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Postby crafterwannabe » Fri Jan 11, 2013 5:49 pm

Date Posted: 21:07:09 12/05/12 Wed
Author: Tammie(North Carolina
Subject: needed a M&M poem for personal trainer

I am working out with a personal trainer. We get along good. i am making a basket of little funny things for him. he loves M&M's.

I need a poem with each of the colors that would be funny that a personal trainer would relate too.

[> Re: needed a M&M poem for personal trainer -- jacksmum, 22:31:17 12/05/12 Wed [1]

Hiya Tammie
Well done on your work with the trainer. I hope this helps :)


Red – For pushing me to try harder
Blue – For patience
Brown – For encouragement
Yellow – For persistence when motivation is lacking
Orange – For the thrill of seeing improvements in me
Green - To keep you smiling

NOTE: Take the whole packet whenever I complain "I can't!"

The one on one sessions
are really paying off
and my meals are smaller now
I gave away the trough!
My waist is getting smaller
my heart and lungs now cheer
for my health is improving
now I have you near.
(c) Sue Pitchfork

[> [> Re: needed a M&M poem for personal trainer -- Tammie, 07:09:18 12/06/12 Thu [1]

thank you so much!!! he will get a kick out of the "I CANT" because im always saying he's killing me and kicking my booty

[> Re: needed a M&M poem for personal trainer -- jacksmum, 01:09:46 12/07/12 Fri [1]

:) Glad I could help xx
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