Q&A - Using Text Box in Word Software

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Q&A - Using Text Box in Word Software

Postby Alma » Tue Nov 16, 2010 2:01 am

Date Posted: 09:28:04 09/20/10 Mon
Author: snuffles
Subject: OT: Word 2000 question

Can anyone tell me if there is away to hide the lines around textbox? When I print I have a box around the item the text or clip art.



[> Re: OT: Word 2000 question -- ssdmom, 10:19:31 09/20/10 Mon [1]

right click on the text box to highlight it. Then click on
FORMAT TEXT BOX when the menu comes up. Then where is says line and it indicates a color, click on the arrow to bring up a drop down menu of colors. There should be an option there to click on NO LINE. Click on that and then click on OK.

[> Re: OT: Word 2000 question -- snuffles, 12:00:36 09/20/10 Mon [1]

THANKS for the quick answer! It was so easy! Should have thought of that. Only problem I had was getting the format text to pop up...

[> Re: OT: Word 2000 question -- ssdmom, 00:01:44 09/22/10 Wed [1]

Glad it worked for you!
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