Changing CM to Inches in Word 2007

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Changing CM to Inches in Word 2007

Postby Alma » Fri Dec 24, 2010 2:04 am

Date Posted: 13:15:29 12/10/10 Fri
Author: Miel
Subject: OT. Microsoft Word Help

I'm using Word 2007 every time I open a Document it's in cm. how do I change to inches, I've tried everything but nothing works. I might be Canadian but I still love my inches.


[> Re: OT. Microsoft Word Help -- Janice, 14:03:17 12/10/10 Fri [1]

Open word. Click on the office button in the top left. Click on word options at the bottom of the box. Click on Advanced from your choices at the left. Under display you will where to change to inches. Good Luck!

[> Re: OT. Microsoft Word Help -- Miel, 15:28:06 12/10/10 Fri [1]

Thank you so much I was at my wits end.
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