can do it. You know I appreciate all that you do for us and we are so lucky to have you in our corner. Love ya!

Re: OT---Getting Rid of Background Color in PM -- PattyWV, 07:44:39 11/03/09 Tue [1]

I just saw this Karen : )
I'll print it for my files and of course it will be archived for those that want to know how to do this later.
I'm not on here as often as I once was so I miss a lot.
Doing family genealogy takes more time that I thought it would.
Of course I'll always be here on Wednesday my day to archive.
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