Lab Technician Who Draws Blood

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Lab Technician Who Draws Blood

Postby PattyWV » Thu Dec 28, 2006 1:19 am

Date Posted: 23:05:33 12/15/06 Fri
Author: valerie_nyr4
Subject: M&M Poem Request...Lab Technician..blood

Hello again...I am supposed to be resting and/or was...then I remembered the lab technician who takes my blood every Monday morning...can't leave her out...*SMILE*
So I have these observations.....need help again,please and thank you!
takes vital signs
draws sample of blood from vein in arm (ouch!)
takes blood sample from finger...actually "milks" the finger"
prepares blood for lab tests
labels vials and makes sure they are written correctly
caring nature with patients...
good sense of humor
reports reactions to medications
Here is what I have for the colors

Red- for drawing blood sample from the arm
Blue- for taking vital signs
Orange- "milking" a finger for drawing blood
Yellow- for labeling vials correctly
Green- for a caring nature and a sense of humor

Note: Eat the whole pack when you have to draw blood again...
Thank you...and many hugs,


Re: M&M Poem Request...Lab Technician..blood -- valerie_nyr4, 19:20:53 12/16/06 Sat [1]

Thank you so much...ya did it the vampire....heheheheheheh..she'll love it..
Have a great week..
hugs Valerie

Re: M&M Poem Request...Lab Technician..blood -- Valerie_nyr4, 08:03:09 12/18/06 Mon [1]

Thank you is perfect...
Merry Christmas...

Re: M&M Poem Request...Lab Technician..blood -- jacksmum, 17:09:37 12/16/06 Sat [1]

Hiya Valerie
I hope this is Okay
Sue :)

You take the blood
of everyone you meet
but you're not a vampire
Oh no you're far too sweet!
With a gentle touch
you fill up the vials
recording all you see
on our patient files.
© Sue Pitchfork
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