COMPUTER INFO:Resizing Print On Monitor

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COMPUTER INFO:Resizing Print On Monitor

Postby PattyWV » Wed Dec 15, 2010 8:28 pm

Date Posted: 14:55:51 10/19/10 Tue
Author: Do Do
Subject: OT-Resizing

Does anyone know how to resize so things are smaller on your computer. I'm not talking about the letters just the whole computer image.


Re: OT-Resizing -- connie kru, 15:00:01 10/19/10 Tue [1]

press Ctrl Key and the + sign at the same time several times to enlarge and then use the - key the same way, to reduce

Re: OT-Resizing -- Do Do, 21:09:07 10/19/10 Tue [1]

Thank you Connie, this sure does work and it is so simple to do.
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