M&M's Captain's Gold (Pirates of Caribbean)

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M&M's Captain's Gold (Pirates of Caribbean)

Postby Wilma » Sun Jul 16, 2006 1:21 am

Date Posted: 14:57:00 07/04/06 Tue
Author: Linda
Subject: New M&M's- Captains Gold---Poem needed

Have you seen the new M & M's for the Pirates of the Caribbean movie? They are called Captains Gold and they are all shades of yellow. I thought these might make a great treat for the kids with a cute poem on the topper. Any poets want to try their hand at it? Thanks in advance.

[> Re: New M&M's- Captains Gold---Poem needed -- Doreen, 18:25:06 07/04/06 Tue [1]

Hi Linda, here's one from me...

Argh, ya matey!
Look what we've found
Der Capn's Gold
'ere on der ground.
Afore 'e sees us
Grab some an' run
Make sure 'e don't catch us
Or we be quite done!
Doreen Scerri © 2006

I loved the first movie and we're really looking forward to seeing P of the C ~ Dead Man's Chest.
Doreen :)

[> Re: New M&M's- Captains Gold---Poem needed -- jacksmum, 18:27:32 07/04/06 Tue [1]

Hi Linda
Hope this helps.

Can't wait to see this movie, I adore Johnny Depp.


The Black Pearl is sailing
Jack Sparrow is near
so hide all your treasure
there's reason to fear.
They're coming to get you
to reclaim their gold
so eat it all quickly
if you're feeling bold.
© Sue Pitchfork 2006~

Warning: Keep away from Pirates!

[> Re: New M&M's- Captains Gold---Poem needed -- Linda, 11:00:55 07/06/06 Thu [1]

WOW...great poems!! Thanks to both of you. The kids will love it!

[> Re: New M&M's- Captains Gold---Poem needed -- katieangelamber, 12:19:04 07/06/06 Thu [1]

Great poems Doreen and Sue. I just had to play too.

Ahoy there matey
You've got a pirate's treasure
A bag full of gold
With value beyond measure
But eat it quickly
And keep a wary eye out
For there might be more pirates
Skulking and lurking about

[> Re: New M&M's- Captains Gold---Poem needed -- PattyWV, 18:01:43 07/06/06 Thu [1]

Bumping for those doing M&M toppers.
This would be cute for a pirate birthday party favor too.
Of course you'd need a different poem.
Great poems Karen,Sue and Doreen!!!

[> Re: New M&M's- Captains Gold---Poem needed -- jenjoy, 18:26:17 07/06/06 Thu [1]

My goodness ladies!! Great job on each one of your poems!!!

Me parrot, me patch
Me taut wooden leg
Me hand has a splinter
From screwin' me peg
But shiver me timbers
What I long to see
Is edible gold
Buried at sea!
© Jennifer Byerly 2006
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