This is an archive of all the neat poems that has been written from our wonderful poets on our main board.

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Postby krafteekaren » Fri Nov 11, 2005 9:37 pm

This is an archive of Printing Tips for the M & M Poems.
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Postby krafteekaren » Tue Jan 03, 2006 10:12 am

Ideas for Successfully Print M&M Toppers

Date Posted: 13:32:17 10/23/05 Sun
Author: Joann no.1-mom-mom
Subject: OT Shannon M&M Toppers

Hi Shannon: I had the same problem printing the Toppers. The image mailed is 33 DPI - you need to increase image to 72 DPI. I'm using Adobe Photoshop and it prints out beautiful. Sorry I didn't see your post earlier. Hope this will help. Joann

[> Re: OT Shannon M&M Toppers -- Deborah the Bzybee, 15:10:50 10/23/05 Sun [1]

HI there! How do you change the DPI? Is that done under printer options? I am using an Epson R200 printer! thanks so much!

[> Re: OT Shannon M&M Toppers -- Joann no.1-mom-mom, 15:39:02 10/23/05 Sun [1]

Hi Deborah:
To change the DPI, if you use Photoshop, open image, on tool bar go to image, click image, scroll down, to image size, click image size, box will open, look at resolution, it will be 33, change to 72, click ok, image is now printable, If you use Paint Shop Pro, follow same instructions, except click on resize after you clicked image, then change resolution. Hope this helps I had my husband figure this out on his computer. He is the computer whiz!!! I save everything and he does the sizing and printing all my M&M Toppers. Happy Crafting- Joann

[> [> Re: OT Shannon M&M Toppers -- Deborah the Bzybee, 16:20:34 10/23/05 Sun [1]

Well Darn it! I use either Greeting Card Deluxe or Publisher! I tried to change it in those but do not find the option! grrrrr I have an old Printmaster so I will try there!

[> Re: OT Shannon M&M Toppers -- KK, 18:31:46 10/23/05 Sun [1]

Deborah...if you are using XP you can re-size them in Paint. Also on your older version of PM you should be able to re-size them. If not let some of us know and we will help you out.
Instructions for Putting Together M & M Packets

[> Re: Tic Tac Toe Tile/M & M's -- Sondra, 00:24:54 10/30/05 Sun [1]

Melinda...You wouldn't believe the amount of e-mails I have sent out with M&M printables. I now have 85 finished. Below is a copy of the instruction sheet I send to everyone who gets my M&M printables.
I hope you can understand this and that the information is helpful. I did post a picture several days ago of the finished product.

I've made mine a little different than most. Most of mine will fit in a 3x4 bag...a few will need the 4x4 bag. Put the poem and the fun size M&M in the bag and staple on the matching topper.
I buy the large bags of the Funsize M&M's from Walmart in this bag you get 36 individual bags for $3.94. If you buy your M&M's this way, you will have less than 20 cents in each completed set you make...including the cost of the bag and the topper and poem.saying.
I sell mine for $1.00 each.
If you have questions please let me know, I'll do what I can to help.
Enjoy !! Sondra
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Postby crafterwannabe » Thu Jan 24, 2008 4:48 am

Putting Together M&M Packages using Nancy's Labels

Date Posted: 19:36:41 01/11/08 Fri
Author: yrdsaleldy
Subject: m&m labels on bags?

can someone tell me how to put the labels on the m&m bags one folds over? right? how about the one with the poem?thanks

[> Re: m&m labels on bags? -- Cathy in MT, 19:54:31 01/11/08 Fri [1]

The one with the poem goes inside the bag facing outward so you can read the poem. Put the mini bag of M and M's in back of the poem and seal the bag up.The other label is folded over the top and taped or stapled on. Not real good at giving directions. Better at showing you how!
Hope this helps.

[> Re: m&m labels on bags? -- Nancy in Mo., 20:37:05 01/11/08 Fri [1]

Here are some insrtuctions. These are from Sondra.

Archiver's Note: Instructions same as shown above so we are not repeating it.

Here are instructions from Nancy in Mo.

How to print M&M toppers .
The best way I have found to print off the toppers is with a program such as Printmaster or Print Workshop 2006 or Paint Pro Shop.
Always set your printer in landscape .
Size the toppers: The print-out to add to bag to (smaller topper) 2 3/4 inches wide by 3 1/2 tall.
Topper (larger topper) 3 1/4 inches wide by 4 inches tall .
Cut them out and put the smaller print-out into a 3x4 baggie
Add a funsize M&M behind the print-out .
Zip baggie to close and fold topper in half .
Staple the topper onto the baggie just above the zipper .
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